Chapter Eighteen

Blissfully unaware of the latest murder and financial disasters going on in Port Charles, Kevin is sitting in the basement, more than a little aware of a few other, and in his present circumstances, more pressing issues.

"The air quality down here definitely violates EPA standards," Kevin remarks to Maverick, with whom he has become bosom buddies. The small red dachshund wags his tail and woofs in agreement. "I haven't had a bath in days, and these pajamas are getting a little ripe. Just this morning, the cat was trying to cover me up."

Maverick whines at Kevin, and accepts a morsel of dog food. "Look, buddy, I realize that we've gotten to be friendly, sharing food and all, but would you mind keeping your fleas to yourself??" Kevin scratches his side, and Maverick does the same.

Again, Kevin tests the chains that keep him imprisoned, but with no luck. Closing his eyes, he thinks of Lucy, and wonders if she's trying to find him. "Of course she is," he tells the dog. "Lucy won't give up on me. She loves me. She's probably trying to find me with her psychic know that may be our only hope."

Maverick barks sharply, and Kevin looks up to see a light on signaling Felicia's arrival. "Felicia," Kevin yells. "Get us out of here!"

"Oh, it's us now? A little male bonding going on between you and the other animals??"

"Damnit, Felicia," Kevin rages, throwing the bowl full of dog food at her, startling her into dropping her drink on the floor.

"Damn you!" she shouts back. "That was my last bottle of kiwi-lime juice and it was full!"

"Oh darn," Kevin mocks, angrily. "Maybe you'd like to share some of my water with me and the other animals? Felicia, so far you've broken as many laws as you say I have, and more."


"Cruelty to animals."

"Cruelty?" Felicia pauses to consider the idea.

"Right." Kevin seizes the idea and runs with it. "You can't accuse me of locking up an innocent dog and cat down in the basement with an accused stalker, kidnapper and whatever else you say I've done."

"True, but I don't regard what I'm doing as cruel. The dog and cat are here to catch rats and alert me if you try to escape."

"Get real, Felicia," Kevin snaps. "The only thing that will alert you is if you smell me first. I need a bath! I need a real bathroom, not a.....@#$%^litter box that I'm sharing with a fat cat. At least the dog gets to go outside to relieve himself. And, if that's not bad enough, he has fleas!"

"That is a problem," Felicia nods, thoughtfully, then digs into the bag she's brought into the basement with her. "Here." She tosses him three flea collars. "One for Maverick, one for TC, and one for you."

A powerful surge of anger brings Kevin to his feet, and he jerks the chain as he lunges at Felicia. "@#$%^&it, Felicia, this isn't a game! I've been patient, but no more!! Let me out of here so I can clear my name and we'll regard this as a joke."

"No joke," Felicia tells him. "And you should thank me for keeping you down here. I can give you an alibi in the latest murder, too. Carly Roberts was found stabbed to death last night over in the park."

"Oh, my god," Kevin says, sinking to his mattress. "What's going on?"

"I don't know," Felicia finally admits. "The police are still wondering if it's you, but we both know better."

"Then let me go so I can help them focus their investigation on somebody other than me."

"No," Felicia says, turning to go back upstairs. She throws the bag to him, and rolls another plastic bottle of water to him. "I can't do that yet."

But, she frowns and pauses momentarily as she cleans up the spilled kiwi-lime juice from the floor. "Kevin, if you aren't the killer, I wonder who is?" Hmmmmmm

Lucy, who has been staring at the crystal ball again, suddenly falls back into the chair, reeling with the force of the emotions she's just picked up on. Anger! Intense anger! Then, it was gone.

"Kevin, where are you? Are you angry with someone? No, I've felt that anger before, but it's not Kevin's....what is this?"

Suddenly, Lucy freezes, and she sees eyes, dark eyes, filled with fear, and it's as if they're looking back at her. She hears a scream, and then....senses horror and despair along with deep regret and pain. Oh, the pain! Lucy cringes as she senses death. "Momma?" she hears whispered. Tears are pouring down Lucy's cheeks as she senses the loss, the agony and the remorse.

