Chapter Thirty-Five

"Madame," Reggie says, reading from an e-mail. "Would you believe that Lucy and Luke met with Frisco Jones in Monte Carlo?"

Intrigued, Lila asks, "Another letter from your cousin, Andre?"

"Yes. He was visiting the black sheep in the family, Jean-Pierre who runs a casino."

"Black sheep?"

"Yes. He gives orders, doesn't take them, as he says it, 'worth a damn'."

"How exciting," Lila says. "I wonder what Luke and Lucy were doing there, especially with Frisco. He's WSB, you know."

"That is curious," Reggie notes, reading a little more. "Andre met them when he was visiting here, and he never forgets a face. Can't in our business. Anyway, they didn't stay long, just met and left."

"That is strange," Lila says. "Could it be that Lucy thinks that Kevin is in Monte Carlo? But what would Luke be doing there? His wife is in the hospital, in the psychiatric ward, and his sister is still in intensive care."

"Then this must be important," Reggie comments. "Mr. Spencer wouldn't leave his family under these circumstances unless this was of the highest importance."

"I agree," Lila says. "You know, Reggie, that's not all that far from Greece." Their eyes meet. "You don't suppose..."

Reggie nods. "It could well be that he thinks that the Cassadines are behind his current set of problems."

"And if they are, then they may well be linked to our problems. Reggie, we may be onto something here."

"I'd bet on it," Reggie tells her. "Mr. Spencer isn't one to go off on a wild goose chase."

"And, if the Cassadines are involved, and Frisco is involved, then there is something sinister going on. Oh, dear, Reggie. Lucy is looking for that nice doctor, Kevin Collins, so if he's involved, then we have another unlikely link. But how? I realize that because of charges against him the hospital is in financial danger....." Again, their eyes meet. "Reggie....oh dear...this is most disturbing."

"Yes, madam. This is very disturbing. So far we've linked the Lucy Coe, the Spencer family, the Cassadines, Kevin Collins, Jax, General Hospital and ELQ."

"And, Kevin is being sought in connection to a few murders," Lila says. "Reggie, wasn't Gina Williams Stone's sister? He worked for Sonny Corinthos, a known mobster, and now Sonny is a board member of ELQ. Oh dear, Reggie, see what you can turn up on Carly Roberts, formerly of Florida."

It takes a little while, hacking into the GH computers to find the appropriate records, and a little longer to search out records from Florida, but Reggie is dedicated, and before too long, he turns to Lila. "Madam, it appears that Carly Roberts has been dead for some years."

"Indeed? Then somehow, she's involved. And, if she is, who is she really, and what is the involvement?"

"That may take a little longer to learn," Reggie apologizes. "But, I'll get right on it." Flexing his fingers, Reggie turns back to the computer and digs in. Hmmmmmm

Robin is in a quandary. Ever since she'd heard about Carly's killing and her pregnancy, she'd been disturbed. Not that she suspected Jason of killing the young woman, but sooner or later, if she knew her Uncle Mac, he'd turn up the information about Jason and Carly's involvement and when he did, Jason would come under suspicion especially since he hadn't volunteered the info in the first place.

Besides, Robin admits to herself. If Jason didn't tell, she'd have to. This was a matter of conscience for her. As long as the killer or killers were loose, any time Mac spent considering Jason as a suspect was time away from chasing the real killer. And time away from the pursuit gave the killer more chance to kill again. Life was just too precious, she thought, to have it taken like that.

"Jason," she says, when he answers her call a few minutes later. "You have to tell Uncle Mac about how you had an affair with Carly."

"I can't do that," Jason tells her. "He'll arrest me on suspicion of murder-Carly was pregnant and he'll think that I killed her."

"Don't be silly," Robin tells him. "He'd never suspect you of that."

"I can be linked to Gina, too."

"You were sleeping with her?" Robin asks, shocked.

"No, Robin, but I wasn't nice to her because you didn't like her."

"Jason, you have to tell Uncle Mac, or I'll have to do it." She explains her logic to him, and finishes with, "I couldn't live with myself if another person lost his or her life because of a choice I made to conceal the information."

"Robin, don't do this."

"Jason, I have to. It's the right thing to do."

Jason is defensive. "I thought you loved me."

"I do, Jason. And I believe in you which is all the more reason to do the right thing."

"Robin, I'm helping Sonny track down the killer."

"That's good, but you're allowing Mac and the PCPD, especially if you're the father of her baby, then you're contributing to the crime." There is a long pause. "Jason, do it. Please don't make me do it."

"Robin, if you loved me..." Hmmmmmmm

"This is really weird," Lucy comments as she watches the coffins. "How long until they wake up?"

"We don't even know how long they've been asleep," Luke says, his eyes following the progress of the digital monitors. "Frisco, how long has it been?"

"No idea," he answers. "A few years, at most." He takes out a telephone, and enters a series of numbers. "This could take a few minutes. I don't have the satellite link line with me-this one requires a few relays, but I can get through."

"To whom?" Lucy asks. "WSB head quarters?"

"Not exactly," Frisco answers. "But close enough. Let's just say someone in position to know what I need to know."

Then, he pauses. "Hello? Good news and bad news.....we found the two missing persons, but they're asleep-apparently in some sort of induced sleep.....yes, the castle in the Carpathians.. how soon?......damn, that's fast.......I know, always prepared..... yeah, they're fine. A little spooked, but otherwise, just fine.....oh, and by the way, shall we assume that you are sending a team to check this place out? Okay, we'll be ready. Monte Carlo? Back to Jean-Pierre's? That makes sense...The presidential suite? ......Damn. Why do we always get the secret room in the basement? Okay, out."

Frisco turns to Luke and Lucy. "Special choppers will be arriving within a few minutes. My contact arranged for them to be nearby should they be needed."

Luke says, "And we're going to see Jean-Pierre somebody?"

"A close friend of mine," Frisco confides. "We can operate invisibly from there. Besides, until they" and he gestures to the coffins, "are ready to travel, and have been debriefed, we can't take them with us. We need to know what they know."

Lucy nods. "Maybe they can shed some light on Kevin's situation." Hmmmmmmm

Stay tuned! Are our armchair, net-surfing, computer hacking investigators about to solve the case from Lila's sitting room? Just how talented is Reggie, anyhow? And, is it convenient or what that Reggie's black sheep cousin, Jean-Pierre has Frisco for a friend? Or that Reggie has another cousin who's a blabbermouth? Will Robin's decision create problems for her relationship with Jason, his relationship with Sonny and so on?? And, who the heck are in the coffins in the castle in the Carpathians? Hmmmmmm