"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Fifty

Sonny is sitting across from someone we've come to recognize as the head of the WSB, known to the chatters as Marty. Sipping sangria, (no, this isn't THAT seedy bar in Ciudad Juarez) and playing freecell on her laptop computer in the Outback, she smiles at him. "Mr. Corinthos. So good of you to come."

Sonny, cool as always, answers, "I was told by your muscle over there, that it was in my best interests to show up."

The camera pans the area, and we see a couple of exceedingly handsome young men, obviously in excellent physical condition, standing close enough to assist should the need arise.

"Ah yes," Marty says. "They do have a way with words. But, enough about them. Mr. Corinthos, I invited you here to talk about our future relationship, about you coming to work for me."

Sonny grins, and starts to stand up. "Lady," he says, "I work for myself."

"You did," Marty tells him, "but that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone. You've got to change your evil ways, baby."

Sonny sits back down, and says, "Look, lady, I don't know who you are, but I don't think that you know who you're talking to."

"You don't know with whom you are talking," she tells him, "but, I am about to make you an offer you can't refuse." She chuckles, "Always wanted to say that. Mr. Corinthos, you have a past, and it is precisely that past, along with your present occupation that has caught my interest."

Sonny leans forward, and asks, "Just who the hell are you?"

"Let's just say that I am the person who is going to be your boss from now on."

"In your dreams."

With a smile, she clicks the mouse on her computer and brings up a new screen. "Mr. Corinthos, right here, and you can see that I'm not faking you out, I have your complete history, chapter and verse. All your connections, all your transactions. I even know that you had eggs over easy with a side order of hash browns and black coffee this morning for breakfast, but it's your current occupation that interests me. I know that you're the famed Masked Man."

Sonny is clearly amazed at the depth of her knowledge. "So?"

"So, reformed crooks make some of my best agents." She smiles at him, and says, "Mr. Corinthos, I need men like you, men to whom danger is a way of life, men who aren't afraid to do what's right."

Somewhat mollified, Sonny asks, "Okay, I'll consider it. But, what if I refuse?"

"You have a guaranteed retirement, beginning this instant. I either arrest you, or I hire you. You work for me, and your past is conveniently forgotten, all the evidence safely secured forever. You don't, and I serve a special warrant for your arrest."

Sonny, ever a man to do the expedient thing, smiles, "Hey, Boss Lady. Mind telling me what I'm doing from now on?"

"Welcome to the WSB, Mr. Corinthos." Hmmmmmmmmm

Meanwhile, Brenda is lost in thought, recalling the kiss she'd shared with The Masked Man. There was something about him that made her think of Sonny, that husky whisper, those whispered words of love, the same Spanish words that he'd used before. The lips, the eyes, the.......her eyes widened suddenly. Could Sonny be The Masked Man??? Fighting crime?? Could the miracle she's always prayed for have happened??

Then, she scowled. Trust him to do this after she gotten married to Jax. Then, she smiled. That, no doubt, was a motivating factor. He'd finally realized what he lost, and was changing his ways so he could get her back. Then, she frowned. Did she want to go back to him?? Here she was, married to a handsome man who loved her, at least when he wasn't running off to heaven knows where at all hours of the day and night, he loved her. Then she smiled. Sonny was so sweet. Then she frowned. So was Jax!

At that moment, Jax enters the room, and tossing his jacket over the couch, he takes her into his arms, and whispers, "Lady, I'm home."

Brenda, raising her lovely brown eyes to his face, stops suddenly at his shirt collar. "Jax, that lipstick on your collar isn't mine."

Our hero, thinking quickly, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a package. "Of course it isn't, darling. That belongs to the young lady who got the commission for selling this to me." He opens the box, revealing a stunning heartshaped diamond set as a pendant. "She was a little excited!"

Brenda, diverted, gasps, "Jax, it's beautiful!!!"

As Jax breathes a sigh of relief at his narrow escape from revealing his undercover job, we wonder, how long can he keep this from her??? Hmmmmmmmm

"You were going to explain how it is that while you have an ongoing relationship with Miss Coe, you have a long-standing love affair with Felicia Jones?" Faison inquires of Ryan Chamberlain, who is sitting uneasily in his chair, still tied hand and foot, fearing that his masquerade as Kevin Collins has come to an end. "In my experience, women don't usually approve of such a situation."

"Well," Ryan remarks, deciding to chance everything. "Actually, you could say I have good news and bad news for you." His eyes followed Faison's scalpel, and Ryan forced himself to be calm. "The bad news is that I'm not Kevin Collins, but the good news is that I'm his identical twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain who, given your line of work, will be much more useful in the long run."

"How is that?" asks Faison, considering his options.

"You see, while Lucy doesn't give a rat's a** about me, she does love Kevin, and will do whatever it takes to please him. And, knowing Kevin, he'll try to rescue me. He's the heroic, noble sort. You know, the disgusting guy who always does the right thing."

"And this is good news??"

"Of course it is. You want to control Lucy's actions, so if you don't already have Kevin, you will soon. He would suffer silently if you only had him, but he'll probably do whatever you want to save me."

"And if he doesn't?"

"Then you can kill me. Harming me now will be just a waste of time, and indeed, a waste of your assets. Yes, you should consider me an asset. Besides, I'm not adverse to your plans, anyhow."

"You're not?"

"Of course not. I'd really love to stick it to my do-gooder brother and this miserable city, along with most of its miserable citizens. These people have no understanding at all. They locked me up and threw away the key just because I killed a few people-people that needed killing, I might add."

"I take it you're currently unemployed?" Faison asks, his interest piqued. Hmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Will Sonny find his true calling as a WSB agent?? What about Jason??? Doesn't working for the WSB require brains?? Will scrambled brains be good enough?? Will Brenda be bought off by the diamond pendant?? Or, will she wonder what Jax is hiding?? Has she figured out the truth about Sonny?? And, is Faison about to make Ryan an offer HE can't refuse?? Good grief!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm