"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Twenty-Two

Back in Las Vegas, Jax has been resting in Brenda's loving arms, rallying his strength following a Las Vegas wedding. The last few days have been taxing on his constitution, but hey, what's a guy to do under the circumstances??

Suddenly, he sits upright in bed, then surges to his feet and runs into the bathroom. Brenda is stunned! Is he ill?

"Eureka!!" he shouts, running back into the bedroom, waving a lipsticked tissue. "Get dressed darling. We're going to Switzerland immediately."

"Are you nuts?" Brenda asks.

"No luv," he answers. "Just about to make another fortune. This contains traces of the African Aphrodisiac. I can get our scientists to analyze it and we can be the first to market it."

"But your agreement with Lucy about not getting back into cosmetics?" Brenda asks as he jerks on his silk shorts.

"Who said anything about cosmetics? This is pharmaceuticals! How about an honest to goodness aid for the er...sexually challenged?" His eyes twinkle. "I am living proof that it works. Heck, it if worked any better, I'd be dead!" He grins that Jax grin we know and love. "Ready to get richer, Mrs. Jacks?" She answers with a satisfied smile, and we cheer. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Over on Spoon Island, our WSB agents, Robert and Anna are considering their next move.

"Darling," Robert says, "my sources tell me that Rivera has left Puerto Rico and is heading here. Our guy on the inside said that Rivera has heard about the aphrodisiac and is determined to market it on the street."

"There's a thought," Anna brightens. "Maybe Rivera will do in Faison and we won't have to lift a finger. Heaven knows that I'd rather take on Rivera and his whole organization than play footsie again with Faison." Her eyes fill with anger at all that evil man has cost her and those she loves. "Still, we've got to get rid of him."

"Agreed. I was thinking about calling Sean. I'm sure he'd like to get in on this. He has an ax to grind with Faison, too."

"Do," Anna encourages. "He is in excellent shape these days, and I'm sure he would enjoy this."

They nod in agreement, and taking out a special phone, Robert places the call. "Sean? This is Robert......" Hmmmmmmmm

After being driven around for an hour or so by Faison's underling, Lucy is ready to kill. Not that she wasn't before, but this waiting is driving her up the wall. Not just the waiting, but she's been blindfolded, and figures her mascara is ruined and she'll look like a raccoon.

Still, this is to save Siggy, and so she grits her teeth and displays admirable patience. The car stops and Lucy is led into an area which she mentally identifies as the catacombs. It is damp and smelly, and she steps on something squishy. UGH! One more reason to kill whoever has Siggy, she thinks. This was a new pair of shoes! But, she's nothing if not determined, and makes her way to the lair of the evildoer.

Minutes later, she's inside and the door shut. She hears a woefilled "Quack!" and rips off her blindfold. Her eyes adjust to the light, and before her stands a man with no taste at all in dress or hair, smoking a smelly little cigar and holding Siggy.

"Good evening, Miss Coe," she is greeted. "Welcome to my humble abode."

"Uh, welcome," she says, checking the place out in one sweeping glance. "Crime must pay pretty well these days."

"It does, indeed," he answers. "And, I brought you here to offer you a proposition."

"I've been propositioned plenty of times before," Lucy counters. "What do you have that could possibly interest me?"

"How about riches beyond your wildest dreams?"

"You couldn't pay me that much," she answers. "Now, give me my duck and let me out of here."

"But, I can pay you more than you'll earn in this lifetime going at it the way you are. More than you can spend in a lifetime."

At this, our heroine's eyes narrow, and take on a golden gleam. "Tempt me," she says, and we become worried.

Lucy, we shout. The world is depending on you!!! "Serious bucks?" she asks. Hmmmmm

Stay tuned. Will Jax manage to be the first to market with the finished product? Will Tiffany let Sean join Robert and Anna in one more adventure? Will she come too? And will Lucy's head be turned by the promise of incredible wealth, more than she can possibly spend in this lifetime? We're talking big bucks here!!! Are we all doomed to spend our days under the influence of the African Aphrodisiac??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm