This tale opens where GH left off on Friday, 9-21-96, when Kevin has been taken into custody. In this adventure, he's been released, and is back in GH, about to undergo intensive therapy. This storyline is for those of us who love Kevin and Lucy, love to laugh, figure that there has to be a reason for Luke's bizarre behavior and that Felicia is losing it!! (We end up explaining all sorts of things here, so bear with us.) It is also for those of us who figure that the Cassadines are probably up to no good!!!

Special Note:This tale is told in an odd fashion--as if the narrator is watching the story unfold in real time, and reporting it as such with the occasional aside-- probably stems from one summer when I did daily updates on the chatline for those who couldn't watch during the afternoon. I apologize for any distraction caused by this freewheeling style. This tale, like The African Aphrodisiac Adventure, is both comedy and drama, with emphasis on the former.

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Written by Marty. Storyline discussed with Suzi

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