Chapter TWO

It is just after visiting hours at GH. Scene opens with Felicia adding the last touches to her makeup, but what makeup it is! Gone is the blonde hair and sparkling eyes, and replacing them is an aging orderly with gray hair, horned rimmed glasses and photo-gray lenses shielding her gaze. Smoothing her white outfit over the pads that disguise her figure, Felicia nods at her reflection, mocking Mac with her words. "You shouldn't have broken into the light house, Felicia. No evidence, no case.....Oh, we have a case, Mac, and we'll have justice. Punishment, too. Kevin needs to know how I felt. He needs to experience what I felt. Now, he will!" With one last look in the mirror, she nods and then assumes her role......Hmmmmmmm

Mac and Tom are talking in the lounge area at GH on the same floor where Kevin is staying. Mac asks, "Tom, have you checked on Kevin lately?"

"Yeah, he's resting comfortably," Tom responds, his fingers playing idly with the small vial in his pocket.

"When will Gail begin therapy with him?"

"Probably tomorrow. He's ready to get on with this."

"Good," Mac smiles as the "orderly" we know as Felicia wheels the gurney past them, down the hall and round the corner. "We need to get Kevin back to normal." Hmmmmmm

"Oh Doc," Lucy promises, her eyes filled with hope. "We'll get through this thing together."

"I know, Lucy," Kevin says. "It's just a lot to deal with at the moment. It's so much time lost for me, time I can't account for-Good grief! It's almost like an alien abduction thing-a person vanishes, can't recall a thing-where are Scully and Mulder when you need them? For all I know, I may have some tiny implant and...."

"An implant?" Lucy seizes on this idea. "We can check..."

"Lucy, before this is over, GH will know my body better than either of us do. If there's anything at all wrong, we'll know."

"As long as you're okay," Lucy says. "Ta, Doc. I'll be back tomorrow."

Lucy breezes out after kissing Kevin and Felicia makes her move. She enters the room and before Kevin can object, plunges a syringe with a sleeping drug into his arm. A stunned look passes over his face, and he fades out almost immediately. Working quickly, Felicia wheels in the gurney, lowers the rails, and begins trying to roll Kevin over onto it. "Roll over, you jerk!" she exclaims.

"Notta jerk," Kevin mumbles as he fights the drug.

"Yes, you are!"




"Shut up. How can I get you out of here if you don't roll over."

"Outta here?" he manages, his thought processes obviously fogged by the drug.

"Yes, now shut up!"

"Shutting up."

"You're so heavy," she groans, trying to move him.

"Not fat," he mutters.

"I said heavy, not fat. Now, roll over, damnit!"

"Rolling over, damning it," Kevin repeats, softly, and their combined efforts soon have him on the gurney.

"Now, I'm covering you with a sheet," Filly tells him, "so be quiet."

"Quiet...being very quiet..."

Felicia, realizing that she misjudged the amount of sedative that it would take to put Kevin completely out, is annoyed. "Shut up, Kevin."

"Shutting up."

"Good. Now, be very still so we can leave."

"Being still," Kevin says in a sing-song voice like a little child.

At long last, Filly is ready to wheel him out, and stealthily, she does, heading quickly for the elevator. Seconds later, she and Kevin enter the cubicle and head down to the lowest floor. It takes a few minutes to negotiate the morgue, where Kevin tries to sit up. Nervously, Felicia slams his head back down. "Lay still!"

" still... like a rock...I am a rock...I am an island..."

"You're not Simon or Garfunkel, now SHUT UP!"

"Shutting up."

Shaking her head in exasperation, Felicia finally manages to get him to her car, and they're free. Hmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Has Felicia unwittingly rescued Kevin from a fate worse than the one she's got planned for him?? And, now that we come to think of it, what does she have planned??? What does that little vial in Tom's pocket have to do with that whole thing?? Where was the guard that should have been outside Kevin's door?? How will Lucy deal with the disappearance of her beloved Doc?? Hmmmmmm