"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Sixty

"Any word on the African Aphrodisiac?" Garcia asks his henchman who has just skulked up to him.

"No, but we have 30 guys down here tonight, and we're bound to find it if it is here."

"Good. Have you sent Frankie and Jake to pick up Sonny and Jason?"

"I've got them watching the penthouse," Juan tells him. "They haven't left the place via the garage, or by the front door, and one of our guys saw them go in earlier. They're there, just waiting for us to grab them."

"Excellent. Leave them alone unless they try to go somewhere."

"Right. Uh, boss, you noticed that it's getting really wet down here?" He motions to the bottom of the catacombs where they are standing in at least an inch of water.

"Yeah, this place always has a problem during storms," Garcia comments. "Which is all the more reason why we've got to get the stuff tonight. Now, get busy."

"On my way." Garcia watches as his hired thug skulks back down the catacombs and into the darkness. "This time tomorrow, it'll all be mine," he says aloud, savoring the sound of his own voice announcing his plans. "I'll have the African Aphrodisiac, Lily, and I'll control all of Port Charles. Yeah!" He turns and faces the camera, and just over his shoulder, crouched back against a wall, we see............Hmmmmmmmmm

"Did you get it?" Adam asks as Robin listens carefully.

"Shhhh...yeah, I got it!" Lucky grins, and the three high five each other when they are out of earshot of Garcia. "Now, all we've got to do is get out of here," Robin says.

Just then, they hear a noise, and in seconds, scurrying silently like mice, the three teenagers are safely tucked away into a darkened alcove just out of sight. To their surprise, they see a few black clad people, carrying automatic weapons prowling the depths of the catacombs, their feet making no more noise than a cat's.

"Holy heck," Lucky says, his eyes widened as he realizes that he's just seen something strange. "Think those are Garcia's guys?"

"I'm not sure," Robin answers, as Adam pulls them deeper into the alcove. He motions in another direction.

More shadowed forms dart in and out of the darkness. Just as the teenagers are about to depart, they see another group, and this time, hear voices. "Hey Rodriguez, Garcia said that we gotta check every door. Every possible entry and exit."

As Robin, Lucky, and Adam squeeze tightly back into the darkness, they realize that these men aren't the same caliber as the ones they'd previously seen.

In the darkness, Robin whispers, "If those guys are Garcia's, then those other guys have to be with someone else."

"They looked like commandos to me," Lucky whispers, and Adam agrees.

"Yeah, but I don't want to mess with any of them."

"Right," Robin agrees. "Okay, we gotta get the heck out of here as quickly and quietly as we can. Here..." she gives each of them a micro-cassette. "Now, we've each got a copy of what Garcia said, so if we get separated..."

"We aren't getting separated," Adam tells her, and Lucky nods.

"We got into this together, we'll get out together."

"All for one?" Robin begins.

"And one for all," Adam and Lucky conclude, placing their hands over hers. Hmmmmmm

"Just like old times," Sean murmurs as he and Luke head down one section of the catacombs. "I've hated this semi-retirement."

"I know what you mean," Luke nods. "Sometimes I feel like a leashed lapdog, like I'm losing my edge, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, like we're living too soft."

"Exactly. Man, those years with Laura and Lucky on the run-they were the best!! Not that I'd trade Lulu, and I like Port Chuck, but sometimes, I just need to break free again."

"Gotta watch yourself there, old buddy," Sean comments. "That same sort of need to test myself got me into a world of trouble and nearly got Robert killed."


"Yeah! Remind me to tell you about the Aztec Princess Adventure some day."

Luke shakes his head and says, "Hopefully, this will take care of things for a while. We nail that creep Faison and put Dr. Dowrong back into the nuthouse-and .....Shhhhhhhh!"

With that, both men fade back into the darkness, as a trio of men walk into view. Listening carefully, Sean and Luke get an earful.

"Rodriguez, check that dark area. It might conceal a door, and Garcia said that we have to check all of them."

Luke and Sean look at each other, and mouth, "Garcia???"

Again, they listen. "He says that he got a hot tip that the African aphrodisiac is down here, and that we must find it tonight!"

"Amigo, how can we find it in one night? Even all 30 of us can't cover every single area of the catacombs in one night!"

Silently, Sean waits until the men are our of earshot, and then tunes into the WSB version of the chatline. "This is the Leprechaun and Lightfoot...seems that we have 30 more guests down here, courtesy of Garcia, all looking for the AA!"

Switching off his communicator, he grins at Luke who asks, "Lightfoot and the Leprechaun?"

"You'd rather go by Twinkle Toes?" Sean questions. Hmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! The pace is quickening, as the catacombs are awash with good guys, and bad guys and the place is filling up fast!! Will Garcia's henchmen discover the AA before our assorted adventurous agents?? Will the talented teenaged trio triumph over the evil doers?? Will Lightfoot and the Leprechaun evade Garcia's men or will there be a showdown in the PC Catacombs???? Hmmmmmmmmm