"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Twenty-Five

"Ryan," says Damian, suddenly enthusiastic. "I've got the answer to our financial problems."

"Oh?" asks Ryan, enticingly attired as Giselle, his alter ego. He checked his makeup carefully. "What is it?"

"There's this stuff on the streets, called African Aphrodisiac, that's going to make the right person or persons very rich. The user can have any male or female he or she wants. No problem. Guaranteed."

Ryan's ears perk up as he recalls the one that got away. "Even Felicia?" he wonders aloud.

"At your beck and call." Damian promises. "Now and forever."

"So, who do we have to kill to get it?" Ryan asks.

"That's what I like about you, Ryan," Damian comments. "No pussyfooting around. We make a great team."

For now, Ryan thinks, still managing to suppress the urge to kill Damian in his Eva de Struxion identity. But, one day, one fine day, he'd kill Damian and have the proceeds from the African Aphrodisiac to finance his future with Felicia. He smiles. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

"She's gone," Kevin moans as he wheels his brand new red Mercedes sports car into the parking lot of PCPD. Eyeing a shapely police officer as he enters, he finds that even the most beautiful woman can't make up for the loss of Lucy who has vanished again with Siggy. "Mac" Kevin begins. "Lucy is missing again, this time with Siggy."

Mac looks up, a somewhat beleaguered look on his face. "Kevin, I'd like to help, but I'm up to my a** in alligators just now. Rivera is in town, along with every other hood and entrepreneur on the east coast and everybody is trying to be the first to get their hands on the African Aphrodisiac. We've got a crime wave that just won't quit. I've got extra people assigned, but frankly, we're swamped. What we need now, is a miracle!!" Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

"You gotta have a name," Jason tells Sonny who is considering his first job.

"Yeah. A nom du guerre." He pauses. "I don't know how I know these things, I just do. But, yes. Heck, no crime fighter worth anything who isn't a cop goes by his real name. And, no cape, Sonny. They, uh, make you look, uh, vertically challenged." Surprised by his sudden verbosity, Jason continues. "A mask, however, would do it. Basic black. Just over your eyes. Sort of like Zorro. Yeah, that looks good."

Jason dons his own mask, and the two survey each other and nod with approval. "So, what's a good name, Kid?" Sonny asks.

"I don't know," Jason says, back to his near mute state. "You're The Man, what do you think?"

"I like the ring of that," Sonny says thoughtfully. "The Man. Yeahhhhhh. And, you can be The Kid." Jason brightens at the thought of his new partnership. "Yeah, Jason. Like they say, It's you and me, Kid."

With that, the two newest crime fighters sally forth to do battle against the forces of evil.


Stay tuned. Are The Man and The Kid the miracle for which Mac is praying??? Will Kevin find Lucy before it's too late?? Just how late is it, anyhow??? Will Ryan and Damian be the ones to cash in on the African Aphrodisiac?? Just how crowded are the crime infested streets of PC?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm