"W.E.B." Lucy read from the building's inner list board. She'd noticed that there was nothing exceptional about the building's exterior, and that the interior matched. Badly in need of a little decorating advice, she thought. "It's a cinch that they don't have any decorators in this place."

"Yeah," Kevin smiled, wondering how Lucy was going to take to the idea of what the building actually housed. They were heading towards the elevator to which they'd been directed, and with each step, Kevin mused over just what he'd say in explanation. But, when the elevator began to descend, rather than ascend, he just smiled uneasily at her look.


"Uh, yeah. Lousy view from the top, I guess."

"Being several stories down probably won't improve it," Lucy commented. "Kevin, is there something you haven't told me about this trip?"

"Well, you might say that." He struggled with an answer, and then finally said, "Lucy, this is more than a romantic getaway and shopping spree."

"I was beginning to get that impression," Lucy observed dryly. "So, you want to tell me what the hell is going on?"

"I'm not entirely sure," Kevin answered, honestly. "I got a phone call from an old friend just before I called you yesterday. Marty Robins. And, don't get that look on your face. We were never um... intimate friends. This was strictly professional. She's asked me to come out and do a bit of consulting."

"But Doc, is this, can you, I mean..."

"Lucy, if Marty says I can, then I can."

"I see. Maybe she could get you reinstated at GH?"

Kevin turned to Lucy and smiled sadly. "Lucy, I've no doubt that she could. Unfortunately, the problem is in my head."

At that, the door to the office swung open, and the pair found themselves escorted down a long hallway to a luxuriously appointed waiting room where a very efficient looking secretary sat working busily. He looked up at them and smiled. "Dr. Collins. Ms. Coe. Welcome to WEB." He stood up, strode to meet them, and introduced himself. "I'm Jack Johnson, Marty's assistant, and secretary extraordinaire."

"Lucky lady," Lucy commented, as Kevin choked back a laugh. He knew just how extraordinary Jack was, having been acquainted with him in Europe, back when WEB had been working on a hostage rescue situation. Kevin had been called in to consult on that job, too.

"Marty's waiting for you," Jack said, directing them to her office.

"Just what kind of consulting does this company do?" Lucy asked curiously, as she and Kevin were ushered in.

"Excellent question," came a voice from the inner office. A tall, fair-haired woman with sparkling green eyes met them with a smile. "How nice of you to come with Kevin. I've been looking forward to meeting you. Kevin, it's been far too long."

"Indeed it has," Kevin agreed. "Marty, meet Lucy Coe. We're..."

"I quite understand," Marty smiled. "Ms. Coe, Just call me Marty. I'm so happy that you were able to accompany Kevin on such short notice."

Seeing Lucy's eyes flash to Kevin's, Marty grinned. "I see a bit of explanation is in order."

"Uh, yes," Lucy smiled back. "I thought..."

"Just take a seat and I'll endeavor to explain."

As the trio seated themselves, Marty began. "Ms. Coe-May I call you Lucy? Lucy, I called Kevin and asked him to come out. He asked if he could bring you, and assured me that he trusted you implicitly. With his life." At that, Lucy glanced at Kevin, warmed by this admission. "I called Kevin because I believe he may be uniquely qualified for this job. There are other psychiatrists who consult for WEB from time to time, and who are certainly closer to San Francisco than Port Charles."

"So why am I special?" Kevin asked. "You know my circumstances."

"I do," Marty nodded, her tone grave. "And, I want to thank Lucy for bringing you through the crisis."

"So what's up?"

"This involves Tom Hardy. How well do you know him?"

"I've counseled him-but there is the doctor/patient confidentiality problem. I know him socially, but we're not what you'd call close."

"Lucy? You've lived in Port Charles. Are you acquainted with Hardy?"

With a sheepish look, Lucy admitted, "Well, I, uh, that is, we uh, before he went to Africa...oh, that was over almost before it began, really. Anyway, since he's been back, well, especially after the stalking thing, I just don't care for him. He tried to get Mac to shoot Kevin, for heaven's sake."

Marty's eyes gleamed. "Interesting. Would I be far off in thinking that Tom contributed to the case against you? That he discovered some of the evidence?"

"Yes," Lucy seized the idea and ran with it. "In fact, at first we thought Tom was the stalker-I mean, he was really weird when he first came back. Not that he's exactly normal now-but, come to think of it, there was supposedly some WSB file about him that was mysteriously erased."

"WSB file?" Marty asked, alert.

"Yeah," Kevin answered. "Mac found it."

"Mac Scorpio?" At their nod, she said, "Good man."

"What does Tom Hardy have to do with all of this?" Kevin asked, curiously. "I mean, we could have told you this over the phone."

Marty pushed a button on her intercom. "Jack, send them in."

Seconds later, the door swung open, and in walked two men.

"Ohmigish," Lucy murmured. One man was tall, hard looking, but with warm brown eyes. The other, was, incredibly, Tom Hardy.

"Lucy and Kevin, meet Jared Andrews, and Tom Hardy."

Kevin sat silently, staring at the man called Tom, his eyes scanning his face. Jared was known to him, already, but Tom?? Could it be?

"Marty," Tom began, his eyes warily focused on Kevin's face, his voice weak and baffled. "I know these people. Lucy Coe, but what is Ryan Chamberlain doing here? He's a serial killer. I don't understand."

"It's okay, Tom," Jared said, noting that Tom's hands were shaking and that a fine sheen of perspiration covered his face. "This is Dr. Kevin Collins-Ryan's identical twin brother."

"Oh." He sat down heavily in a chair, his eyes fluttering closed. With some effort, he reopened them, "Sorry, but I'm so tired."

"It's okay," Marty said. "Kevin is here to help you. I can vouch for him."


"If Marty says he's okay, he's okay," Jared assured him.

"Okay," Tom managed. With a deep sigh, he rose and with Jared's help, shuffled from the room.

"I don't understand," Lucy began as she watched the door close behind the men. "If that was Tom Hardy, then.....???"

"Then maybe I'm not as crazy as I thought I was," Kevin injected, his eyes taking on a glimmer of real hope for the first time in months.

"Marty, you've got yourself a shrink."

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