"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Forty-Nine

NOTE TO READERS: Dashing and daring, willing to risk life and limb, Sunny, today's guest star hails from El Paso, located in the great state of Texas!!

"Do you have the surprise?" Jax asks his lovely companion, a young woman with reddish brown hair, who had slipped cozily into the car next to him.

Smiling up at him, she recites the appropriate answer, "Marty says that life's a surprise!"

"Good, then you're you. Uh, who are you, anyhow??"

"Sunny," she responds, her honey almond brown eyes twinkling, and we quickly recognize Sunny from the chatline. "Marty said that we are to head for the Texas/Mexico border, and meet her in a seedy little bar in Ciudad Juarez where she'll be sipping sangria."

"Hope she has a cold one ready for me," Jax comments as Sunny slides a trifle closer. He grins, and Sunny smiles.

"She said that we are to look like a couple on their way for a quickie wedding across the border."

"I can get into this scene," Jax says, kissing her thoroughly. "What is going on that I got called here from Port Charles??"

"From what I've been given to understand, there is what appears to be a small manufacturing plant here involved in the making of a nasty, contaminated version of the African Aphrodisiac. After we meet with Marty, we are to infiltrate the place, blow it up after getting evidence on who's behind it, and then split up and head back to our respective homes. Nobody should be the wiser."

"Sounds like fun," he remarks, and we suddenly see the danger loving side of the man we all love as a ruthless businessman. "This is one way to get rid of the competition."

With one more kiss, Jax and Sunny head for the border, determined to do their part in saving the world from the ravages of the African Aphrodisiac. Jax as a WSB agent?? Can this be??? Hmmmmmmmm

"Sonny," Jason remarks as he enters the hidden room where he and Sonny keep their disguises. "I think I've found a clue about the aphrodisiac."

"Yeah?" Sonny asks, checking his mask. His mind keeps wandering to the kiss he'd shared with Brenda, and whether or not she knew it was him. His blood heated at the thought of her in his arms again, and suddenly, he was jealous of his alter-ego, and ridiculously angry with Brenda that she'd kiss him like that. Heck, she was married, even if it was to that blond bimbo of a businessman. Still, she did seem to find him attractive, and if she had known it was him.....Sonny smiles.

Jason, again interjects, "Sonny, I think I may have some information."

"Uh, sure, kid, go ahead."

"See, word is that Lily is trying to buy information on the stuff. She's offering big bucks, and from what I hear, she's been talking with her daddy. Sonny, I know that I'm not too swift on a lot of things, but I don't think that Lily is exactly the sort of woman that Robin should hang around. I think she's crooked."

"No kidding?" Sonny says, remembering that Lily's guards had taken shots at him. "We'll check this out. If she's messing around, getting Robin involved in criminal activities, she'll have to answer to me."

With that, Sonny turns and heads out of the room, Jason trailing along in his wake. Hmmmmmm

"Mac!!!" screams Felicia, racing across the Outback and into the office. "Mac!! there's a call from General Hospital that Kat's been taken there-along with, get this---Damian!!! Uh, Mac, I don't know how to say this, except outright, but Kat's in bad shape, and Damian's not much better."

Mac, stunned, asks, "What's going on?? Kat and Damian??"

"Poison," Felicia tells him. "Come on. We'd better hurry. Things don't look good at all."

"How?" Mac manages, following Felicia to the car. "Gosh, Felicia, we broke up last night-I'd had enough of her drinking and trashing Lucy, and I sent her home in a cab. But Damian?? What and where??"

"Lucky for Kat that she's above housework," Felicia commented. "Her maid came in early and found them in bed together. At first, she thought they were passed out drunk-there was a broken liquor bottle in another room, and olives scattered around, but after the woman had vacuumed, and cleaned up the mess, she went to check on them, and discovered that they couldn't be awakened. So, she called 911, and they were taken to GH. Amy called me, when she couldn't get hold of you." Felicia patted Mac's shoulder, and added, "I'm sorry about Kat, even if I never thought you two were right together."

"Thanks," Mac smiled. "I'd come to the same conclusion, myself. You know, things haven't been right since you and I broke up."

Suddenly, their eyes meet, and...........Hmmmmmmm......

Stay tuned!!! Will Sunny and Jax blow up the factory in Mexico and escape unscathed?? How will Jax explain the lipstick on his collar to Brenda?? Does Brenda have any idea just what her husband is involved in?? Will Sonny and Jason be able to stop Lily's criminal career?? Have Damian and Kat been taken to the hospital in time?? Is this the beginning of another romance between Mac and Felicia??? Hmmmmmmmmm