"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Twenty

Things appear to be settling down in good old Port Charles, but we know better. For the last few days, no murders have been committed by our formerly dead guys now in drag. There have been no wild kissing sprees. Sonny Corinthos, who had believed that he had the means of controlling the Q's and Justus in particular, now, has heard from Mac that Damian has been reported alive, though nobody but Lucy Coe has seen him.

Of course, Mac says, she also saw Ryan, too. Both men smile, but that sort of takes the edge off Sonny's triumph. Sort of hard to get excited about anything here lately, what with Lily leaving and Brenda telling him to kiss off. Yeah, things are dulling down and as all good viewers know, that means exactly the opposite. Yes, little known to Mac and Sonny, our top representatives from both sides of the law, several elements are about to converge on PC. Are Sonny and Mac up to the challenge?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

"I don't care if it's not safe for me," Rivera announces. "This is the chance of a lifetime. An aphrodisiac?? This could revolutionize the industry. This will be the street drug of choice, and I will control it."

His eyes glaze over with greed as he considers the vast wealth that he'll add to his already substantial holdings. "First, I must kill Sonny. If I don't, and he gets this idea, he'll try to kill me and frankly, I'd rather live. Besides, my darling Lily divorced him and now, she may want to run PC. I can live with that. I'll go to PC and talk with her. We'll work something out and the Rivera family will be stronger than ever!!!"

That said, Rivera leaves Puerto Rico and heads for PC. "Money, power, sex," he says. "What more could I want?" Hmmmmmmm

Lily, meanwhile, fresh from an invigorating week in Las Vegas, is ready to take PC by storm. No more encumbered by Sonny and no longer aided by the late Harry, Lily is looking for a good henchman when she arrives back in PC.

Just at that moment, she encounters Robin who has been looking for ways to bring down the mob so as to rescue Jason from a life of crime. "Robin," Lily asks, "How would you like a summer job?" Lily smiles, and Robin sees a gleam of something scary in her eyes. Nevertheless, our young heroine is not the daughter of Robert and Anna for nothing.

"Sure, Lily," she says. "What did you have in mind?"

Lily, who knows that Robin has turned a blind eye towards mob activity in the past, figures that this is the time to enlist her. With Robin's innocent face, she'd be the perfect assistant. Yes, Lily decides. With her Madonna like demeanor, and Robin's innocent appearance, nobody would ever suspect them of taking over. Perfect. Now, time to explore what she'd heard about an aphrodisiac on the streets of PC. Hmmmmmmmmmm

And, finally, Katherine Bell is mulling over the possibilities of finding a derivative of the substance that Mac told her had been found in Tom Hardy's body. Some sort of African Aphrodisiac that may have driven him to his death. She didn't want men killing themselves, but this would be the best possible way to put Jax Cosmetics, and therefore Lucy Coe out of business. Ah, life didn't get any better than this. She smiles, and picks up the phone, calling old contacts that she'd made when Damian had been living. Oh dear, are they mob connections? Street snitches? Hmmmmm

Stay tuned, my friends. So far, we have Rivera, Lily, Sonny, Faison, Kat and who knows how many others converging on PC to find and control the love potion. With all these others coming, can Faison maintain exclusive control? Does he even have that? Can Frisco, Robert and Anna manage to have an aerosol antidote available should one become necessary? Will Lucy arrive in time to save Siggy? And, what of Giselle du Bois and Eva de Struxion? How will they get in on the act?? What ever happened to the Q family? Will Edward try to out-maneuver the others when he considers the economic possibilities of the substance? Am I even up to the challenge of tying up all the loose ends of this story so I can stop it?? Has it gotten away from me?? Hmmmmmmmmm