"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Thirty-Three

NOTICE TO READERS: Even heroes need assistance from time to time, and today, another one of our chatters has volunteered her time to lend a hand, so to speak. Today's guest star is Kristy, of Anchorage, Alaska.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," moans Sonny, his expression one of sheer ecstasy. "That feels sooooo good!! Ah, yes, right there......Kristy, what you do to me!!! Man, I never knew I could feel this good!!"

Another moan of pure delight, and we wonder if we should really look in on this scene. But, we do, curiosity getting the best of us. There, sprawled on the floor on a thick mat, is our newest hero, Sonny Corinthos, clad only in a towel, while a young woman, a physical therapist known to us on the chatline as Kristy, works over his aching muscles. With her brown hair held back by a sparkling gold clip, she smiles at her patient.

"Don't worry, Sonny. I'll have you feeling better in no time." Her brown eyes concerned, she asks, "You want to tell me what you've been doing to strain this many muscles all at one time??"

"Ohhhh, do that to me one more time," Sonny groans, appreciatively. "I've been working out," he tells her, not saying how. Being the Masked Man had its downside, he'd discovered. He used to give the orders and the muscle carried them out. Now, he carried out his own orders. "Ahhhhh," he moans again. "Kristy, babe, you've got magic fingers." We watch as Kristy pours a little more oil into the palm of her hand, and with a slow smile, she says,

"Sonny, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!" Hmmmmmmmmmm

"I don't care, Frisco." Felicia insisted. "You may think that you're all that and more because you jaunt around saving the world every third Friday, but I've got a stake in this too!! Somebody messed with me, messed with my kids, and had me doing things with Tom Hardy that I'd rather not remember!! With Jax, too," she admits, with an appreciative smile.

Frisco looks a little irritated, but he stands firm. "You aren't going to go up against Faison, and that's final!"

"Too late," Felicia tells him. "I've already made arrangements with a friend of mine, and that's final."

As Frisco gets ready to argue, she continues. "Where do you get off telling me what I can and can't do?? You left me, as I recall it. Oh, yeah, saving the world is important, but you should have thought of that before we had kids!! No, Mr. Superagent Frisco Jones, you can pack yourself and your fancy secret agent gear and sleep on somebody else's couch."

With that, Felicia turns and picks up the phone. "Lucy, about that job...I'll take it." Hmmmmm

Meanwhile, over in the offices of Deception, Katharine Bell is interviewing yet another shady character. "What do you mean, you can't find any?" She stands up and tells him in a voice that grows louder with each word. "Don't tell me that it isn't out there!! I know for a fact that the city is inundated with the stuff. My boyfriend, who is the Police Commissioner, Mac Scorpio, by the way, had told me that it's all over the place. Now, get this and get it fast. There's serious money at stake here, and I want that stuff now!!!" Her voice has gone from loud to strident to nearly door rattling. "Now, get out of here and find it for me or I'll make you sorry that you were ever born!!"

At that, the man skulks our of the office, and Kat, now alone in her office, turns to face the camera. "Oh, yes, I've got it this time. I'll have that miserable b**** Lucy Coe right where I want her. She may think that she's got it all now, with Jax Cosmetics, but she has no idea just how bad things are going to be. Before this is over, Jax Cosmetics will be a thing of the past, a fond memory of a truly great company that was run aground by Lucy Coe." She smiles, a very self-satisfied glow in her eyes, and we wonder what else she has up her sleeve. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Will Kristy manage to get Sonny back on his feet?? Or, is that where she wants him?? Has Felicia finally had her say to Frisco, and what job is she calling Lucy about??? Can Frisco ever hope to control Felicia again?? Did he ever?? And, what nasty thing has Kat Bell dreamed up this time, and will Lucy be able to counter yet one more ploy??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm