Chapter One

"What do you mean he's not going to be locked up forever?" demands Felicia as she stands, arms akimbo, before Mac. "That man stalked me, stole my life, drove me to send my kids away, messed with my checking account....he's nuts! Dangerous!!"

"That may well be so, Felicia," Mac says, trying not to smile. "And he is going to be getting help from Gail Baldwin, but when you broke into the lighthouse, you completely compromised all the evidence. No evidence, no trial!"


"But nothing. The law is the law. Look, Felicia, Kevin is currently confined, but he'll be okay. You survived-no real harm done and I'm sure that Kevin will make good financially on all the expenses you've incurred because of this."

"No real harm??? Are you kidding??? I was out of my mind with fear!"

"I'm sorry, Felicia, but frankly, I think that you're overreacting. You know that Kevin was sick when he did this, that this was his painful childhood coming out."

"Painful? I'll tell you about painful! Painful is finding that you've been stalked over and over again, and this last time by someone who is the identical twin of the man who almost killed you before and had you locked up in a nut house!"

"And we took care of Ryan. This is Kevin who saved you once before-back when we were going to get married. Remember?"

"So? This time he kidnapped me."

"Kidnapped? From the way I hear it, you went with him willingly after whacking Garcia, who, incidentally, is deciding whether or not to sue you for damages. Willingly means no kidnapping charges."

"That is beside the point."

"But, the law is the law. You weren't kidnapped. Now, you may have been held against your will at the lake house..."

"I was."

"And Kev will plead temporary insanity. Lucy, Tom and I all heard what was said, and we'll testify on his behalf."


"But that's the law. If you hadn't gone off halfcocked and picked the lock at the lighthouse, and then invited Dara in....Jeez, Felicia, what were you thinking?"

"I wasn't! I was reacting! You try having all this happen to you, and see how you act!"

"Felicia, calm down! Kevin is getting treatment, and he'll be all right. Maybe you should have some therapy to deal with what happened to you."

"Me?? Are you saying that I'm not balanced??? I'm the victim here, Mac! I was stalked!! I was harassed!! And everybody is sympathizing with Kevin!!! Now, you expect me to get help? You think I'm the one who's nuts???"

And, so it begins......leaving the PCPD commissioner's office, Felicia is well and truly pi**ed off. The more she thinks about it, the angrier she becomes. Finally, alone in the middle of the walkway in front of the brownstone, Felicia pauses, and slowly turns, staring fully into the camera's watchful lens. At first we see anger, then the anger flickers into something we don't fully recognize, then......egads!!! There is an unholy gleam in her eyes, and with a maniacal laugh, she turns and scurries up the stairs into the brownstone. Hmmmmmmmmm

Meanwhile, in Tom's office at GH, we are privy to this one sided conversation. Tom is using his cellular phone, while the phone on his desk sits silently, a testimony to one man's need for privacy. "I tried!! Mac had him in his sights, but Lucy - now there's a wildcard if I've ever seen one!!!--broke and messed up everything. Yeah, they're convinced, but Kevin is still, an autopsy would make that look escape would be's gotta be right away before Gail's treatment reveals inconsistencies and blows this whole thing open...okay, I'll make sure that I'm seen somewhere else. You'll take care of all the details? Don't worry about Felicia-I can control her. Yeah, I've still got plenty of the stuff. Okay, let's move on this.......tonight?? Good idea. Escaped stalkers are always scarier in the dark...He'll be dead by morning......Okay, I'll see that he gets one more dose of the stuff so everybody will believe he's dangerous.....Right...Later!"

Closing the phone, Tom turns to the camera, and we see a little half smile play across his mouth, settling into a smug look. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small vial of an unknown liquid which he studies, then closes his fingers around it, slipping it back into his pocket. "Now, to pay a courtesy call on a colleague..." Hmmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! What was Felicia smiling about??? Dare we ask??? Of course, otherwise, we wouldn't have an adventure, would we?? What is in that vial that Tom has?? And, who was Tom talking to?? Will Tom strike before Felicia does??? Will Kevin survive the onslaught??? Hmmmmmmm