Chapter Forty-Seven

Felicia is tending bar at the Outback, when Frisco, her ex-husband saunters in. One glance around the establishment insures him that Mac isn't around, so he heads over to the bar. "Hello, Felicia," he begins, his tone low and intimate.

Felicia turns to see him, noting that his hair is a little longish, his skin tanned a little more lined than before, his eyes weary, as though he'd seen entirely too much. Yet, there was still something there, a hunger for adventure and a thirst for intrigue.

"So what brings you back this time?? Recuperating from something else? No, let me guess. You're here because there's something big going down in Port Charles. Let me see. It involves two murders, General Hospital, the Spencers, the Cassadines, Tom Hardy, and the disappearance of Kevin Collins, just for openers, and we'll probably come to find out that Ryan Chamberlain is still kicking around, too."

As Frisco barely manages to conceal his amazement at her grasp of the current situation, Felicia continues. "There is also the problem of the Mind Altering Drug, and, oh, yes, the near death of Bobbie Jones and the nervous breakdown of Laura Spencer. Now, have I missed anything?"

"It's good to see you, too," Frisco says, neatly brushing aside her on-the-mark observations. "You look gorgeous."

"That's a bit outdated, that macho stuff that's supposed to divert my attention from what's going on around me."

"Since when is it outdated for a man to tell a woman that he thinks she's beautiful?"

"Since we both know that the man is far more interested in other things. Sorry, Frisco, but you just don't float my boat anymore. Oh, I'll always have a soft spot for you in my heart-you are the girls' father."

"But that's all." At her nod, he continues,"Then tell me about my girls."

"Why don't you just drop by this evening and see them for yourself?"

"I'll do that," he tells her. "Am I invited to dinner?"

"We're eating at Kelly's," she tells him. "Around seven."

"I'll be there." Hmmmm

Mac and Tony are with Bobbie who is still drifting in and out of consciousness when Luke enters the room. "Is she awake?" he asks.

"Sort of," comes her weak voice.

Luke strides quickly to her bed. "Who did this to you, Barbara Jean?" Mac and Tony exchange knowing glances and Luke asks, "What's going on? Which Cassadine did this?"

"No Cassadine," Bobbie tells him. "Ryan. Ryan Chamberlain."

Luke's eyes widen suddenly. "He's not dead?"

"Not hardly," Tony tells him. "And we suspect that he may be behind the other killings."

"Damn!" Luke observes, thoughtfully. "So what the hell is going on here?"

"Ryan is alive, Tom and Kat are in critical condition, and we've only begun to pick up the threads to whatever is going on."

Mac pauses for emphasis. "So far, we've identified two players in this. Ryan and Tom."

Mac briefs Luke on their suspicions, with Luke adding, "Make it a few more. Stefan Cassadine is involved, somehow, and Helena Cassadine knows what's going on. And, I wouldn't put it past that spawn of Satan, Nikolas, to be involved, either."

"So what is it with you and the Cassadines?" Mac asks. "Robert never told me much about them."

Luke turns to him, giving a slow smile, "You got a couple of hours?" Hmmmmm

"I've got to get out of here," Kevin tells Maverick as he kicks back down in the basement. "I'm useless down here." The small, red dachshund barks in agreement while TC, the fat cat, just yawns and continues to bathe himself. "Exactly," Kevin says. "Lucy, Felicia, and Mac are out risking their-whatever they're risking, and I'm down here like a rat in a hole. This is ridiculous! Am I a man, or a mouse-make that a rat?"

Maverick just whines, and wags his tail. "You're right," Kevin tells him. "No self-respecting man would be hanging around in the basement when his lady is putting it on the line, playing psychic detective tracking down a serial killer who's supposed to be dead. And, from what Mac said, Ryan is probably still alive and killing."

Kevin drops to his bed and leans back. "Trouble is, I can't show this mug around Port Charles without being arrested, or shot on sight. Not that I'd blame anybody. What I need is a disguise. And no, not in drag again. I'm telling you, Maverick. Growing the hair back out on my legs was an experience. No, I'll need something else. Maybe a street bum, or something like that." His mind spinning with possibilities, Kevin begins to plot his departure from the basement. Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Frisco make yet another try to ingratiate himself with Felicia again?? Will she buy his line of romance again? Or, will she stand firm and get on with her life? Will Mac finally understand Luke's long-standing feud with the Cassadines?? And, what disguise will Kevin invent so as to regain his freedom?? Hmmmmmmm