"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Twenty-Eight

NOTICE TO READERS: The crisis in Port Charles is growing worse by the day. Many of you, regulars in here and on the chatline, have expressed your concern for our fair city, and have courageously volunteered to do your best to save Port Charles from the doers of the dastardly. Some just want to fool around, but, hey, that's understandable... Today's guest star is Tori-Otoko, from Wayne, Michigan.

"You think this will work?" Robert asks Frisco as they confer on Spoon Island along with Sean, Tiffany and Anna.

"Sure, it'll work. Ask Tori-Otoko here. He's got a plan that will allow us access-here, you explain it."

Tori brushes his brown hair back, and we see a gleam of intelligence in his hazel eyes. "It's like this, Robert. I install an ethernet card along with a miniature broadcaster in my laptop. I can also install a few taps on a few cable modems, and before you know it, I can download everything my targets download through the internet. I can follow their every move through cyber-space on my computer. I can even input incorrect information or anonymous messages and feed it directly to their computers. Robert, we can tell them what we want them to believe, and send them where we want them to go. We intercept their messages and feed them ours!"

"Brilliant," Robert says, nodding with approval.

Tori-Otoko smiles. "I'll get right on it."

Sean says, "We need more like him. Think we can get him to stay with us?" Hmmmmm

Ryan and Damian, meanwhile, are talking at a darkened table in Jake's. "This place is a dive," Damian says, his blond wig catching the eye of a polluted patron across the room.

The guy staggers over, and leers drunkenly, "Hey baby, wanna 'shoot some pool'?"

Unbeknownst to the demonic duo, Carly is watching the confrontation from the next table. Her ears perk up as she hears an unprintable retort in a clearly masculine voice issuing from the lips of the blonde bombshell. Carly, accidentally dropping her purse on the floor, leans closer. Something is definitely wrong here, she decides. Studying the faces of the blonde and her companion, she makes mental notes, then heads to the door. Time to call for backup. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

"Lucky," Lucy smiles, taking the teenager aside. "How'd you like to pay for your college education??"

At this, Lucky's eyes brighten. "Heck, Lucy, I'm still in for a bundle to my dad. What do you want me to do??"

"I want you to take Sigmund someplace safe until I tell you otherwise, and make sure it's nowhere near my place, Doc's, or the catacombs. I don't want to know where it is, but this needs to be done right now. Can you help me??"

"Sure, Lucy," Lucky answers. "I know all sorts of neat places. Heck, I've even got fake passports... I shouldn't have said that. Besides, I don't have one for a duck. But, no problem. Right now??" He takes the carrying cage with Siggy in it, and says, "No problem, Lucy. The duck is safe!!"

Lucy watches tearfully as Siggy is taken out of the line of fire. Then, she straightens up, determined to do her best to save her fair city. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Tori-Otoko manage to ferret out the facts on the evil-doers?? Can he mislead them with false information?? Can he unleash WSB cyberbeasties into the computers of the bad guys?? Has Carly stumbled onto the true identity of Eva de Struxion and Giselle du Bois?? Who will she call for backup?? Can Lucky manage to take Siggy to safety? Where do ducks go to hide out?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm