"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Two

When last seen, Felicia was staring aghast as her very vocal lover leaped to his death from atop General Hospital. Not simply aghast, but outright astonished!! Unaware of the cramp in the late doctor's foot, Felicia believed that his passion for her had caused his death, a temporary insanity brought on by... could it be extreme heavy breathing that shorted out his mental process???

Briefly, she thought of following him over the edge, but suddenly, her thinking cleared, and she was horrified to discover herself naked on top of General Hospital!!! How could this have happened?? Dimly, she recalled the incidents that led to this situation, and she wondered what insanity would have caused this? With Tom??? Gross, she decides, but her natural instincts as an investigator are piqued.

With one last look over the side, she shakes her head, and gathers up their things. Out of Tom's pocket falls a small bottle containing a substance which Felicia recognizes as an African aphrodisiac.

Enlightened and outraged, she is also relieved. She'd been wondering about her sanity. She pockets the stuff, leaving the viewer to wonder about her future plans. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Meanwhile, back in the catacombs, our fearful duo who are at present unaware of each other, is spending another day avoiding the sunlight. Still, one thinks while scratching under an armpit, life isn't all bad. No taxes, no political speeches, and no rehashes of the OJ trial down there. The other one is busy making lists on the wall of all proposed victims and the manners in which they will die. Scowling at a spelling error, our villain rubs over it with mud and wishes it was as easy to erase an enemy. A smile splits on the face of this character, and the viewers are given a clue as to the identity as the camera pans over the list of victims to be. They include the entire Q family, all residents of the PC Hotel, all regulars at the Outback and Luke's, and most of the physicians at GH. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Meanwhile, over on the docks, Jason is wandering around aimlessly, something he's perfected here lately. Kicking over trashcans, checking out boxes for anything of value that he can bring to Sonny, he finds a video tape (THE VIDEO TAPE, of course), which he picks up and takes to the penthouse.

Sonny, having heard about this tape from Luke, decides to see if this is the same one. It is, and as the section in which Justus is seen running from a burning Ward house comes into view, Sonny smiles.

"This is great", he tells Jason, slipping him a twenty. "Now, run along and I'll take care of everything." Jason complies.

Sonny plays the tape again, and this time, decides against calling Luke. Too good a chance to pass up, this little bit of celluloid will make him even more powerful. All he has to do is to get Laura off, and Justus re-elected. No sweat, he decides, his minions already having informed him that Dara has the hots for Justus. Some discreet filming, a word in the right ear, and a mistrial will be declared. Then the evidence will mysteriously disappear, and voilà!! Laura will be free and Sonny will be in possession of power.

Sonny smiles, a dark, cunning smile that Brenda never saw............

Stay tuned for the next episode. Will Sonny let his quest for power get in the way of his friendship with the Spencers?? Will Jason believe that the popcorn he just bought cost $20.00?? Will the pathologist find the traces of an African aphrodisiac in Tom's body?? Will Felicia be charged with murder?? What are her plans for that dangerous substance?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.