Chapter Two
Brief scene---A young woman is seen leaving GH. It is dark, shadowy, but we can see that she's blonde, and slender. Things happen quickly, but mercifully. We see a gloved hand holding a hunting knife, faint starlight glinting off the blade. The young woman pauses, sniffs the air. "Jasmine?" she whispers aloud. Suddenly, swiftly, there is a flash of steel, a muffled scream, and then, it's over. The scene closes with a dark figure stepping over the lifeless body of the young woman, pausing only long enough to spray her with the scent of jasmine. Hmmmm

"Open the door, Felicia," Mac calls as he knocks on her door.

Felicia, now attired in jeans and a tight blue tank top answers, "Oh, it's you! Have you found Kevin yet?"

"Not yet," Mac tells her. "But, we will." Before he can say more, his cellular phone rings. "Scorpio? What??? Damn!! Okay, I'm on my way." Turning to Felicia, he says, "I've gotta leave. There's been a murder over close to GH. I want you to stay here-no, better yet, go stay with Bobbie and Tony."

"I'm staying here-unless you're telling me that you think that Kevin is the killer?"

"It's doubtful, but....we can't write that off as a possibility."

"I'll be fine," Felicia promises, taking another drink of the kiwi lime drink she's favored of late.

Mac leaves after telling her. "I'm sure Tom will be here soon enough, though. We may need him if we locate Kevin."

"Whatever," Filly dismisses him airily. "I've got things well in hand. I have a gun...." Hmmmmm

Kevin, meanwhile, is sleeping fitfully in the basement. The area is dimly lit, and our curious eyes light upon strange wonderful things. We see mirrors, and a crystal chandelier that is dark and dusty, a carousel with mythological creatures, a small statue of the Eiffel Tower, a miniature of Michaelangelo's David, a book about the Lipizzaner Stallions, a book about the Louvre, complete with photographs of all the famous paintings. On one side of the room, the floor of which was covered with an antique oriental carpet of rich reds and golds, chained to an antique coal burning stove is Kevin, blissfully unaware of his plight while above, Felicia is making plans. Hmmmmmm

Upstairs, at the Jones residence, Tony is looking at the card with the flowers sent by Stefan Cassadine. Another time, Tony might have reacted angrily. Today, after a stolen day with Carly, Tony is almost relieved. Whatever he'd once felt for Bobbie was gone, leaving not so much as a dying ember among the ashes of their former love. Tony knows that he should feel guilty about the day, about making love with Carly, but he can't. Instead, he plays the magic moments over and over in his mind. Without a backward glance, he heads out of the brownstone, bent on taking a walk to clear his mind. As he leaves, Bobbie comes back only to answer a ringing phone. "Hello, Jones residence....What??? When? Oh, my god!! Okay, Thanks for calling." Hmmmmm


Stay tuned!! Who was the young blond that met her death just outside of General Hospital??? What does jasmine have to do with anything?? (I mean, we know about Kevin, but the Doc is being held incommunicado in Felicia's basement.) And, speaking of the Doc, where is that basement?? It doesn't look like the basement we know about. And, where is Tony going? Hmmmm