"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Ten

When last we looked in on Sonny Corinthos, he was congratulating himself on his most recent acquisition of incriminating evidence guaranteed to put the Quartermaine family, Justus included, into his pocket. Smugly, Sonny was imagining himself as holding the reins of power, and the more he thought about it, the better it sounded. He picked up the phone to tell Harry his latest news, only to find that Harry was gone.

On the answering machine was, "Blow it out your ear, Sonny. Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!"

Finding this a trifle disturbing, Sonny called for Lily to come running. He'd share this coup with her, but instead, he finds her gone, and he's baffled. Where has his formerly biddable wife gone?? So he calls Brenda who has left a rather curt message for him.

"I'm marrying Jax, Sonny, so kiss my ***!"

Suddenly bereft, Sonny sinks down into a chair, asking himself, "Where did I go wrong?? What did I do to deserve this?? What more could I have done??"

Should we tell him?? Hmmmmmmmm

Meanwhile, Brenda, singing a song of joy and deliverance is on her way to the airport where Jax has just landed. She was marrying him!! Satin and lace!! Money and love!! Hot, steamy California nights!! YES!!! A smile on her lips, and a wonderfully light feeling in her heart, she's left a message for Lois guaranteed to make her best friend smile. Can Jax be the godfather to the new baby??? Life seems wonderful after so much misery.

But, this is a soap, and we all know that the sea of love is subject to sudden storms. Even hurricanes!!! Hmmmmmmmm

And, speaking of hurricanes, our blonde storm of passion is blowing across PC, leaving would-be lovers gasping in her wake. The airport is her next stop, and once there, she spies Jax, on his way to meet Brenda, marry her, and carry her off to parts unknown. He's smiling and looks so good!!! Felicia is unable to help herself. Can we actually bear to look??

Of course we can.

Filly takes Jax in hand, and proceeds to drive all memory of Brenda (Brender who?) from his now dazed mind. The huge diamond ring he's carrying must be for this gorgeous blonde, and he presents it to her with an equally passionate kiss.

"Marry me, uh, what's your name???"

With a smile, Felicia accepts, figuring what the heck? He's cute, rich and this will drive Mac up the wall. She admires the 10.5 carat flawless, colorless emerald cut diamond that is now adorning her finger, and suggests a quick trip to Las Vegas to her adoring fiancee. Jax agrees, and as the two jet off, Brenda is screaming in anger and betrayal.

Meanwhile, in the catacombs, Creeper number three has just been apprised of the situation above ground by his right hand woman. Who is she, and how does she know what's going on??? Who is the Creeper and what does he care about all of this??? Is our hero (HINT HINT HINT) going to be able to save PC from the clutches of our erstwhile heroine??? Does undercover agent mean that the agent is under the covers??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm