Chapter Forty-Four

Tony is sitting beside Bobbie's bed, his head laying across his arms, resting beside her hand. He was awake, taking what comfort he could in her presence, praying for another chance for her. He dared not ask for anything for himself, feeling that he deserved nothing.

"You were honestly trying," he whispered to her, "And I let my own anger and pain get in the way. Bobbie, things were not that good between us, or you wouldn't have been vulnerable to Damian back then, and I was too stubborn to see that. Then B.J. died, and I held that against you. I was wrong, and I know that now. It was her time, and we had no way of knowing. I needed someone to blame, and you were convenient. I was angry about Damian. I was...

"Right," comes a weak whisper, and Tony turns, tears streaming down his face.


"Tony, long?" she asks as she realizes that she's hospitalized.

"Bobbie? My god, Bobbie! I thought I'd lost you...I'm so sorry..."

"It's okay, Tony," she whispers. "Water?"

After a hastily administered sip, she says, "Need to see Mac."

"Mac?" Tony asks. "Why?"

"Saw the killer," she manages.

Then, before she can say more, she slips back into unconsciousness. Hmmmmm

Robin and Jason are talking. She's made a special trip back from Yale to see him, to make him understand why she'd done what she'd done.

"I told Uncle Mac about you and Carly," she says, hesitantly. "I know that you didn't want me to, but I had to do it when you didn't."

Jason scowls, "I didn't want you to do that. Damn! I wish I'd never told you. I mean, I thought I could trust you."

"You can," she reassures him. "Uncle Mac doesn't believe that you killed those girls. He knows you."

"He also knows that I work for Sonny, and he'll use any means he can to get to Sonny." He stares at his feet. "I told you not to tell because I don't want to cause Sonny any trouble."

"I don't want to cause Sonny any trouble, either," she tells him. "Sonny was wonderful for Stone, and he's been good to me."

"So this is how you repay his kindness? By turning on me?"

Robin is aghast at what she's heard. "It's not like that at all, Jason. You know that. But if the police waste time looking for the father of Carly's baby as the possible killer, when it may well be you, then they are wasting time when they could be looking for the real killer."

"What makes you think that they won't just hang this on me? I knew Gina, and I knew Carly. Carly was pregnant, maybe with my baby. I work for Sonny Corinthos. Don't you understand that the cops would love to use me to get to him? Robin, your Uncle Mac is probably rubbing his hands together in anticipation. This is a major break for him. Can't you see that?"

Robin stands stunned. "Jason, we're talking about the lives of two young women. Maybe more if this killer isn't stopped."

Jason shakes his head in disgust. "I'll go talk with him, Robin, because you've given me no choice. But I want you to know that this changes things."

Her eyes wide in shock, she asks, "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is simply this-since I can't trust you to keep my secrets, I can't share them with you anymore."

"But Jason, I love you. And you said that you loved me, too."

"You don't turn on people you love," Jason said, turning away. "Let's get this over with." Hmmmmmmm

Kat is terrified. She's standing, eyes wide, while Ryan holds a gun with a silencer to her head. "I prefer to work with knives," he tells her softly, whispering in her ear as he stands behind her, one arm around her neck, holding her close to his body. Tom is staring, horrified as he realizes the full extent of his problems.

"It's not like we have a lot of choice, here," Ryan observes. "They want you out of the picture. You've become a liability."

"You can't," Tom whispers. "They can't."

"I can, and they most certainly can." He smiles thoughtfully. "Here's how it goes down tonight. You and the lovely Ms. Bell met at the Outback. Lots of people saw you. You were both angry at your lovers, because you think that they are growing more and more interested in each other again. They were lovers once. Almost married. I remember that day very well."

He laughs softly in Kathryn's ear, and says, "You really don't know who I am, do you, Ms. Bell? Oh, I'm not my Dudly DoRight brother, Kevin. No, I'm the bad seed, Ryan. I'm sure you've heard of me?"

He feels her tremble, and chuckles. "Yeah, you know just who is holding you. But, I digress. You and Tom had a romantic rendezvous, a licentious liaison, so to speak.

"Anyway, you got up, and chanced to see this locket among his things. Hanging out of a pocket. You couldn't resist taking a peek, and you saw that it was Carly's locket. You were shocked!! Tom had her locket?? That means he must have killed her. Before you could even scream, he found you, and jeez, what could he do? He killed you. Then, realizing that he would be found out, blamed, publicly disgraced, he took the only way out. Suicide."

Kat is shaking so hard that she can barely stand, but Tom has suddenly found himself.

"No, that isn't the way it's going down."

Ryan grins. "You have another scenario? One that works better?"

"Damned straight," Tom answers, moving slowly towards the man who holds Kat.

"Hell," Ryan says, "I'm flexible. Now, Tom, don't go getting all heroic on me here."

One quick move, and Kat is a crumbled form on the floor, and Ryan steps over her, the gun leveled on Tom. "You surprised an intruder who killed Ms. Bell, then shot you down in cold blood....." Hmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Bobbie wake up again to tell who she saw?? Is this the end for Robin and Jason?? Is this guy the iceman, or what?? Has Jason put his job ahead of Robin, his devotion to Sonny before his love for Robin? And, just exactly what happened in Kat's apartment? Hmmmmmmm