"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Fifty-Six

NOTE TO READERS: As the action heats up down under the streets of Port Charles, an entirely different sort of action is about to heat up!!! Today's guest star is Andy, hailed as Poet Laureate of PCOnline, of San Francisco, California. (Doing his own, original material!!!)

"I like this," Brenda fumes as she stares at the rain swept streets of Port Charles through the window of the penthouse she shares with Jax. "Jax is gone again, and it's already after 11pm. I've waited over two hours, and if this is business, it's of the Monkey persuasion."

With that, she grabs and umbrella, and heads out into the night, determined to give Jax a lesson of his own in waiting. Not questioning her deeper motivations, Brenda wanders down the street, heading unerringly to a coffeehouse where she's sought solace before. Looking at the marquee, she notes that this evening, a poet from San Francisco is appearing, and she enters, folding her umbrella.

As she walks in, a tall, blondhaired man whom we recognize immediately as Andy of chatline fame, rises, and watches as a waiter escorts Brenda to a table. Andy, his blue eyes never leaving her, goes to the stage, and glances down at the papers in his hands, then, back at Brenda, whose beautiful brown eyes suddenly make contact with his.

Their gazes meet for a long, silent moment, and then, as if disbelieving his own voice, Andy speaks. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I had something prepared, but I need to do this spontaneously.--MY POEM..." He begins, as his feet take him to stand, then kneel before her...

"Her pretty eyes, her long dark hair.
I cannot help but stop and stare.
Her flashy smile, her gorgeous face.
The way she moves her style and grace.
I do not know this girl at all.
I look at her across the hall.
She's the one, I know that now.
She's the one to teach me how.
To love again, cause I forgot.
I took my heart, and turned it off.
Forced myself not to need love.
Shut off feelings, gave them a shove.
I walk in haze, I walk in mist.
But still I long for this woman's kiss.
I see her sit, I catch her eye.
Is she the one with whom I can fly?
Is she the one to be my sun?
Please tell me Lord, is she the one?"

As we watch, in rapt silence, Brenda, whose eyes have never left his, leans over and their lips meet in a soul searing kiss. The scene closes, and we are left wondering.....HMMMMMM????

"YUCK!!!" Lucy mutters as she steps on something squishy she'd rather not identify. Continuing on in a whisper, she says, "When do you think that we'll meet up with The Masked Man and The Kid??"

Kevin, who is having serious doubts about his own sanity at this moment, answers, "Lucy, why did you let me talk you into doing this?? We could be at the lighthouse, sipping sangria, or quaffing champagne, or even sniffing brandy in relative comfort, but no, here we are, lurking , or should I say, skulking beneath the city, stepping in heaven knows what, trying to rescue my insane homicidal maniac of a brother from an equally homicidal megalomaniac. Psychiatric literature is filled with accounts of people who have a need to save the world. I can see it now....Shrink meets his end down in the disgusting rainfilled catacombs of Port Charles, while other insane twin brother-see Lucy?? I'll be remembered as the crazy shrink with an insane twin brother. We'll be linked forever historically!! Double trouble!! Crazy and Crazier!!"

"Shut up, Doc," Lucy soothes him. "First off, we aren't getting killed, and second off, you aren't crazy. Third off, when the real story comes out, you'll be recognized as the heroic twin who put his life on the line for his worthless brother. And I," she finishes, "will be hailed as the businesswoman who stood beside her man, who risked her all to..."

"Shut up, Lucy," Kevin says, good naturedly, his sense of humor taking over. "We sound like little kids who are trying to keep each other from being afraid of the dark."

"Is it working?" Lucy asks, as they continue on. Hmmmmmmm

Meanwhile, Lucky, Adam, and Robin have entered the catacombs from yet another opening, through the damaged floor of a condemned building. Lucky looks around, hoping that he's doing the right thing. "We got all the equipment that we need?"

"Recording devices, lowlight cameras, flashlights,--all systems go," answers Adam. "Good thing that Robin had all this good stuff left over from her parents."

Robin smiles. "I always knew that it would come in handy someday. Now, we have to find the bad guys, and get incriminating evidence that will stand up in a court of law."

"You sure you know what that is?"

"Of course," Robin answers, loftily. "I'm a Scorpio, aren't I?" Hmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! What will Jax do when he comes home and finds Brenda gone?? What is Brenda doing with Andy?? Dare we ask?? What will be the historical accounting of Lucy and Kevin's adventure beneath the streets of Port Charles? And, what will happen to the three teenagers who are braving unknown dangers to come to the aid of a friend??? Hmmmmmmmmmm