"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Twenty-Seven

NOTICE TO READERS: The crisis in Port Charles is growing, and in response, some readers, regular chatters known to us all on the chatline, have expressed an interest in getting more involved in the tale. Some wish to get more involved with certain characters. Hmmmmmmm Oh, well, whatever works!! As I was saying, those wishing to get involved have made their wishes known and are therefore getting in on the act. Today's guest star is Manon, our contact in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It's dark, and for the first time we are treated to a scene in a candlelit private dining room somewhere in Toronto, Canada. Two people stare soulfully into each other's eyes, an empty bottle of champagne resting in to one side. It's Jax and good grief!!! What's going on here??? There, at the table across from him, looking like a cat in the cream, is Manon??? Her chestnut hair gleams in the candlelight, while her green eyes glow with barely banked desire. We listen in on the conversation, while I translate for us.

Jax: "C'est quelques heures ensemble ont été merveilleuses..." he whispers, huskily. (These few hours together have been wonderful...)

Manon, a secret smile lifting her lips, answers, "Tu devras te contenter de Brenda jusqu'a ton prochain voyage... Je pense a toi..." (You will have to content yourself with Brenda until your next trip... I will be thinking about you...)

We are stunned, readers!!! This is Manon, actuary working for ELQ. Is there more than one kind of monkey business afoot here??? Do we have any idea what's going on?? (Aside from THAT). Hmmmmm

Back in the lab of General Hospital, Dr. Tony Jones, physician and research scientist extraordinaire, is working feverishly on an antidote for the African Aphrodisiac. At his side is Amy, all gossip gone from her lips as she peers anxiously into a microscope. "Tony, this looks quite different from the other batch."

"I know, Amy," Tony responds. "It's as if the stuff interacts with each individual's body chemistry to form a new compound."

"That's how perfume works," Amy tells him. "Probably most everything else, too."

"You may be onto something," Tony says, one eyebrow raised in the time honored 'aha!' expression. "What we need is to find some of this stuff in its original form so as to know what we are working against."

"Unfortunately, nobody has brought in any," Amy says, and then stops. "What if some of this is on their clothes?? You know, many women get perfume on their clothing-maybe some of this in its raw form is on the clothes of some of the victims??"

"Great idea, Amy," Tony says, "Get the nurse in charge of that word to send us the clothing and we'll see if we can isolate the substance. Also, warn her to wear gloves-we don't know for sure how this is spread." Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Meanwhile, back in Lucy's apartment, Kevin is getting royally ripped. "She's gone," he sings drunkenly. "Along with that @#$%^ duck. God, I loved her... and the duck... What does that say about me?? A shrink who needs shrinking who loves a woman and a duck. Or is that with a duck?? (hiccup) Good thing she lived over the Outback-lots of liquor downstairs if I run out." (hiccup) He staggers over to the door, opens it, and wonder of wonders, there's Lucy!!! He smiles, relief written all over his face. "Lucy, love of my life. (hiccup) Siggy, too!!! Come on in, darling and duckling." (hiccup) He moves aside and barely making his way back into the living room, passes out on the couch.

"Doc???" Lucy demands, closing the door and releasing Siggy. "Doc, what's wrong??? You're drunk, doc. Stinking drunk!!!"

She sniffs the air and shudders, as he murmurs,

"Thought you'd (hiccup) left me Lucy. Nothing to live for... love you Lucy..."

A tender smile on her lips, she pats his cheek, and murmurs, "I love you, too Doc. I wish I could talk with you right now. I'm in the biggest mess of my entire life, and I need your help. I've made a deal with the devil and there's going to be hell to pay!!!" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Dare we ask what, aside from the obvious, that Jax is up to with Manon, who works in the pension department of ELQ?? Why are they meeting in Toronto?? Does Brenda have any idea what's going on?? Can Amy and Tony come up with an antidote for the African Aphrodisiac before Lucy is forced to release the noxious stuff into Port Charles' pristine air?? And, will Kevin wake up in time to help Lucy decide how to deal with the disaster that looms over our fair city??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm