Chapter Twenty-Eight

"Three hours," Lucy smiles, realizing that she's just traveled from London to Paris in three hours in complete comfort. Well fed, rested and ready for action, Lucy glances at her watch, noting that she still had something in the neighborhood of six hours until she met Luke. And, considering the fact that she'd left her suitcases in Dublin, it was time to go shopping. But, first she checks into the Georges Cinq, determined to go first class.

"My name?" She smiles. "Fortune. Cookie Fortune." She pays cash, and then heads back into the streets for an afternoon of dedicated shopping. No idea what Luke will be expecting, Lucy decides to cover all contingencies. Besides, all she had was this blue dress, which was a little the worse for wear, or the hideous brown disaster that was tucked into the canvas tote.

"And for tonight," she promises herself, "I'm going to make sure that I'm not followed. Not that I think I was, after sneaking out of the Savoy. I'm paid there until Friday, so maybe I won't be missed for a while, but I definitely need a few things. A lot of things. Luggage included. Something slinky, something flashy, and something subtly alluring. As well as a few items for skulking around, lurking in and out of dark alleys and whatever other fun things Luke might deem necessary for finding the elusive Dr. V. Cassidy." Hmmmmmmmm

"I need to speak with Luke," Gail Baldwin says to Sonny who has been awaiting a call from Luke.

"He's not here," Sonny says, apologetically. "How's Laura?"

Gail, in spite of hospital regulations, tells him, "Mr. Corinthos, Laura needs additional counseling, but because of my previous relationship with her-my step-son used to be her husband, and the fact that she seems to have regressed, I don't feel that I'm the right psychiatrist for the job. I'm taking myself off this case and referring Laura to another doctor."

Sonny thinks for a moment, and then says, "I'll have Luke call you as soon as possible."

He hangs up the telephone, and thinks for a moment. Then, he makes a call, and moments later, we see an airline stewardess warily approaching an elderly man. "Mr. Kincaid? We have a call for you."

The camera zooms in, and we see a white-haired, dapperly dressed man chewing on a fine, but unlit cigar. "Why sweetheart," he says with a wheeze, "You can call me anytime." With a wink and a grin revealing a front tooth set with a diamond, the man accepts the phone. "Cash here. What can I do for you?"

"Cash, old buddy," Sonny says, "Not to alarm you, but you need to call Gail Baldwin. She wants to change shrinks. Seems that she doesn't think she can do the job for Laura. Something about Laura regressing and all."

Hiding a sinking heart, Luke, a.k.a. "Cash" Kincaid, says, "I understand. I'll make the call right away. Oh, any word on Lucky?"

"Not yet."

Standing up, he asks the flight attendant, "Darlin', I need to make a private call to my stockbroker."

Luke takes the phone and heads to the restroom, where, using a private account made available to him from Sonny, he calls. "Dr. Baldwin," he says when finally connected. "Luke Spencer here."

"Luke, Laura needs another doctor, and I need you to okay this. I'm recommending Tom Hardy."

"Do you think he's qualified?" Luke asks. "I mean, how does he measure up in your professional opinion?"

"He's a good psychiatrist," Gail answers. "Then okay," Luke says, with a heavy heart. "Keep me informed."

He hangs up the phone and heads back to his seat, in a quiet, more subdued manner. "Rough day on the market?" the attendant asks.

"Let's just say I've suffered a lot of heavy losses lately." Hmmmmmmm

Kevin has had enough of the European Tour video. "I preferred The Wizard of Oz," he remarks to Maverick who is chewing on the mattress. "Quit that. It's probably bad for your teeth."

Brushing the dog away from what is revealed to be a soggy hole, he scolds the dog. "Bad dog! Now we're going to have to lay here on the lumpy mess, and the springs will poke us in the.....springs? Good dog!!! Springs are metal, and that means that maybe we can figure a way to pick the lock on these handcuffs and on the lock that has us chained to that $%^&*stove."

Maverick is proudly wagging his tail, and Kevin promises, "When this is over, buddy, you, me and TC are outta here. I'm going to buy us all the biggest steaks I can find, and you two are coming with me to the lighthouse. I hope you don't mind sharing quarters with a duck."

He tears the mattress cover a little more, and digs out the padding. "Beautiful! Have you ever seen such fine springs?"

Meanwhile, TC has found a hole in the bricks behind them, and is busy worrying it. "Did you finally get up the nerve to challenge the mouse?" Kevin asks, reaching over to scratch the cat's ears. Then, he returns to the chore of retrieving a spring, his heart lighter for the chore. "Lucy should see me now. She thinks that I'm just the thinking kind of guy, that action isn't my forte. Well, just between us, guys, brawn without brain is inefficient."

He continues digging. As he reveals one coil, he says, "You see before you what appears to be a bed coil. In fact, it is a rudimentary tool, awaiting transformation into any of a number of things. It may be used to pick locks, to dig cement from the brick wall-a possible exit from this room, or it might have possibilities as a weapon." Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Lucy recognize Luke when they meet? Will Tom be the worst possible doctor for the job?? And will Kevin ever manage to get the springs out of the mattress?? Hmmmmmmmm