Bobbie picked up the telephone, having poured another cup of hot cocoa for her former step-nephew, Nikolas who was enjoying a few moments with Lucas. The younger child was sitting beside him, arguing the merits of one video game over another. Nikolas had missed the boy, missed the feeling of being an older brother whose opinions were valued and mimicked. Lucas looked up at him and laughed, even as Nikolas heard Bobbie gasp.

"She's what?....What happened?.....When?....My God! No, I guess I'd better tell him. Yes, thanks, Amy."

Bobbie turned to Nikolas who could read bad news in her eyes.

"What is it, Bobbie? Is something wrong with Stefan?"

"Sort of," she answered. "Lucas, honey, go downstairs and see if Felicia's girls can play for a little while. I need to talk with Nikolas."

"Aw, Mom," Lucas complained. "I don't want to play with girls when Nikolas is here."

"Go on, Lucas," Nikolas urged. "I'll come down and get you in a few minutes, if I can."

The child headed down the stairs, grumbling, but willing to do Nik's bidding. When he was out of earshot, Nikolas asked, "What is it?"

"It's Kathryn," Bobbie answered, bluntly. "She's been murdered."

"What?" Nikolas was incredulous. "But I just spoke with her. She was fine when left her. Damn! I should have insisted that she not walk alone in the park, especially after what happened to Lizzie." He paused, emotion beginning to choke his voice. "She wasn't...?"

"I don't know about that," Bobbie answered. "Amy didn't know. I'm sorry, Nikolas. Apparently, Luke found her in the park just moments after it happened."

Their eyes met, and Bobbie shook her head. "Luke wouldn't hurt her, and we both know it. He's not like that."

Nikolas nodded. "But somebody did, and I intend to find out who."

"So what do we have?" Taggert answered Dara Jensen who was studying the autopsy papers. Nothing quite like the murder of one of Port Charles more notorious citizens to call for a speedy resolution to the case.

"Just what you told me," she answered, and then added, "but with one interesting sidelight. Did you know that Ms. Bell was pregnant?"

"No kidding? Was it Cassadine's?"

"Probably," Dara said, "though at this point, we don't know for certain. However, it does bring us a potential motive for murder. Perhaps Cassadine learned about it and wasn't pleased?"

"That's a bit extreme," Garcia injected as he entered the room. "There are other ways around that which are legal, and given his wealth and connections, I wouldn't consider that much of a problem for him, providing the woman was willing." He waved his notebook and smiled. "I found out a few very interesting things in the last few minutes. We all know that Luke Spencer found the body, and we all know about the argument, but I have just gotten word that Laura Spencer is back in town-and that she spent last night on Spoon Island, not with her husband. Kat goes to Luke's club and there's an argument. My source from Luke's club tells me that she had told him that she had a lot of dirty laundry to air, and that he'd made some crack about killing the messenger."

Dara jumped in. "Luke had been angry with her earlier because he believed that Kathryn could clear him of the shooting on Spoon Island, and that she'd been covering for Stefan. Follow me on this: Luke fakes Laura's death, and goes to Stefan to make certain that he believes it. He threatens him, and as we learned later, Lucky threw the gun into the bushes. According to what Luke said, Stefan retrieved the gun, and intended to frame Luke for attempted murder. He shoots, and Kat walks into the line of fire. It was accidental, but the high and mighty Stefan Cassadine will not take responsibility for the shooting-too inconvenient, and there's always the chance that he might be convicted, so he hangs it on Luke who has skipped town."

"That's what Luke said," Taggert said, "He always maintained that he was innocent of the shooting, and Kat's memory was vague. Conveniently vague, if you ask me."

"And Cassadine picks up the entire tab for Ms. Bell's bills, making some statement about how he felt responsible for her injury as it had occurred on Spoon Island," Garcia threw in. "Shortly afterwards, he dumps Bobbie Spencer and next thing you know, he's living with Ms. Bell."

"Yes, but don't forget that he gave Kathryn Bell a really hard time before that. He trashed her reputation, got her fired from GH. What is it with that guy? And now you say that Laura Spencer was on Spoon Island last night? Doing what? Did Kat know?" Taggert wondered. "I vote that we put Cassadine on our list of suspects."

"Look," Dara said. "What we need to know is whether or not Luke or Stefan actually had motivation to murder Ms. Bell. Lucy gave Luke an alibi on the spot, but they are former business partners, and they're friends. She has reason to dislike Kathryn-who bought her company out from under her and they've been enemies since Kathryn almost married Scott Baldwin. It's not outside the realm of possibility that Lucy could be covering for Luke."

"I don't see Luke as the murderer," Garcia argued. "He's not above lying and we both know that he has ties to the mob-but I don't see him as killing Ms. Bell, unless it was an accident, which this clearly was not."

"Not even if she was going to spread some rumors about him?" Dara asked. "Even if they might be extremely damaging to his family?"

"Look-I didn't say that I didn't think that he was above killing-just that I didn't think that this was his style." Garcia was adamant.

"I think that you could be wrong," Taggert argued back. "And until we know what it was that they were arguing about at his club, then we have to consider him a suspect. He was in the right place at the right time.

"And what about Lucy and her alibi?"

"That's a no-brainer," Taggert answered. "We consider her a suspect, too."

Helena studied the document that she held in her shaking hands, a document that confirmed what she'd begun to believe already. Her daughter was alive, and well. All those years that she'd believed that the child had died, murdered by Mikkos, Helena's vengeful, philandering husband. Oh, but she'd grown to hate that man, hate him for making her life a living hell while he did as he pleased. She thought of Alexis, really Natasha, his bastard child whom he'd brought to his own house, whom he'd had raised as a Cassadine, and then of her own child, whom Mikkos had taken from her mother's arms when she was but a few hours old.

Helena recalled what he'd said, "Do you think that I'd let her live? Allow the proof of your infidelity exist in my world?" He'd laughed, and carried the tiny infant from her room. "No, Helena, there is no child. Nothing happened in this room today. Nothing. Do you hear me? Be grateful that my wrath will not extend to your physical body." He smiled evilly. "No, my dear, I wouldn't do injury to your body-but to that of your lover. He is no more."

Helena smiled at the memory she held of the man she'd once married, and then, of the man that she'd always loved. "And you, Mikkos, can be certain that my wrath will extend beyond the grave. Everything that you've worked for will soon be mine." She lifted a glass of champagne. "And my lover's. You always were a fool, Mikkos. I only wish that you could finally know that you killed the wrong man!"