"The African Aphrodisiac Adventure"
A GH Parody - - Spring 1996

Chapter Nine

Things have gotten dicey down in the catacombs. Lucy, nearly paralyzed with shock, vocal cords included, is staring wide eyed at her nemesis. Staring back at her is a disgustingly dirty, unkempt Damian Smith, an evil smile tugging at his lips.

"Welcome to my world," he snarls, grabbing her and pulling her out of the trashcan.

Convinced that she's finally lost it, she finds her speech and begins to rant.

"You can't be here, you're dead!! Everybody saw your body. You were buried!! Kat has your money and ... oh, this is great!!! I can't wait to see her and tell her that she's spending your money and she's really broke. Oh, this is great!!! Uh, Damian, you know that she couldn't possibly spend it all that quickly, uh, why are you starring at me like that?? Damian, what are you doing??? Damian!!!!!!!!!!!" Hmmmmmmmmm

At PCPD, Garcia looks up to see Felicia looking in at him, speculation in her eyes. "Felicia?" he asks, as she approaches. "May I help you?"

Seconds later, Garcia is a changed man. "Anything you want," he promises her. "Simone to be released? No problem. Hey, I didn't think she really did it, anyway."

One kiss later, and Laura is free, too. Power going to her head, Felicia gives him one last kiss and walks away, leaving a completely bemused Garcia contemplating shoes and rice. Hmmmmmmm

Meanwhile, back in the catacombs, lurker number two has heard the screeching going on, and has skulked over to check it out. Lucy is running as fast as her tight skirt will allow, and some pile of rags which has been identified as the formerly spiffy Damian Smith is chasing her. A low chuckle escapes the lips of our second creeper, and we see a twinkle in eyes that we've seen before. But, when and where?? Can we have yet another individual returning from the dead?? What is this anyhow??

And finally, to our continuing astonishment, yet a third person is seen to be hanging about in the catacombs. Who is this third person?? Will Felicia kiss her way through the entire male population of PC?? Will Lily return to PC to take over the mob from her former husband?? Has Harry found true love at last?? Has Bobbie noticed that Tony isn't noticing her anymore?? Will Simone discover the truth about the love potion?? Will there be another installment to this storyline???