Chapter Seventeen
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Tom demands as he speaks into his cellular phone from the privacy of his office. "I don't care if she's blonde....she was?......they were?......I see.........Cheating on her high school transcripts? Well, that's different.....No, that's not a good idea......I don't care.....You have a point.....Right."

Tom hangs up the phone and a worried look crosses his face. Then, he looks down to the bracelet on his wrist and again notes the emblem on the handmade bead. Hmmmmmm

Mac Scorpio enters the office where Audrey has thoughtfully sequestered a grieving Tony and a mind-numbed Bobbie. Audrey had briefed him on the argument that had taken place earlier and her story had checked out with Garcia's report.

Turning to Garcia, Mac asks, "Anybody call in yet?"

"Nobody found anything," Garcia tells him. "It's like before, only this time, we have an important difference."

"What's that?"

"Apparently Carly was conscious and able to talk."

Mac's eyes sharpen, and he asks, "Did she identify her killer?" Garcia's expression changes, and he frowns, lifting one eyebrow. "That's where it gets sticky, Mac."

"How so?"

"You know about the argument?"


"When I got here a few minutes ago, Tony was yelling at Bobbie-something like 'How could you? You were jealous, so jealous of her! It's your fault she's dead! Damnit, Bobbie, you killed her!'"

"You don't think that Bobbie killed her, do you?"

"No, Mac, I don't, but Bobbie was found holding Carly, covered with her blood, and crying."

"Sounds reasonable, given the circumstances."

"It's this gut feeling I have, Mac," Garcia continues. "I think that Bobbie is holding something back."

"Okay," Mac says. "I'll see what I can learn." He pushes open the door, and walks in to where Bobbie sits staring off, tears running down her cheeks. Mac glances at Tony who is also mute, looking like a man whose last dream had died, his eyes filled with raw, aching pain, anguish of the deepest sort. Hmmmmm

Luke is standing at Laura's bedside as Stefan's accusation reverberates through the air. Luke's face is stark, fear and anger warring in his tone as he says, "Don't go there, Stefan."

"I must," Stefan says, the pain he feels evident in his eyes as well. "That is where she is."

"No," Luke says, taking his wife's hand. "Laura, I'm here for you."

"NO! NO Luke NO!!!" Laura cries, and Amy struggles to hold her down as Laura struggles to get away from Luke.

For an instant, the past flashes through Luke's mind, and he sees Laura's frightened face in his memory. Before he can say or do more, Gail Baldwin walks in. "Luke, Mr. Cassadine, leave us, please."

"Gail," Luke starts, but she cuts him off.

"Not now, Luke."

Feeling bereft, Luke allows himself to be ushered out of the room. Stefan follows as Gail Baldwin closes the door behind them. Amy is with Luke, her eyes accusing him of untold crimes as she casts a worried look back towards Laura.

"Where's Bobbie?" Luke asks, deciding that he needs a bit of Spencerian support. Amy starts to make a comment regarding Bobbie's state of mind since the argument when she notices that an uneasy calm has descended over the emergency room at the mention of Bobbie's name.

"What's wrong?" Amy asks, her innate curiosity piqued. "Why are those policemen here?"

At that moment, Ruby bustles in, her eyes awash with tears. Walking past Amy, she throws her arms around Luke. "Tell Bobbie that I'll take Lucas for her...Dear heavens, Luke. I don't know whether to shoot Tony or to try to comfort him."

Mystified, and slightly relieved to leave the Laura subject momentarily, Luke asks, "Weren't you here because of Laura?"

"Laura?" Ruby asks. "No, you mean you haven't heard?"

"Heard what?" Luke asks while Stefan looks on with interest. "Is Barbara Jean okay?"

"Physically, yes, but Luke, this is such a mess. She found that Tony and Carly are...were having an affair, and now, Carly has been murdered."

Thunderstruck, Luke stands still, mouth agape, as Stefan takes out his cellular phone and moves to a more private setting. Before he can enter any numbers, the vibration shows he has an incoming call. "What is it?.....Dimitri is dead?....I see.....Increase the guards around the children....They must be protected at all cost!" Hmmmm

Sonny has just slammed the phone down, and his curses ring out across the penthouse. Jason, just coming in the door, asks, "What's wrong?" "That @#$%^&*killer got another girl-Carly Roberts. She was a student in the nursing school over at GH."

At that name, Jason blanches. "Carly?"

"You know her?" Sonny asks, quick on the uptake.

"I, uh..."

Sonny looks at him. "You want to explain that?"

Jason's color returns, and he turns a dull red. Sonny notes that Jason's mental processes were continuing to normalize. "We, that is, I slept with her a few times. Robin knows all about it."

Sonny shakes his head. "Jason, you've got problems."

"I didn't kill her."

"I know that, but all the PCPD will see is that you have links to two dead girls. You have an alibi for about one half hour ago?"

"I was over at the bridge-alone."

"Damn," Sonny says simply. "What the hell is going on in Port Charles, anyway?" Hmmmm

Stay tuned!! To whom was Tom talking? Maybe the murderer? Are Bobbie's troubles just beginning?? Can Tony recover from this latest tragedy?? How long can Bobbie keep her heartbreaking secret??? How will Jason figure into all of this?? Can Sonny protect his protégé?? Who is Dimitri and of what significance is his death??? What IS going on??? Hmmmmmm