Chapter Forty-Five

"I guess she's really mad at me this time," Mac remarks to Felicia who is tending bar at the Outback. He'd dropped in for a few minutes to check on his partner.

"Tom isn't too happy with me, either," Felicia told him. "In fact, from what I heard from Brian, we should both be upset."

"Why's that?" Mac asks, noting with satisfaction that the club is doing a booming business. "Kat should be pleased as punch with me. Not that I can say that of myself," he adds. "Ever since I took the job as Police Commissioner, I've hardly been the attentive lover. She wants someone who can be a mover and a shaker in Port Charles, and I want to be what I was-a private investigator who also runs a club.

"You know, Felicia, I really hate this job. Look at me. Suit and tie, wingtips-and if I let her dress me, it would be worse."

Felicia nods understandingly. "I know exactly what you mean. You haven't been any happier than I have been for some time."

Their eyes meet, and they nod, both asking at the same time. "What went wrong with us?"

"More like who," Mac said, remembering back when they'd been bent on marriage. "Your adventure-hunting husband came wandering back in."

Felicia nods. "You know, the last time he was here, I saw him for what he is. Oh, I'll always love him, but I'll never be 'In Love' with him again. There's a difference, you know."

"I know," he agrees. "It's like the thing between Kat and me. There for a while, I thought of marriage, but I think it was more a matter of wanting what you and I almost had."

Felicia smiles, her eyes bright with memories. "What we had, and what we almost had was wonderful."

There is a meaningful pause, and Mac tells her, "What we could still have might be pretty wonderful."

Felicia asks, "Are you saying that you might want to try again?"

"I'm saying that I do want to try again."

"What about Kat?"

"As of this moment," Mac says, "she's out of the picture. I've just come to the realization that she and I are going down a dead-end road, relationship wise, and it's time to let her know. What about Tom and you?"

"You know about the kiwi-lime juice, and all that. Without that, I don't know what I ever saw in him, and knowing that he used it on me, and probably on Kevin makes me hate him. Somehow, he's going to pay for all the problems he's caused."

She takes a breath, "Okay, Mac. Let's try again." Hmmmm

Lucy is alone in her apartment, staring at the crystal ball. "Come on, Lucy. Focus. Relax and focus all your attention on the crystal ball. Let your mind go, searching out the truth. Find Ryan. Yikes!! What an awful thought!! I hope that Felicia's wrong, because if there was ever a man who deserved to die in fire, for heaven's sake, to roast in eternal fire, it's Ryan. Well, not all by himself, with his mother, to be sure, for causing his problems, but I've still got to find him so as to get Kevin out of this situation. Besides, Felicia said that she heard his voice-Ryan's, not Kevin's-not that there would be much difference-being identical twins and all, but all she heard was 'Hello' and while I'm sure that I'd know Kevin's 'Hello', there was a time when I couldn't tell them apart, either. So, I've got to find him......Ryan, wherever you are......I see......wait a minute, I'm getting something. Fire? Damn!! I must be tuning in, wait. Tom? And Kat?? In bed and fire?? I mean, I've heard of hot sheets, but this is ridiculous! No, they're......holy smokes!!"

She surges to her feet, and then rushes out of her apartment, dashing down the stairs and into the Outback where she encounters Mac and Felicia staring soulfully into each other's eyes.

"Mac!! Felicia!! I saw them!! I was looking for Ryan, but instead I tuned in on Tom and Kat......I mean, sorry if this comes as a surprise, but they were......not that I think you'd mind, come to think of it, but Kat's apartment is on fire! I saw it!!"

Mac starts to make some comment, but is interrupted by the nearby sound of fire engine sirens splitting the night air.

"Hurry!" Lucy urges. "It may be too late already!" Hmmmmm

"It's taken care of," Ryan reports via cellular phone to his bosses. "It'll appear to be accidental. Romantic tryst gone awry. Too much wine, passion and candlelight mixed with a match dropped in a wastebasket that smoldered, smoked, and finally caught fire. Smoke inhalation, and a burning apartment."

"To cover your misdeeds?"

Ryan is slightly miffed. "You asked me to do a job, and I did it. An accident is less likely to draw a huge investigation than would a double homicide."


Ryan disconnects the line, and finds himself rubbing the back of his neck. It was eerie, but for a few minutes, he felt as if he was being watched. He hadn't been-he'd made sure of that, but the feeling lingered, as though...what was that old song...something about the night having a thousand eyes?? Either that, or he was growing a conscience. That idea elicited a laugh, and he turned his collar up, both against the night cold and the prying eyes of whatever, or whoever was watching, and headed back into the darkness.

One last time, he turned and looked around, trying to see his unseen watcher. Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Have Mac and Felicia found each other again at last?? Will time and events only make their relationship stronger?? What about Lucy?? Will her gift of clairvoyance endanger her life? Will Ryan figure out who his unseen watcher is??? Yikes!! Hmmmmm