Chapter Eleven

"Nothing," Garcia tells Mac who is extremely frustrated. "My men have turned up nothing. Nobody saw him, no taxi drivers remember him. It's as though he was never there."

"Maybe he didn't do it," Mac considered, thoughtfully. "Maybe Lucy is right. Maybe he was kidnapped."

"Kidnapped?" Garcia asks. "Who'd want to do that?"

"Who'd want to kill Gina?" Mac countered. "And, are these things connected, or coincidental?"

"Who knows?" Garcia asks, "Prior to this whole thing blowing up, Kevin had no known enemies in this area. Tom Hardy was resentful at first-Tom wanted the job Kevin had, but they buried the hatchet and even socialized together."

"And Gina?" Mac asks.

"Gina got along with everybody but Robin, who is at Yale, and Kevin. She worked for him but quit when she felt that he was being unfair."

"If Robin knew her, then maybe Jason did, too. Talk with him and ask around at Ruby's and at school. Somebody somewhere must know something."

"I'll get right on it," Garcia promises. Hmmmm

It's shadowy down near the docks where Carly waits for Tony. She knew she should feel guilty for being with him, for loving him, but it felt so right-caring for him and loving him. He'd been through so much, and with Bobbie as his wife....Carly didn't like to think about that. Bobbie hadn't treated him right-she didn't deserve him. Carly scowled as she mentally recited the litany of Bobbie's sins-against Tony, and against her.

"I love him," Carly whispers. "I'll never betray him....but" and her eyes darken with worry as she thinks about the secrets she and Bobbie share, and the one she keeps. "He doesn't need to know. Nobody needs to know."

But, somebody did, she knew, and that somebody could be dangerous. Carly stared up at the stars, wishing that Pyzer would somehow be silenced, that fate wouldn't deny her the love of the man she'd come to love with all her heart.

Just then, a figure emerges from the shadows, catching her and pulling her back, deeper into the shadows.

"Hello, darling," Tony whispers huskily, into her ear. They kiss, and he looks into her adoring eyes. "You were wishing on a star..."

"I got my wish," she says, snuggling closer to him as if by doing so, she could drive the fear from her heart.

"Then make another so I can grant it."

"I just want you," she whispers. "No matter what-always."

"You've got me," he promises. "Bobbie and I are divorcing-it's not your fault, so don't feel like it is. Until it's final, and until Lucas comes to an understanding, I'm living in the attic apartment of the brownstone."

"Lucas is a great kid," Carly says, thinking of the boy who was like a little brother to her. "I don't want to hurt him."

"He loves you," Tony says. "Carly, I have no right to ask yet, but will you marry me? I love you so much!"

"Tony, there are things......"

"That I'll understand when you explain them to me," he promises. "Nobody comes to a relationship without baggage, and I'll bring my share."


"No buts. Do you love me?"


"Then say yes."

Impulsively, Carly says, "Yes. Yes! Yes!!"

"Then I want you to have this." He holds out a box. "It's not a ring-we'll choose that later. Together."

She opens the box to find a chain with an oval gold locket, beautifully engraved, obviously hand done. "Tony, it's beautiful."

"Open it."

With trembling hands, she opens it, and reads, "Carly All my love, today, tomorrow, and forever. Tony." Her eyes shining, she allows him to fasten it around her neck. "I'll always love you," she promises from the depths of her heart. "All my life." Hmmmmm

"Here's breakfast," Felicia greets Kevin cheerfully as she enters the basement room in which he's incarcerated. She tosses him a five pound bag of dog food.

"Chicken, beef, liver and cheese flavors," she tells him with a smirk.

"I appreciate the variety," Kevin assures her, determined to play along with her. He recognized the intelligence of cooperating with a woman who had him under lock and key. He accepts the bag, and tearing it open, reaches inside and takes out one morsel. Popping it into his mouth, he crunches it with great relish. "Chicken?" He takes a drink of the water she brought, telling her. "To cleanse the palate." Then, another bite. "Cheese...A blend, though. Overtone of cheddar-sharp, of course, with just a faint hint of Swiss."

Felicia watches as he eats, apparently savoring what she thought would disgust him. "That isn't supposed to taste good."

"Have you tried Lucy's cooking?"

Foiled, she tries again. "Look, Kevin, I'm going to keep you here until...."


"Until I feel like letting you go. Which, I may never do."

"Okay," he says, affably. "Fortunately, I'm not claustrophobic."

Angrily, Felicia stomps over to him, and shakes a finger in his face. "I hate you, Kevin Collins!! You kidnapped me, harassed me, drove me to send my kids away, ruined my life...."

"I believe you," he assured her. "And I deserve all this. So, since I probably deserve to be locked up, this is as good a place as any."

Enraged, Felicia stomps her feet. "Damn you, Kevin!! You're in that understanding shrink mode, where you are humoring me! I hate being humored!" Pulling the knife out of her belt, she flashes it at him. "See this?? I could kill you right now, and nobody would know a thing."

"That would be messy," Kevin tells her, "though effective. And then, you'd have to clean up and dispose of my body."

"I can do that."

"I'm sure you can. I doubt if anything bothers you. Probably not even rats."


"Rats," Kevin nods. "I've seen a few down here."

Hastily, Felicia retreats. "I'm not afraid of rats, either."

Still, she heads back to the staircase. "Don't eat all of that. I'm not sure when I'll be back. Oh, and by the way, I've done you a favor, that is if you ever get out. Remember Gina Williams? The young woman you harassed into quitting? Somebody killed her last night, and everybody is looking for you."

Before he can respond, Felicia has left the small basement, and Kevin is aghast. "Gina?" he whispers, all humor gone from his face. "My god! Who would have done that?"

Anxiously, he pulls at the restraints, only to find that they are still secured. "Felicia!!" he shouts. "Felicia, get me out of here!! FELICIA!!!" Hmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Are Mac and Garcia working in the same direction as Luke and Sonny?? Will their paths cross as they investigate the murder?? How will Bobbie feel when she learns the truth about Tony and Carly, and the other truth about Carly?? How will Tony deal with Carly's secret when he hears it?? Are things about to get very sticky??? What brand of dogfood did Felicia bring to Kevin??? Is she trying to tell him something? And, in a more serious tone, is Felicia serious about killing him? Again, who killed Gina?? Is Felicia beginning to have doubts about what she's doing??? Hmmmmmm