"Somebody needs to tell Mac that Robin and Jason are fine," Luke commented, still shaken with the information that Ned had relayed to him. "I can't believe that Sonny would have killed them."

"Believe it," Ned told him. "Now, you handle this end—I've got to take care of my family's response to the unfortunate news."

Luke looked sympathetic. "God, I'd forgotten about Lila. This is going to be rough on her unless you can tell her the truth."

Ned flashed a grin. "Who do you think sent me to bail out Jason? Grandmother has always been a rather formidable woman—ask her to tell you about her relationship with Intrepid someday. Just make sure that Edward isn't around when you ask her. He still doesn't know."

"Mac," Taggert began, walking into the station only moments after the news of the explosion in Beecher's Corners came in. Mac was stunned, and enraged, shouting orders when Taggert pulled him aside, into his office and slammed the door.

"That $%^&* Corinthos!" Mac raged. "Damn him!! I knew…."

"You knew nothing," Taggert told him. "At least not enough. Now, shut up and listen to me."

Felicia melted back into the darkness of her car's interior, afraid to even breathe as she watched "Tom" and Angela as they were confronted by a trio of men. She'd been watching "Tom" all evening, noting the phone call he'd made to someone only a little while earlier from the pay phone outside the restroom at Luke's. He'd looked grim then, obviously upset, and Felicia had determined then to find out why. Maybe this was the reason?? Too far away to hear what was being said, she watched as Angela was forced into a car and "Tom" offered the men his wallet, then turned around, obviously allowing himself to be struck over the head. "It's a set-up," she muttered, as the car pulled away, leaving "Tom's" unconscious form on the sidewalk. Too bad she couldn't see the license plate of the car, but that proved impossible. But, it didn't prevent her from following them at a discreet distance in her own car. Something was going down, and she was damned sure going to find out what.

"Who's following them?" asked Jake as he and Jack followed the second car that was tailing the car in which Angela was riding. "Any ideas?"

"No clue," Jack answered. "But, I'm making inquiries about the plate number." He spoke the numbers into his cellular phone, and then waited. Finally, he had his answer. "It's Felicia Jones—Frisco's ex."

"Damn! Frisco would have our hides if anything happens to her."

"Any news about him yet?"

"No identifiable remains have been found so far."

"That's good," Jack commented. "Not that it would mean anything anyhow, but we'd better keep an eye on her."

"Yeah, though I was relieved when Lady Jane let me know that Marty survived the attack along with Jared."

"You and me, both. Jeez!! Parents! Can't live with them, can't live without them."

"What?" Faison almost sputtered, as he answered his phone. "You're certain? Find that man and bring him to me. We must find out what he knows." He disconnected, and turned to Helena.

"We have encountered a slight problem. It appears, note I say appears, that our associate, Sonny Corinthos, has been killed along with his right hand man—whom Matthews said was working against him."

"How long until we know for certain?"

"Given the intensity of the blaze, it could be some time. That fire was created to destroy evidence, not create it."

"Loose ends, Faison," Helena carped, as Lulu squirmed to get away from her. "Be still, Anna. Anna Helena Cassadine. I like that name, my child, and now it is yours." Angrily, she turned to the Dane who stood silently contemplating their situation. Helena continued. "As always, this is coming down to loose ends, and there are far too many of them. We must be certain that we aren't being misled—like you were by Anna Devane. Yes, I know all about the coins, the reason that you were nearly killed by your own group, the DVX."

Faison gave a sour smile. "And I know all about your family's abortive attempt to freeze Port Charles. Relax, Helena. Corinthos, Morgan and Robin were all expendable. Mac Scorpio is no where near the threat his late brother was, so Robin wasn't really that important to the plan." With another drag on his cigar, he asked, "Do you consider your son, Stefan a loose end? You know that he married a Spencer, sister of your sworn enemy."

Helena smiled back. "My son, Stefan, has long been a disappointment to me, in all ways except his talent for making money. His financial acumen is second to none. Unfortunately, his family loyalty has been strained by his passion for Laura Spencer. His marriage to Bobbie is nothing more than an attempt to undercut the Spencer family, and his flirtation with Katherine Bell is no more than a means of preventing her from taking him to court over the shooting."

"You're certain about this?"

"Of course. Mrs. Lansbury has kept a close eye on him. Nothing escapes her scrutiny."

"Nothing but Lucas and Bobbie," Faison reminded her. "Both managed to escape Stefan's clutches."

"For now. But, as you said of Robin and the others, they're expendable—or unessential. As long as we have Laura, and the children—you did secure the Castle son?"

"Of course. He'll be joining us soon. Did you change the locks to the room where you are keeping the other boys?"

"Yes. That was done immediately. Besides, they won't try to escape without their sister and mother, and Laura won't be leaving." Helena gave a particularly evil smile. "Ever."

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