Chapter Forty-Two

Kat is sitting inside the Outback swilling martinis again, her temper a trifle uncertain. No, Kat is well and truly steamed!! An intimate dinner, to be followed by a carefully orchestrated seduction of Mac ruined by, of all things, that miserable excuse for a woman, Felicia Jones. Kat was willing to deal with the fact that Mac's job might occasionally interfere with their relationship, but that same job brought with it the very perks that might inspire her to actually marry Mac. Position, prestige, power, who knew just how far she could help him climb?? Mayor of Port Charles, maybe even Governor. He couldn't go on to the presidency, as he wasn't born in this country, but there were positions in which he could shine, given Kat's innate ability to recognize the main chance when she saw it. And, to manipulate the minds of others.

Kat gave a half smile and saw herself molding the minds of others, maneuvering them, and was pleased. It was so easy, so enjoyable-so...well, she paused and then added, such an erotic experience for her. She wondered if others felt that way, that heightened rush that came from realizing that she had the do almost anything but make Mac Scorpio into what she wanted him to be. Already he was chafing under the restraints of his job, hating the suit and tie bit, complaining every time they had to dress up and go to the formal functions she so enjoyed. Maybe it was the raw material, she thought. But, what material!!

As she contemplates how to turn him into the man of her dreams, in walks Tom Hardy. He appears a trifle agitated, and she wonders what he sees in Felicia. Come to think of it, what was he doing here without the blonde bombshell? "Tom," she greets. "Join me?"

Tom, looking at Kat, sees a lovely, blonde with more money than she had any idea what to do with, Mac's lady, and he notes, she's alone. From the row of martini glasses, she's feeling as antsy as he is.

"Evening, Kat. I'd be happy to join you." He takes a chair, and asks, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a dive like this?"

"I was waiting on Mac, but he got called away on business."

"His loss," Tom smiles. He gives her a lazy smile, and asks, "What are your plans for the rest of the evening?"

Kat, hearing the invitation beneath his words, and thinking that this might be a means of nudging Mac closer to her goals, responds, "Are we talking all night?"

Tom, still trying to distance himself from his problems, smiles back. "All the way till breakfast."

He gives her what can only be described as a leer, and she, one martini over the line, leers back. He is, she decides, worth more than a second look, and he did have connections. Son of one of PC's most respected men, a professional, a psychiatrist, a man of possibilities, given a little direction. And, she knew, she could take him from Felicia without half trying.

"Let's go." Hmmmmmmm

Luke is standing at the foot of Laura's bed, looking down at his sleeping wife. "So peaceful," he says, softly. "Babe, what did I ever do to deserve you? And, how can I make everything right again? We had so much, so much love."

He shakes his head, sitting down in the chair next to her bed, and continues. "I'd give everything that I have, Laura, to make you smile at me again, to look at me with love instead of loathing in your eyes. I thought we'd gotten past the anger, the hurt, what I did back then. You said you understood, that my actions, as rotten as they were, were the acts of a man who truly thought that he was going to die and had to hold you, to make you his just once. I thought that you knew that a guy like me learned early on that he had to fight for whatever he wants, to take it, because it sure as hell isn't going to be a gift.

"Oh, Laura, babe, I'd rather be dead than to have you going through what you're going through right now. How much of it's my fault, I don't know, but for what it's worth, I want you to know that I regret everything, and I'd give it all up, to release you from this pain.

"Hell, Laura, you're the best thing that ever happened to me-and you gave me Lucky and a few really great years. I thought that Lesley Lu was mine, but to tell you the truth, it doesn't matter, because she's mine in the way that matters. Whatever it takes, Laura, anything at all, and you've got it. Just get well babe."

He looks at her, and continues, "And, if I've got to be out of the picture for you to get better, then I'll go. But, I'll always be there, Laura. For you and for the kids. No matter what."

As he turns to gently kiss her lips, the camera switches to Lucky and Nik who are sitting, listening to Luke's voice via the bug. Both boys have tears in their eyes, and when they realize that Luke is gone, Lucky says, "Guess I should be getting on home."

"Yeah," Nik says. "I guess he's not exactly the complete jerk I thought he was."

"No," Lucky agrees. "He's always been there for me, guess I'd better go be there for him."

"Think it would do Mom any good if we visited together? Maybe let her know, even if it's only on a subconscious level, that we're at peace?" Nik asks.

Lucky responds, "Yeah, let's do that, Brother." Hmmmmmm

"He's shacking up with Kathryn Bell," Jax tells Stefan who is using his cellular phone at GH. "I followed him all over town, to Felicia's place, then to the Outback where he met Ms. Bell, and then to a few other clubs and back to her place where the lights went out a little while ago."


"I'll say. Once Felicia finds out, he can kiss that relationship good bye in a hurry."

"Frisco won't mind a bit," Stefan smiles, making sure nobody hears him use that name. "He should be here tomorrow, and Jean-Pierre will be here the day after."

"Good thing that Brenda is out of town," Jax comments. "Jean-Pierre would find her irresistible."

"Just keep your lady happy," Stefan reminds him. "Oh, and by the way, word is that Sonny has gone up against Lila Q and lost. Seems that Mrs. Q is working with Reggie and the two have apparently stumbled into a part of this whole affair. Sonny told Reggie to back off, and Lila overheard. She took Sonny to task and he backed down."

"Damn! Wish I had that on tape!" Jax laughs.

"That can be arranged," Stefan tells him. "Lila had the forethought to have a recorder with her, and I do have someone on the inside..."

"I should have known it," Jax says. "Always one step ahead." Hmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Kat and Tom?? Together?? Will Luke back away from Laura if he believes that will be the best for her?? Can he take that kind of pain?? Will the newfound brotherhood between Nik and Lucky translate into an extended family for all? And, what of the insider at the Q mansion?? Who might it be?? Hmmmmmmmmm