"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Forty-Two

Notice to readers: Faison is as evil a villain as has ever existed, but our chatters are as fearless and good as he is evil. Going up against the forces of nastiness today is Suzi, from East Hartford, Conn.

"She's with me, Miss Lucy," Luke says of his brown-haired associate. As she turns to face the camera, we see Suzi, chatter extraordinaire! "Suzi here, is going to act as a liaison between us and our 'friends'. I've briefed her on the caper, and she's up to the challenge."

Lucy eyes the other woman, and notes a gleam of intelligence in her brown eyes. "You aren't going to tell me about yourself, are you?" Lucy asks.

"As little as possible," Suzi grins. "This is a need to know thing."

"I need to know," Lucy tells Luke, who shakes his head.

"No, Miss Lucy. Think of it this way. You sent Siggy out of the line of fire to protect him. Suzi here does her best work when very few people know what she's doing."

"She's an agent?" Lucy surmises, excitedly. She studies Suzi, and says, "You know, I'll bet you're very photogenic." She shapes a frame with her fingers, and looks closely at our Suzi. "Hmmmm, You know, I've been thinking about a new fragrance-Secrets-and you'd be perfect!! Of course, the whole marketing scheme would be that you're a secret agent, and nobody would ever suspect a secret agent of hiding in plain sight!! YES!! I can see you in a black trench coat, skulking down a dark, rainy street, vague whispers barely audible in the background-someplace in Paris-Oh! This is great!! Damn, I'm good!!!"

"Uh, Miss Lucy," Luke says softly, "we've got to save the world, first.. Okay?"

Suzi is smiling, but inside is very intrigued. Secrets? Hmmmmmmmm

"Sean?!?!?!? Tiffany?!?!?!?" Robin squeals with delight. "I've missed you so much!!!!" Robin hugs each of them in turn, then again. "Uncle Sean, is your neck still hurt?"

"Only a little, Robin," he tells her. "This brace is really temporary."

Suddenly, her excitement dims. "I guess you've heard about me-HIV positive."

Sean and Tiff nod, and Tiff says, "Don't you worry, darlin?. From what I've heard, and I'm still on top of the news, the virus may finally be on the run. Too soon to tell, but the scientists are making real progress combining various drugs. We'll whip this thing, Robin."

Robin nods, pleased at finding her friends and their acceptance of her state of health. "Enough about me. Tell me about my god niece and nephew!"

Sean laughs and Tiffany whips out a thick album crammed with pictures of their children.

"Colin and Colleen," Tiffany announces. "Sean suggested Elsie and Amos, but I wouldn't hear of it."

Robin caught the twinkle in Sean's eyes, and laughed "Oh, I don't know, Tiffany. That might have been interesting."

They laugh, and suddenly, Sean asks, "What are you doing with yourself these days?"

A shadow flickers across Robin's eyes, and she answers evasively, "This and that."

Sean sits down, and asks, "Robin, you and I both know that there are a few very strange things going on in Port Charles. I still have connections here, and I've heard things that concern me."

Robin bites her lip thoughtfully, and then says, "Uncle Sean, you know that I'd never do anything to disgrace the memory of my parents."

"I never thought you would."

"And you know that the less said about some things, the better."


"And you also know that if I need help, Uncle Mac will help."

Sean smiles, and assures her, "Robin, your Uncle Mac isn't the only one who'll come to your aid if you need it. Understand?"

"Understood," Robin says, her eyes shining. "Someday, I'll make Mom and Dad proud of me."

"They already are," Sean assures her.

Robin turns to him. "They are?" Hmmmmmmmmmm

"We're getting close," Tony says to Amy who has been working almost around the clock with him.

Reveling in her newfound job, she's applied herself with astonishing enthusiasm, finding the work very much to her liking. "You think that this last batch will counter the effect of this latest strain of the aphrodisiac?"

"I think so," Tony says, with an eye towards Amy's lovely figure. He'd come to a deeper appreciation of the young nurse since he'd been working with her, learned that her gossip nature had hidden a deep insecurity, a continual search for approval. She'd used the constant information as a means of drawing people to her, only to find that it had sent them away. But, the last several days had revealed a dedication and determination that he could only admire. Along with her physical assets. "Yes, Amy," he said. "I think this last batch will be affected, too. Here, let me try it." He took a sample of the antidote, and then touched his tongue with a sample of the aphrodisiac. "Yum."

Then, he let his eyes wander back over Amy, and a wide smile splits his face. In one quick move, he takes her into his arms, and kisses her deeply. She's stunned, and then with a sigh of surrender, kisses him back.

"Back to the old drawing board," she mutters, when he releases her. "No," Tony tells her. "It works."

"But, you kissed me!"

"I'd been wanting to do that for some time. Come here, Amy. Let's try it again." Hmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Will Suzi manage to convey all the information to Robert and Anna on Spoon Island, or will the world have to wait while she pursues a career as a top model for Jax Cosmetics?? Has Sean well and truly spilled the beans to Robin?? Can he recover from that last slip?? Will Tony and Amy find true and lasting happiness in the lab?? Will Bobbie find them trying out the antidote?? Hmmmmmmmmm