"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Fifty-Three

The lightning flashes and rain is beginning to pour down outside the mansion on Spoon Island as a major storm system moves closer to Port Charles. "So, how many entrances to the catacombs are there?" asks Anna, as she and the others begin to work on a plan to search and capture Faison. She stares at a map of the city's underbelly, amazed at the incredible assortment of interlocking tunnels.

"Lots," Luke assures her. "In fact, I'm sure that there are a few that even I don't know about, and I've had occasion to visit the area."

"That's comforting," Robert mutters, wondering how they can cover every contingency. "Maybe what we need is to send a few scouts down to try to locate the man before we do a full scale invasion."

"That might work," Sean agrees, as he and Tiffany look on. They had left the PC hotel only that morning, ostensibly heading back home, instead returning to Spoon Island. "How many agents do we have at our disposal?"

"Frisco, Carly, SS9, Jax, the lot of us, and anybody else Marty has lurking around the city. I can call on Mac, bring him into this, and we need to talk with Lucy before she does anything rash."

At that, they all chuckle. "Lucy was born doing rash things," Luke assures them. "What worries me is the look on Kevin's face when he realized that Ryan was being held by Faison. Like I said, Kevin is going to do something dumb, and probably sooner than later."

"Okay, then time to call Mac," Robert says to Luke. "Can you bring him to me tonight?" Hmmmmm

Lily is talking to a darkly clad man who keeps glancing over his shoulder, making sure he's not being watched, while tugging his trench coat closely around his body to protect him from the rain which has begun to fall.

Stunned, we recognize Garcia, formerly one of PCPD's finest, but now fallen from grace. Finally, he speaks. "There's something going on in the catacombs, Lily. I have had my men tracking the substance you asked about, and that's what we've discovered."

"In the catacombs?" Lily wonders aloud, disregarding the rain. "That makes sense. One must have a hiding place, and access to all parts of the city. Yes. Alejandro, you will be rewarded. Now, I need several trustworthy men for a job this evening, and I will pay them all very well."

"I'll bring my best," Garcia promises her. "Men who were formerly loyal to Sonny will do our bidding. Sonny has become less than the dust beneath our feet, and they await our orders to dispose of him permanently."

Garcia takes Lily's hand and kisses her ring, then pulls her into his arms for a more ardent embrace while Robin watches and listens surreptitiously from the shadows. Her suspicions confirmed, Robin backs away, wondering what to do, when she hears Lily speak,

"Tomorrow will be soon enough. Tonight, we move on the catacombs. We must get our hands on the African Aphrodisiac before any of our competitors do." She smiles, and Robin is horrified to hear, "In the morning, I want you to bring Sonny to me, out on my father's yacht. He'll be going on an extended cruise. Taking a permanent vacation, you might say. Oh, and bring his sidekick, too. We might as well make a clean sweep of it." Hmmmmmmmm

"Mac, come on," Luke says, dragging Mac out of his warm bed as thunder crashes outside. Luke has entered the Scorpio house stealthily, determined to awaken Mac without alerting the neighborhood. "Shhhhh. Felicia?? What are you doing...nevermind...dumb question. Mac, I need to talk with you now!!!"

Mac, finally awake, asks, "Luke, this had better really be urgent."

"Trust me, man, it is. Big time!"

"We need privacy," Luke insists, trying to make sure that Felicia doesn't hear what he's about to say.

"Don't tell me," she says, "This is about some WSB stuff and you don't want me to know. Well, I've had it with you macho types trying to protect me. I'm in, like it or not."

"She's in," Mac nods, and we watch the trio, two in and one on top of the sheets.

"This is top secret. There's something big going down in the catacombs. Robert and Anna want you to come to Spoon Island tonight to discuss a plan."

At that Mac's eyes light up, and he grins. "I knew it!!! I knew that he'd surface sooner or later. That means that Faison has to be involved. Right?"

"Right," Luke said. "How'd you know?"

"Because they all "died" together. If Robert and Anna are alive, and in hiding, that means that Faison is still causing trouble. Yes!!! We'll take that sorry SOB out once and for all this time."

"So, when do we start?" Felicia asks.

Luke smiles. "Darlin, the game's already afoot!" Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Will the WSB agents be able to cover the catacombs? Will they meet up with Lily and Garcia's men?? Will Robin manage to alert Sonny and Jason in time to save their lives?? Will The Masked Man and The Kid make an appearance in the catacombs?? How many people can the catacombs hold, anyway?? And, will the rain that is setting in cause even more problems??? Hmmmmmmmm