"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Forty-One

NOTICE TO READERS: The lure of the African Aphrodisiac has drawn both pleasure seekers, and treasure seekers, along with an assortment of all purpose bad guys and special agents whose sole (or, in this instance, soul) mission is the welfare and security of our country. Today's guest star is another such brave soul (pun intended!) known to chatters as SoulSista9, from San Diego, California.

"You know that Faison is drawn to lovely, exotic women," Anna told him. "That sounds conceited, but you know it's true."

"Agreed," Robert told her. "And, knowing that, I've requested assistance from our counterparts on the west coast.

"SoulSista9," he says, as a tall, beautiful woman strolls into the room. Elegant from her dark, mysterious eyes, to the tips of her polished toenails, she's every man's fantasy woman, a stunning creature with cafe au lait skin and long black hair. Aware of her effect on men, she stops before them, and Anna's eyes widen.

"Darling," she asks Robert. "Are you sure this isn't overkill? We need a lovely, exotic woman, but we'll be lucky if she can even make it to Faison. We'll have men falling all over themselves to get close to her."

"Don't worry," Soul-Sista9 smiles at Anna, and she's suddenly transformed into a down to earth agent. "I may look like a well-kept woman, but trust me, I always get my man."

"I'll believe that," Anna agrees. "Faison is a Dane, but he speaks French and English along with several other languages."

"Then we'll communicate just fine," SS9 says. "I speak English, Spanish, and French. And, of course, the classic non-verbal language." She smiles, and Anna nods.

"I'm well versed in that language, myself."

"This Faison," SS9 asks, "he's all that bad?"

"He is," Anna promises. "But, he's fascinating. He's everything evil, and yet as tempting as sin. He's a smooth operator."

SS9 purses her lips. "Okay, my friends, tell me everything you know about this man, and how I may best assist you." Hmmmmmmmmmm

"Lois," Lucy gushes as she takes the gatehouse by storm. "We are going to be partners, and make so much money that even Edward will be shocked."

Some-what taken aback, Lois holds up one hand, her long, this time fluorescent pink fingernails gleaming in the light. "Hold on a minute Lucy. Since when did we become partners? I make music, you make cosmetics."

"True, but we both make money, and we both have an interest in The Masked Man and The Kid. Your CD has immortalized him in song, and my company has a series of products that we can merchandise along with it. You supply the music, and we work together on the video. I've signed The Masked Man and The Kid. You've signed Brandy. One hand washing the other," she tells Lois. "This is tailor made for us."

Lois' quick mind calculates the figures and she smiles. "Lucy, this is perfect. You loan us The Masked Man for the video-and your top model?? Brenda?"

"Of course," Lucy promises her. "We can't lose, Lois."

"You're right," Lois laughs, nearly dancing with excitement. "This will drive Edward right up the wall."

"That was a plus," Lucy admits. "Just promise me that he doesn't get anything but frustration from this deal."

"I can guarantee that," Lois grins, and we can imagine what she's planning. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Meanwhile, down in the luxury apartment concealed in the catacombs, Faison is pondering his latest maneuvers. The fragrance had been delivered to Jax Cosmetics, but so far, there was no evidence that the aphrodisiac had taken effect. He smokes his nasty little cigar while considering his options.

"I could always kill Lucy and handle the merchandise myself. No, there must be some-thing wrong with the formula." He dispatches a minion to purchase a bottle and report back immediately. "No, I won't act with haste. I'll make sure of what is going on. IF the product is working well, then maybe I've been betrayed. And, I don't take betrayal lightly."

He gives an evil smile, and we mentally cringe. This guy is bad news. Extremely bad news. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will SoulSista9 catch Faison's eye? Will she also catch her man?? Will Lucy and Lois form a long lasting partnership?? Will Faison outthink our agents?? Hmmmmmmmmmm