"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Thirty-Seven

NOTICE TO READERS: Espionage is a trying occupation, even for the most dedicated, and for those who are parents, it can be a nightmare. Fortunately there are selfless individuals, like Betty, who are willing to give of themselves so that others can do what must be done. Today's guest star is Betty, coming to us from Scott AFB, in Illinois.

A rather frazzled Frisco is out on Spoon Island, where he's reporting in.

"Robert, I can't control Felicia. She's basically told me to take a hike, and Lucy is running her own operation. Mac is losing it, and there's some masked dude and his sidekick running amuck in Port Charles saving little old ladies and driving the women nuts. Tony and Amy are working night and day on an antidote, and Carly is trying to find the strange women who were last seen in Jake's the other night. Rivera is in town, Sonny is acting suspiciously, and Lily, Rivera's daughter, is, I heard, trying to buy some of the stuff off the streets. Uh, Robert, word is that Robin is working for her."

At this, Robert and Anna exchange uneasy glances.

"Robin is working with Lily? Our daughter?"

Frisco nods, and Sean speaks up, "Robert, let me go to Port Charles. She'll be glad to see me, and she still thinks you're dead. Tiff and I can go-I can show up with a neck brace and nobody will consider me any threat. Besides, Tiff is dying to show off pictures of the kids. No sense blowing your cover."

Robert and Anna agree, and minutes later, arrangements are made. The Donely's are going to town. Hmmmmmm

"Hello, Betty?" says Anna, and our eyes turn immediately to a new screen, where Betty, a devoted chatter and lover of children, is caring for the Scorpio kids. "How are the babies?"

"They're just fine," Betty answers, her hazel eyes twinkling merrily. In one arm is the newest Scorpio, and at Betty's feet, is another. "I can see that little Mac is following in his father's footsteps. I can't keep him in his crib, and his playpen. He's already figured out how to lower the sides, and when I asked him what he was doing, he said, 'scaping, Betty'."

Both women laugh, and we see tiny Hollyanna reach up and pull Betty's blond hair while reaching for her earrings. "Hollyanna loves jewelry, too."

Anna chuckles, and then says, "Betty, I am so happy that you're able to keep the children while we take care of this mess."

"No problem, Anna," she says. "I'm delighted to do so. Here's you son-he wants to say something...'Mom? Luv you and Daddy. Hollyanna loves you and Daddy, too. Bye'!"

The screen changes to Anna, and we see a renewed glint of determination as she says, "Bye darling, Kiss sissy for me." As she hangs up, she turns to Tiff and promises, "This time, Faison goes down for good." Hmmmmmmmmmm

(Still on Spoon Island) As the group discusses their options, we see a familiar individual knock on the front door of the old mansion. "Come on, guys, I know you're there."

Robert looks at Anna. "Luke? Luke Spencer??" He grins, and says, "Darling, give him the special entry." She smiles, and we see the porch beneath Luke's feet drop away, and with a shout of shock, he finds himself sliding down, down, into the depths of the on-site WSB office. Luke stands up, brushes himself off, and grins. No words are spoken for a long minute, as old friends savor the meeting.

Finally, Robert goes over, and says, "Luke, good of you to drop in."

Everybody laughs at the comment, but as an icebreaker, it works. "Robert, Anna, Sean, and Tiffany-even Tom Hardy-man, it's so good to see you guys."

Greetings are exchanged, and finally, the question arises. "So, tell me, Robert, what's going on that's bad enough to bring you, Anna and Tom back from the dead?" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Sean be able to make contact with Robin and get the truth?? Will Robin, being a Scorpio, refuse to break cover to tell him what she's doing?? Will Betty ever find a way to keep little Mac out of things?? Or, in his crib?? What part will Luke play in the plan to rid the world of Faison?? Whatever happened to some of the storylines that I've left dangling all over the place??? Might they just serve to launch a new storyline?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm