Chapter Twenty-Three

The emergency room is in an uproar as the gurney carrying Bobbie Jones is wheeled in with Tony walking along beside her, barking orders. His face is strained, the lines etched more deeply than before, fatigue and sorrow warring with anger and determination. "Hang on, Bobbie," he encourages, leaning over her. "You're a fighter. This isn't like you. Lucas needs you. Bobbie, I need you, too."

Mac is watching as Tony works over Bobbie, watching as her blood is drawn, her pupils checked and other vital signs monitored. "We need a tox screen," Tony orders. "We have to be sure what she ingested. Also, we'll need to pump her stomach, too. We aren't sure how long it's been since she lost consciousness."

Tony quickly ordered counter measures to be taken as soon possible, while life support systems were readied. "Come on, Bobbie," he says as she makes no response. "Bobbie, wake up!"

Tony works over her for several minutes, following all standard procedure for overdose victims, but Bobbie remains unconscious, unresponsive. "Get Monica down here, STAT," he orders.

Sometime later, Ruby hurries in, concern evident on her face. "What happened? I heard that Bobbie...." She begins, but her voice cracks.

"Ruby," Mac tells her, taking her aside. "You can't go in. Tony's there, along with Monica and Alan."

"What happened?"

"It appears that she overdosed. The circumstances are unclear-Tony found her in Carly's room."

"Oh, my god! But that doesn't make sense. What was she doing there? She hated Carly."

Mac shakes his head. "I don't know-she was very shaken up by the girl's death-extremely traumatic."

Ruby just dabs at her tears, and asks, "Anybody call Luke?"

"Can't reach him." Amy tells her. "As far as I know, he's still drinking. He's been drunk since a little after he brought Laura in."

"I left Lesley Lu with Felicia," Ruby mentions, "and I have no idea where Lucky is."

She sighs deeply. "Mac, this whole family is disintegrating before my eyes."

"How is Laura?" Mac asks.

"No idea," Ruby answers as Tony comes out of the room where Bobbie lies unconscious. "How is she?"

"Too soon to tell," Tony says, his tone grim. "We're doing all we can until we get the test results and she's on life support. Her respiration is very depressed, and she's been suffering cardiac arrhythmia."

He shakes his head. "I don't understand this-Bobbie is a fighter, not a quitter."

Ruby injects, "Maybe she had nothing left to live for?"

"She had Lucas," he tells her tersely. "And Bobbie would never have left him. Never!" Tony turns to Mac and asks, "Will you investigate this?"

Mac nods. "It'll go on the list-Tony, as soon as you've got a minute, we need to talk."

"If it's only a minute, now is as good a time as any is likely to be for a while." He looks back at Bobbie, and the pain in his eyes deepens.

"Okay," Mac says. "This won't be easy, or nice, but I've got to ask. You said that you'd only been sleeping with Carly for a week or two?"

"About one week. Why?"

"Carly was about three months pregnant," Mac tells him. "So you're telling me that you can't be the father?"

Stunned, Tony shakes his head. "No, but it wouldn't have mattered to me-not if she'd told me. Oh, god, Mac. I wonder if the father killed her?"

"We'll have to check your story out-need DNA and like that."

"No problem. Whatever."

At that point, a nurse brings the test results, and Tony excuses himself to begin the proper course of treatment. Before he leaves, he turns to Ruby. "Will you make sure that the baby-sitter can stay late or see if Felicia can keep Lucas?" Hmmmmmm

Sonny is back at Luke's house with the news about Bobbie which had been relayed by Jason. He goes up and knocks on the door, then pushes it open. "Luke?"

But Luke is incapable of answering, passed out on the floor. "Whew!" Sonny mutters as he walks in. "Luke?"

With a sigh of resignation, Sonny takes his cellular phone and makes a call. "Jason? I need you and Mike to come over to Luke's house. No, he's fine-just drunk as a skunk. Yeah, we're taking him back to my place to sober up."

At that point, Lucy walks in. "Eeeeewwww!!" she comments, seeing Luke unconscious. "Boy is he going to feel rotten when he wakes up. Hi Sonny!"

"He's going to feel worse when I give him more bad news about Bobbie."


"Bobbie overdosed-too soon to know if she'll pull through."

Lucy is shocked. "Bobbie? She wouldn't do that."

"Well, she's over at GH and that's what appears to have happened," Sonny says. "I gotta get Luke sobered up and give him the news." Sonny is grim. "He's not going to be a happy camper when he hears this."

"I guess not." Lucy is concerned. "I was going to ask his advice about something, but it'll have to wait."

"Yeah." "Have your people turned up anything on Kevin yet?"

"Nada. Zip."

"I keep getting these flashes," Lucy explains. "Luke understands-glimpses that don't seem to mean anything..."

"Such as?"

"Such as a brownstone, a basement-but Kevin's not there-I already checked. White horses. Food. The Louvre."

"Sounds European to me."

Looking sheepish, Lucy adds, "And a wiener dog."

Sonny pauses, his head tilted, and he asks, struggling not to laugh, "A wiener dog?"

"A dachshund," Lucy informs him. "They are German, you know."

"European, anyway."

"True," Lucy nods as Jason and Mike finally show up.

With some work, they manage to get Luke into the car where he begins snoring loudly. "Maybe we should leave him here?" Jason asks, hopefully.

"Nah," Sonny says. "He's going to need us when he wakes up."

"Well, I'd better get going," Lucy says, taking an envelope out of her purse. "Give this to Luke when he wakes up. Tell him about the flashes I got, and tell him that I keep hearing a voice saying 'begin at the beginning.' And, since Kevin started acting weirdly just after he got back from the twin thing in England, that's what I'm going to start with. These are copies of the invitation that Kevin received from the English guys in charge of it. I was going to ask Luke to give this some thought, and help me decide what to do."

Sonny nods. "Okay. Maybe I can help, too? I owe Kevin-because of Stone, and because of Gina."

"He didn't kill Gina," Lucy insists.

"Then we'll need to clear him. Either way, we've got to find him first."

"Okay," Lucy says, realizing that she could hope for no more from Sonny. "Then I'll get back with you." Hmmmmmmm

It's almost eight p.m., and Lucy is arriving at Felicia's apartment, crystal ball and all. Felicia welcomes her with a smile. "Hello, Lucy. Come on in. The kids-my little munchkins-are already tucked in, along with Lesley Lu and Lucas."

"You have a full house, don't you?"

"You could say that," Felicia smiles. "I take it you've heard about Bobbie?"

"Yes, and I can't believe it. Bobbie isn't a quitter. Hell, I've always said that Bobbie doesn't know when to quit-but, you know what I mean. She wouldn't leave Lucas."

Felicia nods, and says, "I agree. I keep wondering what is going to happen next. You know what I mean? There have been so many things going wrong lately that I'm afraid to speculate on what's coming."

She wanders into the livingroom, followed by Lucy who comments on the decor. "You've really gone a little overboard for this seance."

Felicia laughs. "This is advance preparation for Maxie's birthday party and Halloween decorating. She can't decide if she wants a scary party, or a theme party--The Wizard of Oz."

"With all the little munchkins around, I know what I'd choose," Lucy laughs.

"Okay, how do we start?" Felicia asks. "Do we turn out the lights or what?"

"We can if you like, but all we really need is quiet, and concentration. And good vibes."

Lucy takes a seat at the table and unwraps her crystal ball which she puts on the holder. "Okay, you sit down opposite me, and we hold hands across the table." They clasp hands, and Lucy continues. "Now, close your eyes. I'll do the same." Hmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Bobbie pull though?? Was Tony shocked to hear about Carly's pregnancy? Would he really have accepted the baby as his?? Will Sonny have more bad news to break to Luke when the morning comes?? Will Felicia manage to fake Lucy out, or will our psychic win out over the devious detective?? Hmmmmmmm