"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Eight

Things are in an uproar in PC. Lucy Coe has disappeared, and Garcia is pulling his hair out with the investigation. He has to consider foul play the most likely thing, and that means that he has to question the most likely suspects.

That could take a while.

Garcia plans to interview both of her ex-husbands, all of her lovers, the women who she's wronged, and her all-purpose enemies. He is staggered by the workload!! Still, he reflects, this will make an interesting chapter in his memoirs.

Garcia takes out his trusty billyclub and taps it against his hand, smiling down at the splintered place on the wooden baton. He'd find the culprit, that was for sure. The cameras zoom in on the damaged billyclub, and we notice how bat like it might be thought to be, and how damaged it is. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

At that moment, a policeman approaches Garcia with an envelope of interesting material. It is the autopsy report on Tom Hardy. Multiple broken everything, but what catches Garcia's eye is the chemical report. Apparently, Tom had been drinking gallons of coffee, as his caffeine level was astronomical. Stranger still is the reference to what he knows is an African aphrodisiac.

Garcia's eyes narrow, and he wonders why Tom needed the stuff. Was he using it himself, or to lure unsuspecting females to his lair?? The sign of a desperate man, Garcia figures, and decides that he needs to confiscate the substance immediately. Or sooner, he smiles, thoughtfully, recalling the look Lily had been giving him. Much sooner. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lily, meanwhile, has been to visit her attorney and managed to have residency back-dated 2 weeks. In a matter of hours, her divorce is final, and she is free at last. She casts an appreciative eye at Harry who has been thanking his lucky stars that she wanted him. The camera cuts to another scene where Lily is stroking a silk negligee and giving Harry 'THE LOOK'. The scene darkens, and we are left to wonder what is going to happen! Hmmmmmmmmmmm

And so I leave you to wonder what will happen to our characters!! Will Lucy ever escape the Catacomb Creeper?? Will Felicia allow Garcia to try out the African aphrodisiac?? Does Harry die a happy man?? And, speaking of Garcia, did you notice that slightly scorched spot on his billy club??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm