"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Forty-Three

Jason is standing, looking at his payment from Jax Cosmetics. It was a lot of money, by almost anybody's standards, and he felt as if he'd earned every penny of it. Standing under hot lights, in and out of clothes, kissing all sorts of women--not that that could be considered work, but holding poses and redoing scenes all over the place-that was the worst!! Heck, fighting crime was easier, and a lot more rewarding, emotionally, at least, he thought it was. Not that he was too good with emotions these days.

Still, though he wouldn't admit it to anyone, he was having glimmers of something, distant flashes of memory that had him driving fancy cars and going to school. Lately, especially, he was finding himself having those flashes when danger loomed. Must be something to do with having your life flash before you in a tight spot.

Yeah, that must be it. Not that he had all that much to flash, what with losing his memory, but there was something lurking in his mind, and sooner or later, it might emerge. Or, it might not, he reflected, not overly concerned. It didn't matter, not really. He was satisfied with how things were going. Good job, good money, a secret life and all the female adulation he could stand. Hey, what more could a guy want?? Hmmmm

"So, the aphrodisiac is not working," Faison observed, his anger growing by the second. "And why is this so?"

"I don't know," his chemist answered. "My analysis is as yet incomplete, but it was effective when we sent it, and now, it isn't. The test bottle we kept is still potent, but everything on the shelf at the stores is simply perfume."

"I see," Faison mutters, the cigar smoke wreathing his head like an evil halo. He smiles, and we are distinctly disturbed. "So, Miss Coe thinks she has outwitted me, does she??? She hides the duck, but there is someone else she loves even more." He motions to his minions who hurry to take his orders. "Bring me her lover. Now." Hmmmmmmmm

"That's it," Ryan grumbles as he heads off towards the lighthouse. "Just when I thought it was safe to go out in public as Giselle, that idiot Damian had to mess things up. Still, he made a fetching blonde...oh well, time to go shopping in Kevin's closet again."

Knowing that his brother should still be at the hospital, Ryan feels safe in stealing in and stealing clothes, and then stealing out. Life could be easier, but all things considered, it wasn't bad. After all, he was supposed to be dead, and with that as the alternative, his present situation wasn't half bad.

With a smile on his lips, and theft in his heart, he enters with the key he'd lifted the last time he'd been there. Kevin never bothered to change the locks, thinking him dead, and apparently, Lucy hadn't been able to convince anybody that he, Ryan, was still a threat. Entering, Ryan quickly changes out of his drag outfit, bags it up, and then showers, making full use of Kevin's things. Smugly surveying the finished product in the mirror, Ryan smiles. "Nothing like having a twin to make one's life easier."

Just then, there's a noise, and we see Faison's men descending on Ryan with evil intent. Hmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Are the flashes in Jason's mind glimmers of what had been, what should be?? Or, are they wishes suppressed by his everyday life?? What evil deeds has Faison planned regarding Kevin??? And, what about Ryan?? What will happen when one evil formerly dead guy meets up with another evil, formerly dead guy??? Hmmmmmmm