Chapter Three

Scene: GH-Kevin's empty room. Lucy returns to the room only to find it empty. "Doc?" she whispers nervously. Then, upon seeing a small smear of fresh blood (which we realize must have come from the injection site) on the bed, she screams, "Doc!!"

Racing back to Mac and Tom, she begins, "Mac, Tom! He's gone!! Kevin's gone! And there's blood.....Oh help! He's been kidnapped!"

"Kidnapped?" Mac exclaims, dashing into the room. "More like he took off! Tom, you told me that he was safe-under control. Damn!!"

"He's probably around somewhere," Tom tells them, quickly checking the closet. "His clothes are still here, and he probably didn't leave the hospital in his pajamas."

"He's not here," Lucy cries again, searching under the bed, and everywhere else in the room.

"Get me security," Mac barks into the phone, a steady stream of curses under his breath. "This is Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio. We have a possible emergency here. Monitor all hospital exits and begin a search for Dr. Kevin Collins. He may be dangerous, so act accordingly." Then, continuing to curse, he makes another call. "Garcia? Kevin has given us the slip. Yeah, he's gone. I want you to arrange security for Felicia, STAT. No, you don't have to go there yourself.....this is just a precaution-he may still be in the hospital, but we can't afford to take chances."

Tom, however, is hedging his bets, more than a little worried that his plans have turned to ****. Still, it was worth the risk. "Mac, we need to consider him dangerous. Maybe even extremely dangerous."

"He's not dangerous," Lucy injects, her voice bordering on hysteria. "He didn't hurt anybody."

"Tell that to Felicia," Tom snarls. "She won't forget that knife at her throat any time soon."

"He wouldn't have hurt her," Lucy insists as Gail Baldwin enters the room.

"Kevin is missing?" Hmmmmmm

Meanwhile, back at the brownstone, Felicia is having difficulties of her own. "Now, be very quiet," she instructs Kevin as she would a recalcitrant child. "We're going to sneak in through the back door."

"Too sleepy to sneak," Kevin mumbles, leaning heavily against the fence outside.

"You can sleep soon," Felicia tells him, glad that he wasn't out cold. Her idea of using Maxie's wagon to haul him around had failed.

"Wanna sleep now!"

"In a minute. Now, come along like a good boy and you can sleep soon." She pulls his arm over her shoulder, and with him leaning heavily on her for support, guides him into her apartment. Grateful that there had been nobody around to see them, she leads him to the couch where he collapses while she turns and secures the place, this time closing the blinds securely and locking the doors.

Suddenly, the phone rings, and she jumps, startled. "Hello?" she answers.

"Felicia?" Mac begins. "Look, I don't want to alarm you, but it appears that Kevin has escaped, that is, he wasn't exactly under lock and key, but he's gone from his room and we can't locate him."

"Escaped? That madman? That stalker who tried to kill me?? You said that I was safe, Mac!"

"You'll be fine," he assures her. "Just keep your doors locked and I'll have someone there in a few minutes. Don't open the doors to anybody but me. I'll be bringing an officer-not Garcia-to stay with you. The brownstone will be under round the clock surveillance until Kevin is found."

"Thanks, Mac. I feel better already!" she snaps, sarcastically, slamming the phone down. Turning to Kevin, she announces, "By the way, you've escaped and the police are after you." Kevin just snores. Felicia goes over to the kitchen where she removes a knife from the drawer. "I could kill you now, but I'd rather you suffered first."

Then, she goes to the refrigerator and takes out a bottle of juice, quickly swigging some. Replacing the lid and the knife, she goes over to Kevin. "Come on, we've gotta get you to bed." He doesn't move, so impatiently, she shakes him. "Come on!"

"So tired," he mumbles.

"You can sleep in two minutes," Felicia promises. "Now, come on."

"Coming..." Kevin sighs, and drags himself to his feet.

Several anxious moments later, after falling down the last few basement steps, Kevin is laying in a hastily rigged cage, snoring peacefully. Felicia has secured him with chains and handcuffs, and is surveying her handiwork. "Now, Kevin, stalker. You're mine to do with as I please." Hmmmmm

Tom is again in his office, again on his cellular phone. "He's escaped...gone somehow. No, I didn't have a chance. No, he's harmless without it. I know!!!......Okay, a young blonde.....I don't care who---I don't want to know!!! We've got to take him out before.....It wasn't my fault, damnit!! Yes, a knife.....and jasmine...." Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned: Will Mac find any clues to Kevin's whereabouts? Will Lucy tune in on Kevin's prison? Will Felicia really hurt Kevin??? To whom was Tom talking, and what's this about a blonde, a knife and jasmine?? Hmmmmmmmm