"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Forty-Five

NOTICE TO READERS: There are those of us brave enough to face the onslaught of whatever comes our way, and to do so with grace and humor. Our chatters inevitably do this, wherever they go. Today's guest star is Del, from Fairfax, Virginia, and (you knew that I'd show up sooner or later) Marty, from Ballentine, South Carolina.

"Besame, besame mucho, como si fuera esta noche la ultima vez," whispers the Masked Man as he takes supermodel Brenda Barrett Jax into his arms. (As usual, I'll translate-kiss me, kiss me a lot-as if this night were the last time....)

Cameras click, lights flash, and Sonny, a.k.a. The Masked Man is holding Brenda closely, reveling in the sweet torture of knowing that she belonged to Jax. "Otra vez, mi corazon, mi alma. No sabes como te quiero..." he improvises. (Again, my heart, my soul. You don't know how much I want you...)

We are stricken by the sudden glow on Brenda's face as she hears the words that she's heard before, in the same, low, sexy whisper. Her heart in her eyes, she looks at him, and, as we watch, hypnotized by the scene, her eyes drift shut, and she kisses him.

"CUT!!!" calls Lucy, as she enters. "That was great, Brenda! Masked Man, I'm thinking about a video to as part of the ad campaign. That, combined with L&B's hit single should have us exactly where we want to be. Brenda, something tells me that with the release of this, we'll have Hollywood wanting you for films. This could be the beginning of something big!"

Lucy pauses to catch a breath, and adds, "To think that I, Lucy Coe, have discovered you, made you into a supermodel, and launched you into stardom. Am I brilliant, or what???" Hmmmmmm

"I can't believe this," Robert grumbles, as he stares at the blank screen on his computer. "Here we are, hip deep in an the attempt to counter a diabolically clever plot, and the #$%^&** computer goes down."

"Don't worry, darling," Anna comforts. "You know what that means."

"Yeah, and here they come." To nobody's surprise, in walks Marty, head of the WSB, accompanied by her right hand, ace computer specialist, Del.

"Hi guys!" Marty greets, taking in the scene with one sweep of her all seeing green eyes. Intelligence gleaming, she says, "You remember Del?? Your computer problems are shortly to be at an end."

Pushing her brown hair back, Del grins, green eyes twinkling. (Must be something about green eyes and brown hair??? Hmmmmm) "We meet again, Robert and Anna. Have you enjoyed your current status? Between Marty and me, we've made sure that every system in the world has listed you as deceased, and carefully erased all traces of your travels." Del grins, as the agents chuckle, fully aware of how much depended on their cover being maintained.

"Yes," Marty nods. "I know how much this has cost you, but then you know how vital your mission is to the world."

"We know," Anna tells her, "and we appreciate everything you've done."

"Our pleasure," Marty answers. "Soon, I trust, we'll wrap this up, and you'll be able to return to your previous lives. I've been working on a cover story for you, something that will be plausible and, of course, ingenious."

"Of course," Robert and Anna laugh, fully understanding Marty's sense of humor.

"Regarding Tom Hardy-he's going to have to hang around here a while longer-his return would cause undo speculation from all sides, not to mention plot complications."

"Still plotting?" asked Robert, grinning.

"SOP," Marty grins back. "At least you all understand that while everything may not always be as it seems, there is somebody behind the scenes working to make sure everything comes out right in the end. Del, you have the discs?"

"Right here, Marty."

"These contain the entire affair to date," Marty tells Robert and Anna. "All contacts, all information, all hidden secrets, and a partial list of the hidden agendas of the various agents at work here."

She smiles. "And, all completely fictional. Give these to Tori-Otoko. He'll know what to do. Also, I'm sending a ballerina to town in a few days. she'll have special information for you."

Marty glances at her watch. "Time for "General Hospital", everybody. The world will have to fend for itself for an hour." Hmmmmm

Meanwhile, Kat is contemplating the best way to murder Damian and dispose of his body before he can cause her any more trouble. She'd served him his morning coffee with a sleeping drug in it, and he was out cold in her bed. Murder was all well and good, and, she rationalized, it was impossible to legally murder a dead man, so if she could get the deed done before he was declared alive again, and dispose of the body, then nobody would ever need know, and she'd be able to continue enjoying all that lovely money. And Mac. If he'd ever come around anymore. Not that she wanted him to show up any time soon, though. It would be a little tricky trying to explain how a formerly dead guy came to be snoring in her bed.

Kat paced the apartment, wondering how to ditch Damian's future corpse. Mulling the whole thing over in her mind, she considered involving Lucy in the whole thing. Yeah!! That would be one way to do it. Kill him and leave him in her apartment. Let her explain it. Maybe put the corpse in the worm bed that Lucky had made. YUCK!! Just getting close to the worms would be more than Kat could take, so that was out. Maybe she could just leave him in Lucy's bed. YES!! That would take considerable explaining, and derail Lucy's new ad campaigns. Kat wanders back to her bedroom, and surveyed the sleeping, soon to be corpse belonging to Damian Smith. She smiles. Now, to work out the logistics. Hmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Will the Supermodel and the Masked Man continue the "mucho macho maneuver"?? Will Lucy try the Masked Man with Felicia?? Does Brenda recognize the Masked Man as her former lover? Just what the heck is Marty talking about, anyway??? Will Del manage to get the computers fixed in time to catch the evil doers?? How does Kat plan to move the future corpse of Damian to Lucy's place??? Hmmmmmmmmm