Chapter Ten

Luke is talking to Sonny, again at his club. "Your guys canít find any trace of Kevin?"

"The guy isnít out on the streets," Sonny tells him.

"Any chance that he left the city?" Luke asks.

"Could be," Sonny answers. "Iíve got guys asking around, but if he left immediately, or stole a car, he could have escaped."

"So," Luke says, "Kevin escapes, conveniently finds a knife, kills Gina who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then vanishes."

Sonny, following Lukeís thinking, nods. "I see where youíre going. Kevin really didnít have enough time to kill Gina."

"Not unless he just happened to find a hunting knife laying around GH, and unless he knew where Gina would beóor unless Gina was just the first person to come along when Kevin was in the mood to kill someone," Luke says.

"Mac said that Kevin wasnít out of anyoneís sight for more than 10 minutes, maybe less, before all exits were sealed off," Sonny adds.

"You think he had help?" Luke asks. "But, who?"

"Not Lucy," Sonny says, "She wants him to get help, and since the charges were dropped, thereís no reason for her to help.. Besides, sheís honestly scared for him. No, Lucy didnít help him escape."

"But you think that unless Kevin was extremely lucky all the way around, he had help. Frankly," Luke says, "I donít think that Kevinís all that lucky."

"Me, neither," Sonny says. "And heíll need help on the outside, if heís still in the city."

"Interesting," Luke muses. "Why would anybody want to spring Kevin?" Hmmmmmm

"I think he wants a divorce," Bobbie says to Ruby as she sits sipping coffee in Kellyís Diner.

"I thought that the two of you were trying to work things out," Ruby comments.

"We were," Bobbie says. "Kevin wasÖmaybe we should have seen someone else."

"I canít believe that Dr. Collins would hurt anybody."

"I wouldnít have believed it of Ryan, either, but he was a serial killer."

"And now, Tony is leaving," Ruby returns Bobbie to the problem at hand.

Bobbie frowns, then says, "Itís like heís changed. Heís different, somehow, alive again, like he hasnít been since BJÖno, itís not like that. If I didnít know betterÖ.nah, Tony wouldnít. Heís too decent, too stuffy."

"Bobbie, no man is too stuffy to have an affair, if thatís what youíre hinting at."

"But Tony?"

"Even Tony," Ruby says. "Heís a manÖ"

At that moment, Carly hurries down the stairs from her room at the diner. With a quick glance at Ruby and Bobbie, she heads for the door.

"Be careful," Ruby calls out. "Thereís a killer out there."

"Iíll be careful," Carly answers.

Ruby turns back to Bobbie, saying, "Sheís a sweet kid, but a little confusedóeven defensive at times. She reminds me of you when you were younger."

"Maybe thatís why I want to yell at her sometimesóso she doesnít make the same mistakes I made."

"Mistakes that will haunt you all your life," Ruby injects, knowing the track Bobbie's thoughts are taking.

"Donít I know it," Bobbie nods. "And, my mistakes have caused pain for other people. Maybe if I hadnítÖ.."

"Donít start," Ruby tells her. "You canít change what happened."

Bobbie settles back into her chair. "I donít even think I can change the future." Hmmmmmm

"I want something done, Uncle," Nikolas says to Stefan. "I want Ginaís killer found and punished.." Nikolas is hurting, and Stefan can see the boyís pain. It is the pain for which there is no cure, and the only surcease is angerís outlet. "She didnít deserve thisóthisÖ" He turns away, fighting a boyís tears with a manís resolve. "Iím a Cassadine," Nikolas says, "whether I like it or not. Itís a name with power."

"It is," Stefan agrees, aware of where this is leading. "What would you have me do?"

"Find the killer. Whatever it takes," Nikolas tells him.

"And then?" Stefan asks.

"How much power do we have, Uncle?"

"Enough," Stefan tells him. "Enough, in most cases, to do as we please with impunity."

"Then letís act, Uncle," Nikolas says. "We canít change what happened, but we can punish the criminals."

"We can," Stefan says. "We can punish those who wronged us, or who wronged those we loveóthough we may not operate strictly within the boundaries of the law." He pauses for effect. "Does that bother you?"

"Ginaís death bothers me," Nikolas says.

"And the ramifications of taking action?" Stefan asks.

"Uncle, if this is our legacy, so be it."

"Then," Stefan says, "Blood will have blood." Hmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Have Luke and Sonny stumbled onto something? Has Bobbie figured out the source of Tonyís new found lease on life? Will Carly be careful? Has Nikolas unwittingly taken the first step towards embracing the dark side of power?? And, even more disturbing, whose blood was Stefan referring to---Ginaís, or Stavrosí??? Hmmmmmmmm