"There's no reason whatsoever that I shouldn't call Luke just for a friendly little chat," Lucy told herself as she climbed the hill towards the nearest payphone. "And, it isn't as if nobody knows where Kevin and I are. I did make a rather loud announcement about going to San Fran with my honey for a romantic getaway.

"Of course, calling Luke in the middle of it might be considered less than romantic. But, then, I could always say that I was concerned about Lesley Webber's progress. Yeah, that's it. Besides, until this mess with Kat is sorted out, Luke could still pull a disappearing act again and I'd be out serious bucks. Kevin would understand that. Besides, I wouldn't be compromising anything. Hell, if I didn't call, Luke would think that there was something fishy going on. He knows how curious I am, how anxious I am for things to be made right. Good grief! I'm actually involved, sort of.

"Yes, I have to call Luke. I won't tell him anything, just casually inquire as to Lesley's condition, and like that. I can be discreet. I can talk with Luke without spilling any state secrets. Or, are they state secrets? Come to think of it, I don't even know who Marty is, other than she is some sort of spy-master. Or is it spy mistress? Whatever! For all I know, she could be working for some strange government agency or other where they have to burn the tapes after they receive their assignments. What if she's free lance? A mercenary for hire to the highest bidder? I know that Kevin trusts her, but why? Some past connection?

"Good grief! Maybe Kevin was a spy and he didn't tell me. I mean, maybe that trip to England for the twin thing was really a cover for some exotic mission. Maybe something happened to him over there that resulted in him weirding out and that's why he got strange and stalked Felicia. Maybe this is really a sneaky way to tie up loose ends? Ohmigosh, what if Marty considers Kevin a loose end? No, that can't be. She invited me to come along. Wait! What if she thinks that Kevin might have told me something? That I'm a loose end? Ohmigosh!!! That does it. I have to call Luke. I won't say anything, but casually let him know where to start looking if we suddenly disappear."

Inserting her calling card into the phone, Lucy dialed the number, and waited until the phone rang. Before she could say a word, she heard Luke's voice. "Laura? Darlin', is it you?"

"Luke, it's Lucy. What's wrong?"

"Lucy, babe, can't talk now. Something's wrong. Big time. Laura and her mother have disappeared along with Lesley Lu. I can't find them."

"Luke, this isn't another one of your schemes, is it? Because if you're planning to skip with my bail money, I'll track you down myself and......"

"Luce, no tricks. No scams. It's got to be that Cassidine #$%^&*. God, Lucy. I've made the biggest blunder of my life."

"You cried Cassidine once too often and now nobody will believe you?" Lucy's words summed it up perfectly.

"That's about it. The only people I can count on are Sonny and Tom, and both of them have problems of their own at the moment. Taggert is all over Sonny like white on rice, and Tom is about to lose his job at GH over helping us before." There was a pause, and then Luke asked, "I'm desperate, babe. Can you turn on your psychic vibes and home in on Laura?"

There was no answer from the other end of the phone, just the hanging up of the phone, and Luke stared at the instrument as if he'd just been given a death sentence. "Luce? Don't hang up on me babe!"

"Did she say anything to Spencer?" asked Stuart Matthews as his henchman, Henry Barnett carried the unconscious Lucy Coe into the warehouse on San Francisco Bay. Nobody had seen them drive into the building, and Henry was more than a little pleased that Lucy had chosen a phone distant from the hotel for her phone call.

"She didn't say much, but when I heard her say Cassidine, I figured that it was time to cut the call short."

"Good move. Let's see what the lovely Miss Coe knows." Leaving her in a room by herself, he and Henry retired behind the shatterproof one way mirror. "We don't want to kill her unless we have to."

Minutes later, Lucy woke up, and looked around her. "Ohmigosh," she muttered. Studying the walls, she noted the mirror, and briefly checked her makeup and hair. Reaching into her purse, she takes out a breath spray, and gives her mouth a brief spritz. "That's better. Now, where am I and what am I doing here?" She turns to the mirror and says, "Okay, guys, I've seen better sets than this at a high school play. This place is cheesy!"

