"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Three

The temperature is rising at GH. Upon finding the crumbled, naked body of Tom Hardy gracing the front walk of the hospital, Garcia is called and arrives promptly.

"It's a murder," he declares solemnly, as Dara looks on with great interest. Turning to face the camera, Garcia smiles, announcing, "Arrest Simone Hardy!"

Dara Jensen agrees, a gleam of something other than legal interest in her eyes.

Justus is called, and taking a deep breath, nods his head in agreement, but offers to defend Simone when he's finished defending Laura. Simone walks out of GH and is horrified to find her naked ex quite dead, and the others standing by. She's outraged when handcuffs are slapped on her wrists and she's hauled off to jail. This works very well for Dara whose eyes bespeak ulterior motives. Justus and Dara go to Kelly's for coffee to discuss the case.

Meanwhile, Felicia sneaks out of GH and back to her house where she looks for her children. Now that she comes to think of it, she hasn't seen them in days. Not that she's too clear on what has been taking place recently. The closets are empty, and the crib is gone!! What has happened to the children???

Nearly hysterical, she runs down the stairs where she confronts Bobbie, who with a morally superior smirk, informs her that she and Tony now have custody of them, that Felicia has turned into a degenerate. Bobbie brandishes the legal paperwork, and Felicia is reeling from her loss. What can she do???

Carly, however, has other plans. This could work to her advantage. What the heck? She likes kids... and when it comes to being morally degenerate, Carly can prove that Bobbie has it over Felicia in spades!!! She smiles, already envisioning herself as the next Mrs. Tony Jones.

While this is happening, Harry, at Sonny's order, has been arranging a romantic weekend for Justus and Dara, complete with concealed cameras. Roses, a heart-shaped tub and the finest champagne along with strawberries. He briefly considers getting into the matchmaking business and then shakes his head. No, as long as Sonny keeps on the straight and narrow, he'll stay.

Still, if Lily would have him... Harry grits his teeth and gets back to work. A note from Justus to Dara, a note from Dara to Justus. Yes!!!!!

And, finally, back in the catacombs, both of our nasty, disgusting villains are dreaming of duck a l'orange. Or, duck anything. Feather pillows! Down jackets! Fowl play???

Stay tuned. Will Simone take the fall for Tom's taking a fall?? What will become of Felicia's kids?? Is Bobbie getting her wish at last for a house full of kids?? Will Carly cause Bobbie's ideas to crash and burn?? Could Carly and Felicia become fast friends?? Or, will Felicia use the African aphrodisiac to insure Tony's affection for her to blossom into more than brotherly love?? On second thought, does Felicia enjoy her new found freedom?? Will the romantic tryst of Justus and Dara be recorded for more than posterity?? Is Harry a dirty old man?? Who, or what is dreaming of duck dinner in the catacombs?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.