"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Twelve

It's twelve midnight here in Port Charles, and do you know where your characters are???

When last we looked in on them, Lucy, Damian and, you guessed it, Ryan, were dashing around in the gloom of the catacombs. The screeching, caterwauling din is enough to wake the dead, and Lucy thinks that somehow, she's done just that. Two ghosts are apparently chasing her around in the darkness, and in her terror, our heroine has just qualified for the Olympic team in all track events, and never losing her voice. "HELP! MURDER! POLICE!!!!!" she screams, her horror preventing her from realizing that her voice is making her easy to find. Pausing for breath after a marathon of madness, she realizes that she can't see anything, and all she hears is heavy breathing as her pursuers approach.

Lucy stops dead in her tracks, eyes wide as she tries to see who's coming from where. Her mind working at an incredible speed, she realizes that ghosts wouldn't be inhibited by the darkness, and they wouldn't have problems catching their breath. Smiling, she realizes that only murderers are after her. That less than comforting thought in mind, she breaks records for the fastest woman on two feet, heading for what appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Can Lucy outwit and outrun two formerly dead guys?? How do we explain their resurrection? Will we think of something?? Hmmmmmmmm

"Hola, Tío Hernando ," Garcia greets his uncle as he disembarks from the midnight flight into Puerto Rico. "¿Cómo estás?" To our shock (really?) we see Garcia throw his arms around the man we know as Rivera, and give him a big hug. Tío?? (that's 'uncle' in Spanish) "A present," Garcia smiles, handing Rivera the slightly scorched billy club. "A momento of that miserable Damian Smith," Garcia tells him. "The plan worked better than either of us thought. Justus thinks he did it, Laura is up for trial, Sonny is out of commission trying to save their bacon, --hey, what more could we want?" He looks at Rivera, "Tío Hernando, you did say that Lily isn't really your daughter, didn't you?"

Our eyes widen as yet another shocking revelation makes us realize that the sweeps are here! What else can happen?? Hmmmmmmmmm

And, crouched back in the shadows, our hero Frisco contemplates all that he must do before he can return to Port Charles and reclaim his bride. If he can catch her between husbands, that is.

Carly turns to him and asks, "What was your first clue, Frisco? When did you know that the DVX had spawned a diabolically evil plan to take over the world starting in Port Charles?"

Frisco shrugs, and answers, "You remember when I left home last time? I knew then. She wouldn't take me back. Hell, I've been off saving the world, getting shot at, stabbed, ambushed by all sorts of other spies... what does she think I do, drive a school bus??? Hey, I knew then that something was wrong. Besides, Robert...remember, Carly he's dead and has to stay that way for now... told me that the most sinister, twisted, evil and rotten to the core plot had been enacted and that we had to save PC from itself. We found that the vector was Tom Hardy, and I've been tracking him ever since. Okay, you know what to do. Got your Superspy African Aphrodisiac Antidote Lipgloss, SPF 15, ready?" At her nod, he says, "Then it's on. Meet me on Spoon Island if you can't find me at location X in the catacombs."

"Right, boss," she nods, her curls bobbing. She leaves, and our hero fades back into the shadows.

Stay tuned for whatever happens next!!! What will Lily do when she finds that Rivera isn't dear old dad? Or that Cousin Garcia isn't her cousin? Can Lucy continue to outrun her worst nightmares? Or, are they her worst nightmares? Can anything worse happen? Of course, it can, but can I really think it up? Do I have time before I go on vacation? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm