MARTYWRITES.COM Presents "THE SEVENTH ROSE" a GH Fan Fiction "The Seventh Rose"


"Kumbyah and roasting marshmallows? With Jack Daniels? Not the boys, too? Good. I'd kill him, myself, for that. I'd love to see them, but bald? Okay, Ramon. Thanks for calling in. Yes, now you can give the edited version to Stefan. Keep me posted." Laura Spencer hung up her cellular phone, and thanked her good fortune that she was now a rather wealthy woman. The roaming charges alone on this last month's worth of calls would be staggering. Still, she smiled to herself, it was worth it. Ramon's first loyalty was to her, she knew, and that gave her no small satisfaction. Now, she thought, if she only knew what the heck was going on......

Bobbie Spencer Cassadine stood in front of the door to the apartment where she'd met Caroline's adopted mother, and took a deep breath. This was the moment she'd been waiting for, the moment when she'd finally find out how to contact her daughter. This was where Luke had learned the truth, and, no doubt, the same place Stefan had done the same. Boldly, Bobbie knocked on the door to Virginia Benson's apartment.

The door opened, and the small, nondescript woman opened the door. "Mrs. Jones?"

"Actually, it's Mrs. Cassadine now," Bobbie smiled. "Long story. May I come in?"

"Certainly. Have you seen Caroline yet?"

Bobbie was surprised. "Not yet. Was she looking for me?"

"Well, I assumed that she was. She's in Port Charles." Virginia chuckled nervously. "She doesn't know that I know, because she doesn't know that I have caller ID now. I had to know where she was. She wouldn't tell me."

"Then you have her number?" Bobbie asked, excitedly. It was coming, what she'd waited for years to know. "You can help me contact her?"

"Didn't your brother tell you about her?"

Bobbie paused, then answered. "Actually, we've been out of the country for a while, and frankly, Luke isn't the most dependable when it comes to passing along a message. He's been touring Europe with his sons, and I guess it just slipped his mind."

"Well, I can understand that. You know, I'm so excited. You should be, too. We're going to be grandmothers."

Bobbie's face lit up, and she almost quivered with joy. "You're kidding? You don't mean it!!"

"But I do. I'm so glad that Caroline is finally getting her life in order. She was so desperate, so confused for so long. I finally got her picture-I asked for it from one of her old school friend's families. The Roberts were kind enough to give me the picture that she gave Carly."

"Carly? Carly Roberts?"

"Yes. Her parents were so heartbroken when she died a few years ago, and it hit Caroline very hard. But, they gave me Caroline's high school picture-a copy of the one that she destroyed when she left home." With a smile, she handed the photo to Bobbie, who was still reeling from what she'd just heard. Hands trembling, Bobbie accepted the picture, already knowing whose face it would show.

"My God," Bobbie gasped, sitting down. "Oh, my God!"

Jax and Garcia sat in the bar of the hotel where Lucy and her entourage had been staying. "I don't want to believe that she's gone," Jax admitted.

"Neither did I, when Lily died," Garcia told him, lifting the mug of beer to his lips. He drank deeply. He and Jax had been looking into what the authorities had deemed an accident, but what they knew was a homicide. "And that SOB had the gall to act like he cared for her-he mourned and donated that money to GH."

"At least he did that, even if his reasons were self-serving," Jax muttered. "GH always needs money. You know, I think that I'll donate some more in Brenda's name."

"It's odd, isn't it? Both of us were involved with women who had been involved with him, and neither of them lived to tell about it." Garcia took another drink and then ordered one more. The German beer definitely wasn't as good as the cerveza that he favored, but it would do.

"Which is why we need to find him and put a period to his career. Have we turned up anything at all?"

"Zip. I've even called Marty, but she says the same thing. For now, Corinthos has dropped off the face of the earth. I've asked if she has any clues about who might have helped him, but she's still hitting the same brick wall. None of his past contacts have any ideas, and there seems to be no activity on any of his former fronts. The guy has gone to ground."

"We've got to find him," Jax insisted. "We've got to know what he knows. We've got to know if he's behind the murder."

"And if he's not?" Garcia asked, his attention focused on Jax. "Any other candidates for the job? You got more enemies that I don't know about? Any of them rotten enough to hurt Brenda to get to you?"

Jax shook his head. "I've got enemies, Alex. Lots of them-but none that I'd figure would do something like that."

"Aside from Sonny, who hated Brenda?"

"If Lily was alive, she'd be a suspect," Jax admitted. "Not that I'd think it of her, but considering their mutual history with Sonny, she'd have to be listed."

"And back then, it would have been justifiable homicide," Garcia injected. "Brenda was a handful before she married you."

Jax grinned, then grew serious. "I recall the incident in Canada. You're right, Alex. And, Sonny was right in the middle of it, playing both women, wanting one, and using the other. Lily deserved much better than she got."

"And she'll get the one thing that I can still give her," Alex vowed. "I'll give her Sonny's freedom-and hopefully his life, in payment for all she lost."

At that moment, Garcia's cellular phone rang. He took it out and answered it. "Garcia here. Yeah? I see......Really?.......Interesting......Monte Carlo? Makes sense…...Any idea who his contacts are? Thanks."

"Corinthos has been sighted in Monte Carlo."

"Let's go."

Julia Barrett, beautifully attired in a strapless silk sheath of royal blue, strolled into one of the many casinos in Monte Carlo. Diamonds glittered at her ears, wrists, fingers and around her slender throat, and winked from the evening bag that dangled from her shoulder by a sparkling strap. A diamond clip held her hair up, and she smiled at the men who immediately flocked to her side. She glanced around for the man she knew she'd find there, a man she wasn't certain if she loved or hated.

"Looking for someone?" came a familiar voice from behind her.

Julia turned around and smiled. "You. I was looking for you."

Sean Donely looked at the information that came up on the computer screen, information that he found interesting, and troubling at the same time. What the hell was Jamie doing with Jillian? There was no record of his fathering a child, especially not this one. So, who was she, and why did she look so damned familiar? Travel records indicated that Jamie and Jillian had come from England, but that Jamie had gone there from Brazil, traveling alone. That meant that Jillian had left from England, though if that was where she lived, Sean couldn't say. Reports indicated that she spoke American English, which didn't fit-unless she was American, or had an American family, or caretakers. He'd sent fingerprints to Marty and to the WSB, but so far, neither of them had any record of the child, which was a dead giveaway that her passport had been forged.

"Why Jamie?" Sean wondered aloud. He pulled the picture of the child up on the screen as Tiffany entered the room where he kept his computer equipment.

"Darlin' little girl," his wife observed. "You know, she really does look like Felicia's girls. They could be cousins."

"Indeed," Sean commented, his tone troubled. If Jillian was who he thought she might be, there was trouble aplenty. "Tiffany, my love, think you can get along without me for a few days?"

Tiffany smiled and said, "It won't be easy, Sean, but I'll get by. Now, are you going to tell me what's going on, or am I going to have to seduce it out of you?"

Sean grinned. "My lips are sealed......"