"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Fifty-Nine

NOTE TO READERS: One more time, brave chatters have taken the time to join the residents of Port Charles in battling evil and corporate nastiness. Today's guest stars are Debbi, from Sunnyvale, California, and Rachel, from Long Island, New York.

"Just in time!" says Marty as one more person arrives at the entrance of the catacombs. "Debbi! Glad you could make it!"

Debbi, (whom we all recognize from the chatline,) her long brown hair neatly back in a French braid, asks, "Did you really think I'd miss this??"

Marty smiles and says, "Of course not." She tells Debbi the code for her transmitter, and says, "Anna and Robert are just inside and waiting a few yards to the left."

Seconds later, our blue eyed chatter is inside, her eyes rapidly adjusting to the murky gloom of the catacombs.

"Here," comes an English accented whisper. "Debbi?? Great!" Anna reaches out and hugs Debbi briefly. "This is great! You remember Robert?"

"Of course," Debbi smiles. "I'll never forget that nasty night in Senegal..."

"Nor will we," Robert says. "This could be just as dicey."

"We'll be ready for him, and for any contingency," Debbi promises. "All communications devices are online-I've met already with Tori and Del, and if they intercept anything at all, we'll have it instantly. Marty has made sure that we all have the same code and so we're set."

"Weapons?" Robert asks. Debbi and Anna nod, and after checking their communications headsets, they set off down the tunnel. Hmmmmmm

"See anything down that corridor?" asks Adam of Lucky who has just come back from one side. "No, nothing and nobody down there, but I planted the listening device that Robin gave me. Anybody comes through there, and we'll know it."

"Me, too," Robin says, carefully entering the appropriate numbers into her laptop computer. "This should come in handy at Yale, but tonight, we can use it here."

"This is wild," Adam comments as he looks at the information Robin is entering in the machine. "You a spy or something?"

"My folks were," Robin acknowledges. "And my uncle is the police commissioner. I've sort of grown up with this kind of stuff."


"Okay, let's move forward. Remember, we're looking for Garcia and his men."

"Right," chorus Lucky and Adam. The three move silently down the corridor, Robin carrying the small computer at her side. Hmmmmmm

"Do you see," AJ tells Rachel, his new assistant, (and also regular chatter from PC Online) "Now that I am councilman, and a major stockholder with ELQ, I'll have more responsibilities."

"Don't bank on it, cousin," Ned says, as he and Lois enter AJ's office.

"Mr. Ashton," Rachel greets. "Mrs. Ashton."
Lois waggles her longtipped fingers at them as she and Ned leave.

"What the hell????" asks AJ, completely stunned.

"Who is Tracy Quartermaine?" asks Rachel, her green eyes dark with concern. Pushing her brown hair away from her face, she asks, "And why are you turning that nasty shade of green?"

"You never met my aunt," AJ tells her, his color decidedly off. "Let's just say she could audition for the role of Cruella de Ville and probably bring her own Dalmatian fur coat." He rakes his fingers through his hair, leaving it sticking straight up. "Rachel, you might not want this job if you have to be around her. I'm not kidding. That woman....." he shudders, and then says, "Tell you what, Rachel. Stay and I'll double your salary-and it still won't be enough."

"She's that bad?" Rachel asks, wondering what she's gotten herself into. "For real?"

"For real!!" Hmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Debbi, Robert and Anna be the first to locate Faison, or will they run into Garcia's men?? Will Robin, Adam and Lucky evade the others in their pursuit of the evildoers?? Will Rachel decide to stay on and help AJ deal with Tracy?? Will Marty join the others lurking around down in the catacombs??? Hmmmmmmm