But, then it' s gone, as the phone rings in her apartment. Jerking herself from the crystal ball, Lucy dashes away her tears, shaking off the horrors of a few moments ago, and picks up the telephone. "Hello?" she manages.


"Madame Maia?" Lucy cries. "Oh, my god, I really need your help. Can you come to Port Charles?"

"No, Lucy, I'm unable to come-I'm hospitalized with a broken hip, and about to undergo surgery, but I sensed that you needed support."


"My child, you are in danger."


"Yes. Grave danger."

"Madame Maia, Kevin is the one in danger."

"No, Lucy, Kevin is safe-he's calling out to you, and you must go to him."

"I'm trying to reach him," Lucy confesses. "But I keep getting strange visions. Like a wrong number."

"No, Lucy. No wrong numbers-just things that don't make sense yet. But, they will. Now, listen to me. You must not doubt your powers!"

"Madame Maia, do you know where Kevin is?"

"No, Lucy, that hasn't been revealed to me. Kevin never trusted or liked me, but he loves you deeply. He'll continue calling out to you, and you must go to him. You aren't safe here! There's a darkness descending on Port Charles and it is threatening your shining light."


"Your life, Lucy. There is an evil force which will be searching out any threat to its evil intent. You must be vigilant, Lucy! Let your feelings, your inner goodness guide you."

"Madame Maia, don't hang up yet."

"I must, Lucy. But, I'll call you as soon as I can."

And with that, Lucy is alone again, and this time, she's frightened. "Kevin needs me, and there's something strange and evil in Port Charles. Ha! I could have told her that. Okay, I've got to get out of here, but to where??" Again, she focuses on the crystal ball, determined to find Kevin. "Calling Kevin, come in Kevin! Kevin, where the hell are you???" Hmmmmmmmm

"Jason," Jagger says as he encounters his former friend in Kelly's diner. "Got a minute?"

Jason turns to a dark-haired stranger who appeared to know him. "Do I know you?" His face is blank, and Jagger asks,

"Don't you remember me? Jagger Cates?"

"No. Should I?"

Jason sits sullenly regarding the coffee that he's been avoiding since he came in a few minutes ago. Why drink anything that would make him more alert? More in touch with the pain of missing Robin?

"Jason," Jagger says, "Is something wrong?"

"Is anything right?" Jason asks, turning to face the man who was questioning him. "Look, whoever you are. I don't remember you, and whoever you think you remember is dead. Okay?"

"Look," Jagger returns, less than willing to drop the subject. "My sister is dead and you knew her. That is Robin knew her, or so I've heard."

"Robin knew whom?"

"Gina Williams-she was born Gina Cates."

"Oh, her."

Jagger's temper is uncertain, and he reaches over and yanks Jason to his feet, his hands on Jason's jacket. "Listen, you jerk. Don't pull any of that Quartermaine crap on me. I'm going to get answers if I have to beat them out of you."

Jason, not adverse to the idea of throwing a few punches of his own, takes offense at being called a Quartermaine and being physically accosted by a stranger. "Get your hands off of me."

"Not until I get some answers."

"I don't have any answers," Jason tells him. "And I didn't know Gina. Robin did."

"Robin Scorpio?"

"You know her?" Jason asks, deciding that maybe he shouldn't beat up this guy if Robin knew him. She probably wouldn't appreciate it.

Jagger is mystified by Jason. "Of course I know Robin. Jason, you really don't remember me, do you?"

"No, I don't."

"I'm Stone's brother, Karen's husband."

"I know Stone's name, but who is Karen?"

Jagger shakes his head. "Man, we've got to talk." Hmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will the flea collars work?? What is in the bag that Felicia tossed Kevin? How much longer will Felicia keep him locked in the basement?? Why was she so upset about the kiwi-lime juice?? Who or what did Lucy tune in on with her crystal ball? Is Madame Maia right?? Is Lucy in danger?? Can she find Kevin in time?? Will the former juvenile delinquent turned cop join forces with the former straight arrow kid turned mobster to find Gina's killer?? Will Jagger help Jason to regain some of his memory?? Hmmmmm