"Stefan is my father?"

The words hung in the air as Nikolas turned to Laura whose eyes told him that he was about to learn another previously hidden truth. The trio was alone, Helena having left to let the boys find further disillusionment with their mother. "Tell me who my father is," Nikolas spat, angrily. "Or, do you even know?"

Lucky watched, unable to do more than watch the drama unfolding before his eyes. He was beginning to understand Nik's anger, and that bothered him greatly.

"Tell me, Mother," Nikolas ordered. "Is Stefan my father?"

Looking away, Laura stood still, her face grim. How could she tell him?? She'd lied to everyone for so long, trying to protect everybody and everything. And now, her world was crumbling around her. No matter what she said, somebody would be hurt. What she'd done, she'd done out of need and love, but would it be viewed as cowardice?

"Tell me, Mother," Nikolas said, as Lucky watched. "I need to know the truth for a change. You owe me that, at least."

"Mom," began Lucky, as he found his voice. "Just deal with it. Whatever the truth is, we need to know so that Helena can't use it against us." He sighed deeply, at once disgusted with his mother and yet, finding some sympathy in his heart for her. "Look, Mom, we already know that you slept with someone else. You thought that Dad was dead, and you were forced to marry Stavros. I mean, we know that. We've already dealt with that, so if you shacked up with Stefan, uh, that is, if you had a thing with Stefan...jeez, Mom, just tell the truth."

Angered by Lucky's insolence, Laura turned on him. "Lucky Spencer, don't you talk to me like that. You have no idea what happened to me, what I'd do to protect...damnit, Lucky!" Eyes bright with tears, she looked at them. "I did what I had to do to protect those I loved." She sniffled, tears flowing freely. Then, turning to Nikolas, she sobbed bitterly. "I'm so sorry, Nikolas. So very sorry, but I did it to save your life."

"What are you talking about?" Nik demanded. "More excuses? One more reason why you left me behind? Just tell me who my father is, okay? I already know that you don't love me, that you didn't love my father and that you were unfaithful to Stavros with Stefan. Tell me, Mother."

Nodding, Laura sat down, and dried her eyes. "I was so young then. I was scared."

"Just cut to the chase," Nikolas told her harshly. "Give me a name."

"No," Laura said, suddenly. "Not here. Not under Helena's control. I'll tell you everything when we get out of here."

"No, Mom," Lucky told her, siding with Nikolas. "Now."

Shaking her head, Laura wept bitter tears. "No."

"Damnit, Mom," Lucky grabbed her by the shoulders. "What difference does it make which Cassidine his father is?"

"And how did lying about it save my life? If I'm Stavros' son, then I'm the heir. If I'm Stefan's son, then I'm the heir after him, bastard or not."

"But you're not a Cassidine," Laura whispered. "And you're older than you think you are."

"What?" Lucky and Nik asked in unison, their faces twin expressions of shock.

"You're Luke's son," she whispered. "I was pregnant when I was abducted by them. I hid it as long as I could, but I dared not let Stavros know. He'd have killed you. I lied about my pregnancy, told them that you were early-and I even let Stefan think that you were his. I was desperate. I'd have done anything to protect you. Anything. And, Stefan was good to me. He was willing to believe-he wanted you to be his son."

"Why did you leave me behind?" Nikolas demanded as Lucky stared, open mouthed at the revelation. "Why did you leave me with the Cassidines?"

"Because it was the safest place for you. You were legally theirs-and Luke would have gotten both of you killed if he'd known. He'd have moved heaven and earth to get you back, and the Cassidines would have used you as a weapon to destroy your own father. I tried to get back to you-I was going to take you back, but then they got to my mother-and I still don't know for certain what they did with her. Oh, Nikolas, I did what I thought best-I hid you in plain sight, and gave you the best cover I could."

"Lucas is safe," Luke told Bobbie who stood staring stunned at him. "If you value your son's safety, don't make any waves." They were in the hospital lounge on the fifth floor.


"No buts, Barbara Jean. You've got to trust me on this."

"Stefan will want to know where he is. He's worried sick about Nikolas already. Neither of them came home last night."

Luke looked grim. "Lucky's missing, too. He's been gone for a few days now, and something tells me that Lucas may be our only lead."


"Yeah, Lucas. He saw something."


"Bobbie, how do you feel about taking a sudden, unannounced vacation?"

"I have to tell Stefan."

"Baby sister, Stefan is the last person you should tell."

"But..." Bobbie looked into Luke's eyes, and nodded. "I don't like what I'm seeing, Luke. You're scaring me."

"Good. You need to be scared. It might make you do something intelligent for a change."

"Okay, Luke. But you're going to explain all of this to me later."

"I'll do that. Right now, there's a little shaggy-haired kid waiting for his Mommy to join him."

"Where do I go?"

"Don't pack anything, and don't tell anybody-not even Ruby-that you're going away." He quickly recited an address which he told her to memorize along with a phone number. "Don't write these down. When you get to this place, call the number and someone will be there to meet you."


"He'll introduce himself as Shamus O'Shaunessey."

Lucy looked across the room at Luke's and glanced thoughtfully at the lovely young blonde woman whom Conner had pointed out to her as the woman who'd come to Port Charles to possibly kill her. The girl was startlingly beautiful, with silvery blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. With features that were nothing short of perfection, she was a photographer's dream of innocence and virtue-that is, until you looked into her eyes, he'd said. But, that was exactly what Lucy intended to do, as she rose and approached the white clad young woman.

"Hello!! Look, I hate to bother you-no, that's not exactly true, it really doesn't bother me at all. You see, I'm about to offer you the chance of a lifetime! Yes indeed, when I saw your face, I thought-you know, she's perfect for my new line of cosmetics. Oh, let me introduce myself-that is, if you really need an introduction. You probably already know me-my face has appeared on various magazines-I'm Lucy Coe, owner of Jax Cosmetics, and I want you to be the face to launch the line. I can see it now!! The camera shows you in a meadow, or, it doesn't have to be a meadow, just somewhere that absolutely shouts innocence and virtue. Dressed in white-you, not the meadow. You know what I mean. Anyhow, you're standing in the sunlight, maybe picking flowers, or something like that, and the music is playing in the background-something light and airy, and then, as the camera comes closer, and focuses on your face, your eyes narrow, and there's this secret smile around your mouth-you know, like you know something that they don't know but wished that they did. Then, as the music changes ever so subtly to a very sensual beat, we cut to the perfume bottle, and a shot of you using the fragrance. We're talking serious sales here, Miss...uh, what was your name?"

The young woman smiled a secret smile at Lucy and said, "Angela. Just Angela."

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