...."Yes. Ripples. Watch this." He picked up a handful of pebbles of various sizes and tossed them, one at a time, into the water. Some he threw with greater force than others, and some caused greater splashes depending on the force and on their size. "You see, the ripples vary depending on a variety of things. Now, if I were to drop a small stone into the water I could cause a large splash. Or, if I were to carefully place a much larger stone into the water, I could do so with little or no water movement at all. Yet, the rock would still be there, still displace water. Just go unnoticed by most. You see, Ms. Bell." He smiled. "Yes, I know your name. Your face is quite well known around here. You see, much of what goes on around us can be likened to pebbles in the pond."


"Yes. Some of us like to cause ripples for entertainment. Others of us like to do so for effect. Still others enjoy seeing how large a rock we can add to the water without making any ripple at all."

"And you? Why do you like to cause ripples—in the water or elsewhere?"

"Sometimes for sport. Sometimes, just because I can. And, sometimes, because ripples cause other ripples which cause still others." (Faison to Katherine Bell)

Written by Marty. Storyline discussed with Suzi

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