"Miss Coe," came a garbled sounding voice, obviously disguised. "So kind of you to pay us a visit."

"It wasn't my idea," she snapped back. "And you can quit with the 'True Lies' scene. I didn't see whoever kidnapped me, so just ask me whatever you want to know and let me go."

"How refreshing. Do you respond to all your kidnappers in this fashion?"

"Just cut to the chase. I was on my way shopping, and I'm supposed to meet my ...significant other for lunch."

"So this kidnapping has time constraints?"

"You could say that. If I'm not back by then, Kevin will have someone looking for me. He'll go to the police and report me missing."

"Very well, Miss Coe," laughed the unseen voice. "Who were you calling?"

"That's none of your business."

"You said the name 'Luke'."

"It's a common name. Besides, there's no law against calling anybody in this town, is there? Because, if there is, you damn well ought to post it so nobody will go around calling the wrong person."

"But you made a long distance call."

"I said, in this town. Now, San Francisco is big, but......what do you mean long distance?? Are we not in San Francisco? What time is it? Damn, if you've taken me out of San Francisco, Kevin is going to be really mad!! Trust me, you don't want to get Kevin mad at you."

"Miss Coe, relax. Cooperate with us and you stand an excellent chance of making your luncheon date."

"Very well, what do you want to know?"

"Who were you calling?"

"I told you that it was none of your business."

"Would you rather carry that particular secret to your grave?"

Fidgeting uncomfortably, Lucy answered, "Not particularly. Okay, I was calling that shmuck Luke Spencer. I had the bad judgment to loan him some money, and I was afraid that he was going to skip town and stiff me for the cash."

"Did he?"

"Not yet," Lucy answered. "But it's just a matter of time. Oooohhh!!! I can't stand that man. He's all lies and hot air. Never mind that I've saved his bacon before, helped him out, and like that, when it comes right down to it, he's as untrustworthy as a snake. I wish I'd never met him!"

"Is he in trouble again?"

"Who the hell knows?" Lucy asked, indignantly. "He plays his cards so close to his vest that even he can't see his next move. I'm through with him. He's played me for a sucker for the last time. He lied to me, made me believe that his wife was dead and I was honestly sorry for him. I cried buckets! Then, they came back and it's all just a big lie?? Just a big scheme?? I thought we were friends, and stupid me, big-hearted, stupid Lucy Coe, lent him some money and I'm about to get stiffed. Damn that man!"

On the other side of the glass, Stuart Matthews looked at Henry Barnett. "I think she's okay. With any luck, she'll think that this was someone checking up on her, and that will work in our favor. I don't know what Kevin Collins is doing in town at WEB, but I damn sure want to find out."

"You think that something is going on with them? That they have a clue?" Henry asked, watching as Lucy prowled around the other room. "Are you sure that this woman is involved with Dr. Collins?"

"Yes," Stuart said, sitting back in his chair, his eyes never leaving Lucy for a moment. "Miss Coe may appear to be a dingbat, but don't be deceived. That's one canny woman."

"Her?" Henry gestured to Lucy who was checking her makeup as they spoke, reapplying her lipstick.

"Her," Stuart smiled lazily. "You know, she might make an excellent employee. She's smart, sneaky, and, from what I've managed to learn about her past, conniving. I like that in a woman."

Henry studied his boss, wondering what twists and turns his devious mind had taken this time. For all he wore his suave exterior casually, Stuart was anything but the gentleman/businessman he appeared. Far from it. Under that polish was the street smart, games playing, gun running man who had fought his way out of the gutters and into a position of power and prestige. 'Whatever it takes', was his motto, and he didn't mind living close to the edge. Indeed, Henry thought, he relished it.

"You want me to set her up with a bug?"

"Yeah. In fact, three of them. I want to know everything that goes on around her. Henry, see to it."

"Consider it done."

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