Chapter Thirty-Eight

At some unknown address in an unknown location. In fact, we have a couple of unknown parties conversing via teleconference with other unknown parties. (Do you ever wonder if we even know what is going on???)

"This could prove awkward."

"Indeed. They have been out of circulation for some time."

"Not that, you fool. It must mean that something went wrong with the cryogenic program, or we have a traitor in our midst."

"Have you had the lab checked out?"

"It was empty. All our documentation, as well as our employees have disappeared."

"How long since this has taken place?"

"We have no way of knowing. Nor do we know where our scientists have gone."

"You mean that they simply disappeared?"

"The possibility exists."

"How could you have let this happen?"

"I let nothing happen. Only four people outside of the two scientists knew about this lab."

"But how many knew about the castle?"

"The place has been standing for centuries, so that's hard to say, but the locals won't go near it."

"How did you get the lab built?"

"We took a leaf from the books of the Egyptian tomb builders. We isolated the builders and then disposed of them as soon as they were finished. Of course, we did make use of their bodies as well as the body of one of their children in the early days of our research there."

"So that couldn't be the source of the leak."

"So who exactly knows, other than the four of us?"

"I am making inquiries."

"I expect a full report."

"And you shall get it. How well do our interests proceed on the Port Charles front?"

"Complications have arisen. One of our General Hospital contacts has been banned from practice-that is being investigated."

"That isn't good."


"And the missing doctor?"

"Seems that he's out of our control."

"And we can lay this at the feet of the former contact?"

"So it would appear."

"It is time to tidy up a bit. Desperate men are known to do desperate things."

"I concur."

"We still have another contact there-what ever happened to our weapon?"

"Uh....he lost Miss Coe in England-something about getting trapped in a maze and taking six $%^&U* hours for him to get out."

"And where is he now?"

"On his way back to Port Charles."

"Fine. Tell him that he's been appointed to take care of our current problem." Hmmmmm

Stefan is standing next to Laura who smiles up at him. "Good morning," he greets.

Laura asks, "Do I know you?"

"We met some time ago, though you may not remember." He pats her hand affectionately. "But, you've been ill so don't strain yourself."

"What's your name?"

"Stefan Cassadine," he tells her. "And you are Laura..."

"Laura Baldwin."

She smiles again. "My husband was here a little while ago. Do you know Scotty Baldwin?"

"We have met," Stefan nods.

Laura frowns. "I know that I've been sick, and I'm trying to get better."

"I am certain that you will recover."

"Dr. Gail-that's what she told me to call her, thinks that I've had a shock to my nervous system-she says that she thinks that I've been stressed out."

"I can understand that."

Laura's frown deepens. "I get the feeling that there's something more, something that she's not telling me." Laura looks towards the door, then back to Stefan. "She keeps asking me about three children she thinks that I know. Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas. I don't even know any children with those names. But yet..."


"Yet there is something....something about a child....." Her expression is troubled, and her eyes start trying to focus on some distant sight. "I keep hearing a child crying. Do you think that it is one of them? He's crying....screaming....Please!!!! Don't hurt him!!!" Again, Laura's eyes are staring, and she continues to scream shrilly. Hmmmm

Sonny is meeting Reggie privately in his quarters at the Q mansion. Unbeknownst to him, Lila has preceded him there, most interested in what he had to say to her cohort in crime solving. She's hiding in Reggie's bedroom which she's decided is far too spartan for her taste and has made a few mental notes to redecorate for him. She hears Sonny begin talking.

"Reggie, my man, word has come to me that certain information regarding mutual acquaintances of ours has made its way into your hands."

"We have mutual acquaintances?" Reggie asks. "One of us has moved up in our social standing."

Sonny, recognizing a fellow player when he encounters one, advises, "Reggie, don't play games with me."


"Reggie, I'm trying to be nice. I want to know what you know."

"Can you be more specific? I, as a butler, am well versed in a wide variety of subjects."

Sonny nods. "Reginald, you have a cousin."

"I have lots of them."


"Oh, yeah. Him."

"And you keep in touch by e-mail?"

"Now and then."

"He mentioned seeing Lucy Coe, Luke Spencer and Frisco Jones."

"Along with Princess Di, Liz Taylor and Vanessa Marcil."

"Whatever. I want you to forget that letter and to conveniently forget your cousin Jean-Pierre."

"And if I don't?"

"Don't ask."

Just then, Lila wheels into the room. "I'm asking, Mr. Corinthos."

Sonny is stunned to see Lila sitting in front of him. "Mrs. Q?"

"None other. Reggie is my employee, my friend, and my partner. Now you are going to tell me what's going on."

"I can't do that, Mrs. Q."

"You can, and you will. Oh, I realize that most of you think that I'm just a little old lady in a wheelchair, but you're wrong." She drops a few interesting facts and figures to him, and he blanches. "Dare I ask where you came by that information?"

"No, you dare not. Suffice it to say that I have it, and should you threaten me or mine, that information is at my instant disposal."

"Mrs. Q, you know that I'd never hurt you. Or yours."

"I thought as much. Now, Reggie and I demand to be told what's going on."

"Luke isn't gonna like this," Sonny says, resigned to his fate.

"I'll deal with Mr. Spencer, too. And, don't worry about Lucy. She still regards me as family." Hmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Who is talking, where are they talking, and to whom are they talking? And, dare we hazard a guess as to the name of the doctor who's soon to be tidied up? And, who is going to take care of the nasty business? Is Laura seeking refuge in the past because other memories are too nightmarish? Who was the child she saw being harmed? What, exactly, did she see? And, just what do Lila and Reggie know about Sonny? Will Ned like what Lila and Reggie are doing? Will they tell him? Hmmmmm