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"It's so good to be able to speak to you, my darling! I can't talk long-he doesn't know about any of this-you know what I mean."

"I quite understand. You are all right?"

"Of course. Now, have there been any developments?"

"Nothing yet. Apparently Ryan Chamberlain and the child have escaped-possibly out of the country by now. The man is as devious a character as any I've met."

"You understand how very important this is to us."

"Indeed I do. Father has impressed upon me that Certain People have much to lose-as does an entire nation, if any of this comes out."

"My darling, the ramifications of this particular situation would be quite shattering to any number of people, not merely the ones with whom we are currently involved. Choices were made many years ago, choices that are returning to haunt us. We must stand firm, Reece. I believe that our choices were correct, especially given what we know now. We weren't murderers then, nor are we now, though we will do what we must."

"Absolutely. Father said much the same thing."

"Perhaps an accident could befall the gentleman in question?"

"That is an option, though we must recover any and all information, and see if he's told anybody else. I'm not quite certain that he knows yet, but the nature of his hobbies, his interests, lead me to believe that he's got a clue of some sort."

"That could be our undoing. He must be stopped, Reece. The man is a cold-blooded killer, and as we now know, he apparently has some of his grandfather's inclinations."

"Mind control?"


"I could just eliminate him. Of course, I have to find the bastard first."

"He's not a bastard, Reece. That's essentially the problem."

"Bastards are easier to deal with?"

There was a chilly silence, followed by a chuckle. "Only your father, my darling, and that's the bitterest secret in my heart."

There was an answering chuckle. "It's quite all right, Grandmum. He wouldn't trade places with your legitimate son for all the money in the world. After all, he's got the best of everything."

"Your grandfather would have been proud of both of you. I love you, my darling. Oh, the shower's off, so I must go. Give my regards to your father."

"Will do. I'll keep you apprised of the situation. Does Marty suspect any of this?"

"Some, I fear, and we may have to deal with that, soon. Good bye for now."

The bathroom door opened and Edward Quartermaine, towel draped around his hips strolled out into the bedroom. "Damned lousy shower head. Lila, tell Marty that the room service around here stinks."

"Tell her yourself," Lila smiled. "She'll tell you that given that you're supposed to be dead, you should be extremely grateful that everything isn't scorched!"

"And who the hell are you?" Tracy Quartermaine looked at the elderly man in her door way, then gave an obnoxious laugh. "Luke Spencer? Either you've aged very badly, or your disguise is a bit thin."

"I'm not Luke Spencer, I'm his father, and I've come to see you."

"Not interested," Tracy said, moving to close the door to her penthouse in his face.

"You will be," Tim told her. "I have information about your parents."

The door paused, and Tracy peered skeptically at him. "My parents are dead."

"Your father, at least, isn't," Tim told her. "I can't answer for certain about your mother."

"Come in."

Tim entered the penthouse, looked around at the luxurious furnishings, and then heard the voice of a young boy demanding his video games. "Somebody needs to take that boy in hand before he is completely ruined."

"Cut to the chase," Tracy told Tim who was heading towards the direction he'd heard the boy's voice coming from. "Where is my father?"

"I'm right here, Tracy," Tim answered. "And I'm going to see my grandson."

Tom Hardy knew nothing, Stefan mused, as he mentally went over the list of potential threats to his secret. Had he known anything at all, it would have come out by now-Marty would have seen to that. Audrey Hardy, however, might yet prove a problem. The woman had been married to Steve Hardy for many long years, and there was always the chance that he might have shared his past with her. It was unlikely that she would have mentioned it to anybody-no woman ever enjoyed broadcasting her husband's colorful past with others, especially women like Audrey. Steve's personal papers had been unrevealing, Stefan thought as he recalled reading the diaries of the former Chief of Staff of General Hospital.

There had been nothing in them that could point any finger towards the secret, nothing that might shed light on something carefully hidden in the darkness of the past. But, there was still Audrey Hardy. Stefan sighed. If there was any other way, he told himself, he'd take it. But first, Stefan told himself, first he had to know if Tim Spencer could ruin everything for him. Finding that Luke Spencer was Helena's son had come as a horrible jolt, but as long as he didn't know Helena's secrets, that wouldn't really matter. Everyone knew that Luke Spencer was a bastard, so finding that he was technically one should come as no surprise. But, if Tim Spencer knew the truth, especially if he planned to make use of it, then there was always that chance that everything that Stefan had done, all the carefully planned maneuvers, all the covering up, was all for naught. And, if that was the case, Stefan decided, he might just have to kill Tim Spencer for the pure pleasure of doing it. He'd probably also kill Luke-after all, what was the killing of a brother, when one had already killed one's father? Stefan thought about that for a couple of moments as he savored the fine old brandy he enjoyed. That death, while on his conscience, had been unintentional. All he'd wanted was leverage, but the end result had been even more final. The stresses of trying to save General Hospital from bankruptcy had driven Steve Hardy to an early grave.

"I take it that the news was not well received?" Marty inquired delicately as Tim entered the car that awaited him at the appointed hour. Tim was scowling fiercely.

"Hell no," Tim spat. "You'd have thought that I committed the ultimate blasphemy. That damned woman nearly killed me on the spot with the things she said! Hoo wee!!! She's definitely her mother's daughter."

"So what is she going to do about it?"

Tim grinned at that. "I think that she's planning to take over Cassadine Inc. You know, I almost feel sorry for Stefan."

Marty's eyes darkened. "I don't."

"There something you haven't told me about Stefan?" Tim asked.

"Of course," Marty answered.