"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Thirty-Two

NOTICE TO READERS: Things are getting out of hand in Port Charles. Mac Scorpio is tearing his hair out as he declares the city under siege by the forces of darkness and all purpose bad guys. Many citizens have barricaded themselves in their houses and apartments, seldom venturing out except for the most urgent emergencies. Jobs have gone empty, but today, once more, a chatter has offered to fill the shoes (or in this case, high heels) of a Port Charles resident. Today's guest star is Suzie, of Pasadena, California.

"Suzie," calls Jax, as he enters the office of his latest replacement secretary/ personal assistant. Eternally grateful for her expertise, he's also ever so appreciative for her great legs. I'm a married man, he tells himself, as his eyes linger longer than they should. His mind counters, yes, but I'm not dead!!! "Uh, Suzie, do you have a minute to take a letter for me?"

Suzie gives him a slow smile that dazzles him while it sends his libido into orbit. "Whatever you need," she purrs, her sexy voice promising that the letter was the least of his needs to be fulfilled. She stands up, notebook in hand, and continues. "A letter?"

"Uh, yes," he manages, sounding somewhat strangled as she walks over to him, sultry silken seduction suggested in her every move. "Yes," he says, excitement warring with common sense. "Come into my office and we'll do it. I mean, get the letter taken."

She follows, and the door closes. Hmmmmmmmmmm

"So here's what I want you to do," Lucy tells the scientist she used to alter a perfume formula. "I need something that will subtly alter this stuff so it smells the same, but doesn't act like...like a love potion. You see, this is part of a diabolical plot to take over the world, starting in Port Charles, and I had to do it to save Siggy, my duck, who has fallen desperately in love with an arch villain who everybody thinks is dead."

Lucy pauses, as the young man looks on, struggling to follow the storyline. "You see, I have this which is an antidote, and if we just add a touch of this, it should make this stuff harmless and we can still sell it and make loads of money and the bad guy won't know any different, because I'll tell him that this was a bad batch and that's not my fault if it doesn't work." She smiles, and the poor scientist is totally bewildered.

Lucy thinks quickly, then, with a quick swipe of the lipgloss over her mouth, gives the young man an inspiring kiss. "There, that should make you invulnerable to the stuff."

Dazed, he stares at her, ready to do anything she wants. Anything at all!!! "Right, boss," he stammers.

"Okay," Lucy says. "Now, take a touch of this, analyze it and make several gallons of it. I need it yesterday!!" She gives him a sample of the antidote, and sends the bemused scientist on his way. Lucy watches, and then thinks of Faison, the man who is causing her problems. "Thinks he can order me around, does he?? The nerve of that man trying to take over my city!!! Mess with my duck??? Ooooooooooh, he doesn't know what he got into when he started with me. I'll teach that lowlife loser a lesson he won't soon forget!" Hmmmmmmmmm

"So why haven't you delivered the stuff??" demands Rivera as he surveys his underlings. "The streets are flowing with it, and you can't even get me a sample of it?"

"Sr. Rivera, we had some-that is one of our men had some, but it seems that he sniffed it, and made a pass at some blonde in Jake's, and then all h*** broke loose! She started punching him out, a masked man and some masked kid showed up, and some other blonde kicked everybody's a**. Honestly, Sr. Rivera, we almost had it before the cops showed up, but it got lost in the shuffle. I think the blonde picked it up, but I'm not sure. I have my men out combing the streets for her and her so lovely companion." The man pauses, hoping that he'll live out the rest of the day. "I have every man out looking for them. They can't stay hidden for much longer. We'll find them, I promise you."

"You have 24 hours," Rivera tells him, feeling lenient. "No more. Do you understand?"

"Oh, thank you, Sr. Rivera," the man gushes, deciding that he needs to take a one way trip out of town. "I'll report back as quickly as possible."

Rivera ponders the situation thoughtfully as the man scurries out the door. A masked man and kid?? What was going on here??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Will Brenda walk in on Jax and Suzie before the letter is finished?? Has Brenda any ideas of the temptation that faces her new husband every day of his life?? Will Lucy's scientist manage to manufacture the antidote in sufficient quantities to counter the effects of Persuasion?? And, what of the African Aphrodisiac that's available on the streets? Is it different?? Are there two varieties?? Will Rivera's henchmen find the stuff?? Will the antidote work on it?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm