"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Seven

Licking her lips, Felicia is on the loose. No longer encumbered by her children, and finally free of Frisco once and for all, she decides, our frisky Filly is engaged in a scientific experiment the likes of which we've only dreamed.

Wandering down the road, she encounters Tony walking up the sidewalk, and plants a quick one on his lips.

"Felicia," he cries, turning from Bobbie who had been blissfully ignoring him anyway.

Carly, however, is a little incensed, wondering what Felicia has that she doesn't have.

Felicia, gratified to see that the stuff is still working, notes that Tony is starting to look good to her, so she wipes her lips carefully and applies lip gloss. Then another coat of the love potion and heads off to wreak more havoc.

As she approaches the park, she spies a handsome young cop, a man we all know as Gil, and without warning, kisses him. His eyes glaze over, and the camera mercifully breaks away. Do we really want to know what happens next? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

As the airplane jets west, Lily looks over at Harry who is grinning with anticipation. "Lily," he begins, slightly stammering, "I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, darling," she tells him. "You're twice the man Sonny is." Besides, she thinks, he takes orders well. Come to think of it, Lily is discovering a love of giving them. This could become habit forming, she decides with a smile. No more yes dear, yes papa stuff for me.

Lily makes a mental note to buy some leather in Vegas. Something tight and formfitting. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Lucy, meanwhile, is finding that the ambiance of a trashcan leaves much to be desired. As the lid is lifted, she begins to rant and rave, only to discover herself staring into the eyes of the Catacomb Creeper. GASP!!

In one quick move, she grabs the lid and pulls it back down. Trashcan living isn't all that bad, she decides. What is outside of it is much worse. Holding onto the lid, she prays that she'll wake up in a little while and find that this has all been just a terrible nightmare. No way can this be happening!!

Then, her feverish imagination begins envisioning what foul design the creeper must have in mind, and Lucy is, for once in her life, totally speechless. Terrified, she cringes, making herself as small as possible, when the lid is pulled from her fingers. She looks up and.........

Stay tuned for further updates. Will Felicia continue on her way, turning the entire male population of PC into smitten swains? Will Gil live through the experience?? Will he even care?? Will Lily find a new hobby as she experiments with leather and lace?? Has Harry finally found true love?? What will Sonny do when he finds that nobody is anxiously awaiting his lovemaking?? Do we even give a flying frosty one??